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Customer Groups Data Now Available in BigQuery

BigQuery Customer Groups Data

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We are excited to announce that BigCommerce stores using our free, native Google BigQuery integration will now have detailed Customer Groups information included in the data we send to BigQuery.

In BigCommerce, Customer Groups allow for advanced customer features like loyalty programs, tax-exempt groups, and different customer segments (like wholesale and retail). Stores with a Plus plan or higher have access to Customer Groups.

We’ve added 3 new tables:

  • bc_customer_groups

  • bc_customer_groups_access_categories

  • bc_customer_groups_discount_rules

Customer groups example report for Google Looker Studio

To demonstrate the kind of information and insights this new data is capable of providing, we’ve created a new example report for Google Looker Studio called the BigCommerce Customer Groups Dashboard (Beta).

BigQuery Customer Groups Data Blog Image

This example report shows revenue, orders, discounts, and refunds, broken down by customer group. Additionally, you can filter data by date range, payment type, and order status.

You are free to copy and modify this report for use with your own data. Setup instructions are included in a tab of the example report itself (you can delete it in your own copy later).

Command your data

See Google BigQuery | Data Sets for detailed information about all the store data (tables and fields) our integration sends to Google BigQuery.

If you’re new to Google BigQuery and want to learn more or get started, see Setting Up Google BigQuery.

Once you’ve set up BigQuery for your store, connecting to a business intelligence platform like Google Looker Studio is easy. See our Knowledge Base documentation for how it works, additional example reports, and installation instructions.

The final word

If you are new to Customer Groups in BigCommerce, learn more about them here.

We are thrilled to provide this new customer group data for your store and hope you find the added functionality useful when analyzing your store’s performance and building your own custom reports.