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5 proven tips for increasing conversions in your online store

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Getting lots of traffic to your e-commerce site can be very exciting. What’s even more exciting is converting those visitors into actual paying customers. But when browsing your site, visitors don’t have the ability to try on your products, to touch them or to ask you questions like they might in a brick and mortar store. This lack of contact translates into lost sales when visitors leave your site without actually purchasing anything.

Is there anything you can do to turn more visitors into customers? Yes, definitely! Your job as an e-commerce storeowner is to create a connection with visitors. This connection is what will turn them into paying customers. Whether it’s by tweaking language or rethinking your approach to product marketing, there are a number of simple ecommerce optimizations that you can do to increase sales. Here are some of the ways I’ve successful connected with my shoppers on Soaps To Live By and my audience on Launch Grow Joy.

1. Highlight the benefits of your products

It’s natural to want to talk about the features of your products – what materials and ingredients they are made from, their dimensions or how and where they are made. However, even more important to your visitors are the benefits of your products. A main difference between features and benefits is that features focus on what, while benefits answer the question why. This can include things like how your products make them look, how they might feel while using your products or if your products can save them time or money.

As you are writing your product descriptions, keep thinking about your end customer and why they will benefit from using your products. This will start to build that relationship because your product description’s focus is on what’s in it for the customer rather than what it is you want to sell.

2. Share your story on your About page

founder andreaa ayers

One way to stand out from your competitors is to share your unique story, and the About page on your site is the perfect place to do just that. Did you know that the About page is often the second-most popular page on a website? That’s because visitors want to know who is behind the products, the inspiration for the brand and the story behind your company.

The great thing is that there is only one YOU, so I guarantee your story is unique. A lot of online shoppers who support independent brands are looking for this. So go ahead and share as much as you feel comfortable with and make sure to include photos of the person behind the brand. Oftentimes, that person is YOU!

3. Enhance your visitors’ experience with video

Photos are great, but what helps to convert visitors into shoppers even more effectively is video. Adding a video to each one of your product pages that explains how to use your products and why they are so great is a quick way to instantly connect with visitors. Multiple studies have shown that sites with video convert visitors into shoppers at much higher rates than sites without video.

In addition to video on your product pages, having video on your About page or blog is a great way to establish an early connection with visitors. These videos don’t have to be long – anything over two minutes is all it takes to connect!

4. Gain their trust by having a “customer-friendly” return policy

return policy soaps to live by

Potential customers want to know that if your products don’t fit right, look right or feel right, that they can return them within a reasonable time frame. Although the vast majority of shoppers won’t return their purchases, they do want to know the option exists if they need it. A recent ComScore study showed 66 percent of shoppers will check your return policy before making a purchase. Having a customer-friendly return policy in place ensures helps to gain your visitors’ trust, which can turn even more browsers into buyers.

 5. Share “social proof” throughout your site

soaps to live by insideweddingsinsidePeople love to buy products that others recommend. A recent study showed that 70% of American now read product reviews before making a purchase. So if you have social proof like testimonials, reviews and press mentions, make sure you share it on your site.

Having a dedicated Press page that highlights your press mentions, however big or small, is a great way to gain visitors’ trust. If someone else, like a magazine or a blog, vouches for your products that will help to build instant credibility. Testimonials are very powerful as well. Adding them to your home page and even throughout your product pages increases trust. And don’t forget to enable product reviews in Bigcommerce to encourage your current customers to leave feedback.

Online selling is all about connecting and building relationships. There are many other ways to build trust with your visitors, but these five are a great starting point. Which ones have you already implemented and which ones are on your list to implement? Leave a comment below and let me know!

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