Payment gateways and processors are the unsung heros of ecommerce, working quietly in the background to make sure that customers have a smooth experience and your revenue is safely accounted for. With such an important business function, it’s imperative that you choose the payment gateway that’s right for your business.

There are many considerations and factors when it comes to choosing a payment processor:

  • Which gateways are my customers familiar with and prefer?
  • What are the processing fees?
  • How do I accept payments online without compromising security?

Optimizing your payment gateway affects every part an ecommerce business, and the BigCommerce Blog is here to help you navigate these decisions so you make the right choices for your brand. We’ll teach you everything you need to knowing about accepting payments, including:

  • How to increase mobile conversion with PayPal Express Checkout, Apple Pay, and more mobile-friendly processors
  • Why integrating your store with Intuit Quickbooks can save you big-time money (and headaches)
  • What merchant accounts, acquiring banks, and currency support have to do with your bottom line
  • Who are the top 10 payment gateways — and how you can start accepting payments with them today
  • How to centralize your payment processing with integrated POS


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