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What is an Ecommerce Podcast + Which Ones Should You Definitely be Listening to?

Leigh-Anne Truitt / 12 min read

What is an Ecommerce Podcast + Which Ones Should You Definitely be Listening to?

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    Just a decade ago, podcasts were still relatively new. Interest in hearing stories, advice, or self-help, versus reading about it, was just beginning to develop. Podcasts are among the most popular forms of media on the web, with thousands of options to consider on virtually every topic.

    Over half of Americans have listened to a podcast, and that number is only on the rise; the market of listeners has grown 37.5% in three years.

    This raises one major question: Why?

    News and information are available from countless different sources, from TV to newspapers to social media to blogs — but podcasts are leading the way, in large part due to convenience.

    Taking time to watch a video or read an article isn’t always possible, but podcasts eliminate the commitment. Podcasts are accessible while driving, running errands, and exercising in a way other forms of media aren’t. Even for busy professionals with a full plate, there’s still time for an audio recording.

    For ecommerce business owners seeking a foothold in the market, a podcast can be an excellent way to learn and grow. With options across virtually every topic in every field, podcasts have a lot of potential. So load a podcast app onto your iPhone or any other smartphone and let the learning begin.

    What Is a Podcast?

    A podcast is an audio program similar to talk radio. However, most are recorded in advance and available to listen to on-demand over the internet. Podcasts can last a few minutes or a few hours and are often released in an episodic way, much like TV shows. Podcasts can cover any topic under the sun; if there’s a market for it, there’s probably a weekly podcast about it.

    Convenience is among the biggest perks of podcasts. Listening to information is no different than reading it from a mental perspective, allowing listeners to gain the same benefits of reading when picking up a book or newspaper isn’t possible. Podcasts can be fun, serious, gripping, or even scary, giving people access to all kinds of information from all kinds of sources.

    The podcast market is immense. There are over 1,000,000 available podcasts worldwide, with over 30,000,000 episodes over countless different platforms. Podcasts can be accessed on Spotify, Apple Podcast (formerly iTunes), and Overcast, among many others, as well as on individual company websites. Around 37% of Americans listen to podcasts monthly, with the most ardent listeners consuming 11 or more podcasts a week.

    Types of Podcasts

    Podcasts aren’t one size fits all, and there are many different ways to organize a podcast, depending on the content and the message. Some podcasts stick to a single method, while others dabble, combining different models to achieve the desired effect.

    1. Interviews.

    In an interview format, podcast hosts interview industry experts or other interesting individuals. This kind of podcast is very direct and usually on a specific topic related to the theme of the podcast. Ecommerce Conversations from Practical Ecommerce primarily utilizes an interview format, often interviewing successful entrepreneurs and ecommerce business owners to get their actionable tips and advice.

    2. Conversational format.

    A conversational format is similar to an interview, but instead of a structured format, hosts or hosts and their guests chat in a more organic way. These podcasts tend to be more casual, with less of an emphasis on straight information or strictly actionable advice. Conversational podcasts, like Ecommerce Brain Trust, can be easier to listen to due to the relaxed approach.

    3. Educational podcasts.

    Educational podcasts are intended specifically to inform. Sometimes, they have more than one host, but most of the time, these podcasts are centered around communicating information directly to the listener. Each episode generally has one topic, and hosts use this as a way to educate. Ecommerce Fuel utilizes an educational format rather than interviewing or conversing.

    The History of Podcasting

    Podcasting, a medium originally referred to as audio blogging, has its roots in the 1980s. However, the concept didn’t truly take hold until the mid-2000s, as the accessibility of the internet continued to grow.

    The first audioblogs didn’t debut online but rather as a digital alternative to traditional radio transmissions. The web-based model popular today came into being in the mid-1990s; AOL hosted some comedy and news programs that could be downloaded and listened to.

    In the early 2000s, the first MP3 platforms crept into the market. While relatively unknown and not terribly popular, they laid the foundation for the current model. Several different brands embraced the idea of internet radio, including the New England Patriots.

    The term “podcast” is believed to have originated from journalist Ben Hammersley in 2004 as a portmanteau of iPod and broadcasting. The word caught on, providing a way to define the medium and ultimately led to the rise in what is now one of the fastest-growing areas in the media market.

    How Does a Podcast Work?

    A podcast is essentially an audio file that can be accessed via the web. Podcasters use recording equipment, either of a professional caliber or nothing more than a cellphone, to create audio content. This content is then uploaded to a personal website or podcast platform.

    Some podcasts can be streamed for free, while others may require payment per episode or a podcast membership. Podcasts can be downloaded as MP3 files or streamed.

    4 Benefits of Listening to Ecommerce Podcasts

    Podcasts are popular for good reason, providing entertainment in a convenient format that can be accessed from anywhere, at any time. However, there are plenty of benefits to be had from regular podcast listening.

    1. Learn from the ecommerce experts.

    While anyone can theoretically start a podcast, the ones that gain traction are generally hosted by industry experts, like ecommerce business owners, or marketing experts and thought leaders in the space. This provides valuable insight into how the top names in the business approach sales and marketing.

    Running an online business is more than just listing things for sale on a website. Success in the industry takes a lot of know-how, and that’s where an expert’s advice can be critical. A podcast can bridge this gap for new entrepreneurs and small business owners, giving them direct access to the best advice. Some podcasts also allow listeners to submit questions, providing a great way to get specific advice from market leaders.

    2. Discover industry trends.

    The ecommerce business today is always changing. What worked one day may not work the next, making it difficult to reach the next level, especially for small businesses with limited resources. Podcasts offer an easier way to stay on top of what is going on in the market, providing a fast and convenient way to keep your thumb on the pulse of today’s ecommerce strategies. In addition to providing excellent general information, ecommerce podcasts are offered on niche subjects as well. This allows those who need more specific information to dig deeper into the trends that matter most — like customer retention or how to develop an ecommerce brand.

    3. Listen to ecommerce podcasts anywhere.

    Part of the beauty of ecommerce podcasts is the widespread accessibility. Things like books, newspapers, and even TV require active involvement in a way that makes them hard to engage in while multitasking. However, this isn’t an issue with podcasts. It’s possible to listen to podcasts while doing just about anything, including chores, commuting, shopping, or any other activity. Even busy entrepreneurs can find time to listen to podcasts, providing an easy and low-commitment way to stay up to date.

    4. Choose from an endless amount of ecommerce podcast topics.

    Ecommerce is a broad field that encompasses a lot of different topics. Luckily, there’s a podcast for just about everything. Ecommerce site owners may have varying priorities based on their target market, and the right podcast can provide insight that’s not easily available from anywhere else. The chances of finding a podcast that caters to specific needs are very high, far higher than finding consistent news sources in other forms. Further, there’s no limit to how many podcasts you can listen to, so if a variety of topics appeal to you as an ecommerce professional, there’s probably a podcast on all of them.

    19 Best Ecommerce Podcasts That You Need to Listen To

    For those in the ecommerce field, listening to the top podcasts can be a great way to get ahead. As resources created by industry experts, podcasts can be an excellent way to get insider information in the industry as well as updates on things like emerging trends, new software, and relevant news stories.

    1. EcommerceFuel.

    EcommerceFuel Podcast, hosted by Andrew Youderian, is a big name in the ecommerce world, with a lengthy history in the podcast business. The brand covers all kinds of topics, from brand-specific reports to general information on industry trends to details about building a leadership team. In addition to a podcast, EcommerceFuel also operates a business development program that partners with companies to accelerate growth and implement best practices.

    Who is it for?

    EcommerceFuel is a great general resource for anyone in the ecommerce industry. The content ranges from general to specific, and the leadership and ecommerce business advice available is comprehensive.

    2. My Wife Quit Her Job.

    My Wife Quit Her Job is a site dedicated to leaving the traditional workforce and going into business as a solo entrepreneur with an online store. The business is operated by a husband-and-wife team who left the corporate world to break into the ecommerce market. In addition to providing comprehensive guidance about getting started, this podcast hosted by Steve Chou covers all kinds of ecommerce information geared at those starting out and looking for growth opportunities.

    Who is it for?

    My Wife Quit Her Job is ideal for beginners to the ecommerce market who want to start off on the right foot. While the information in the podcast episodes can be helpful for those at all levels, much of the content is geared toward newcomers to online sales.

    3. 2X Ecommerce.

    2X Ecommerce is the brainchild of ecommerce advisor Kunle Campbell. The site’s focus is all about growth, acquiring more customers, and improving results, even in today’s saturated market. 2X Ecommerce maintains a robust online community and provides extensive resources for those looking for serious results. The podcast emphasizes business success stories and explores the ways in which direct-to-consumer companies have achieved growth goals.

    Who is it for?

    2X Ecommerce is a great resource for ecommerce professionals who are committed to growing quickly and overcoming the competition. The language can be technical, but beginners and experienced entrepreneurs can learn a lot here.

    4. Ecommerce Conversations From Practical Ecommerce.

    The Ecommerce Conversations from Practical Ecommerce podcast is a comprehensive source for ecommerce information that is primarily focused on success stories. Listeners will also learn about effective leadership, management skills, and advice about different aspects of product procurement and placement.

    Who is it for?

    Ecommerce entrepreneurs who are interested in what worked for other brands will like what Ecommerce Conversations from Practical Ecommerce has to offer. While the business advice is limited in comparison to company profiles, there are plenty of good tips in between the business summaries.

    5. The Fizzle Show Podcast.

    With a presence since 2013, The Fizzle Show podcast is a long-standing resource for actionable business advice. The Fizzle Show is a membership program dedicated to supporting new entrepreneurs in achieving their business goals. The podcast is a tool for creative minds who want a career they can be passionate about. Most episodes feature an interview with a successful business owner and will cover things like blogging, content marketing, audience growth, productivity, and more.

    Who is it for?

    The Fizzle Show Podcast is a good fit for entrepreneurs who like interview-style podcasts and want to learn from experienced experts in the business world. Those who want specific ecommerce advice may not find it easily here, but the interviewees are an excellent source of guidance.

    6. Ecommerce Minute.

    Ecommerce Minute is a daily podcast hosted by John Suder and Bart Mroz focused on updates within the world of ecommerce. New episodes come out Monday through Friday and last around seven minutes each. Though much shorter than a standard podcast, Ecommerce Minute boasts a significant amount of new information throughout the week that is easy to listen to between other tasks.

    Who is it for?

    Ecommerce Minute is a great choice for ecommerce owners who want access to quick, relevant information on a regular basis. Topics are more general rather than business-specific analysis and strategy, like some other podcasts emphasize.

    7. Nerd Marketing Ecommerce Podcast.

    Nerd Marketing is a trusted ecommerce marketing podcast in the industry. Led by ecommerce entrepreneur Drew Sanocki, the site’s resources include comprehensive newsletters, free courses, paid conversion courses, growth audits, and a regular podcast. The podcast touches on ecommerce topics, as well as less business-specific content, like travel tips.

    Who is it for?

    Nerd Marketing is marketed to both newcomers and experienced pros. The podcast is a good choice for those interested in ecommerce as well as lighter topics from a legitimate source.

    8. Ecommerce Influence.

    Ecommerce Influence is a conversion-centered ecommerce resource with a robust podcast. The podcast mixes business profiles with industry updates and strategies to provide extensive access to information. The podcast page on the website uses a handy keyword system to make searching for relevant information easy. Covered information includes everything from SEO to hiring practices.

    Who is it for?

    Ecommerce Influence covers a wide range of topics, appealing to store owners of all kinds. The information is appropriate for newcomers to the industry as well as experienced veterans. The platform can be helpful for those who are interested in niche areas and want an easy way to search for relevant content.

    9. Future Commerce.

    Future Commerce is a retail-focused podcast that emphasizes research and media strategies in the industry. The topics are a little less direct than some of the other ecommerce-related podcasts, but still offer a great perspective on emerging ecommerce trends. Future Commerce’s content ranges from industry news to company-specific development.

    Who is it for?

    The Future Commerce podcast is ideal for those who are experienced in the ecommerce market and are searching for specific information on high-level strategies and company innovations.

    10. Core of Commerce.

    Core of Commerce is a to-the-point ecommerce podcast solution covering many different topics related to ecommerce entrepreneurs today. The contents of each episode are relevant to the changing state of the industry, including how to manage upgrades to popular ecommerce software and interviews with experts on things like branding and building loyalty.

    Who is it for?

    Core of Commerce is an excellent podcast for those who are just getting started in the industry, as well as those who have years of experience. Episodes aren’t posted frequently, so this is also a good choice for those with limited interest in podcasts.

    11. Ecommerce Masterplan.

    As the name implies, Ecommerce MasterPlan — hosted by Chloe Thomas — is intended to pitch a comprehensive master plan for all things ecommerce, and the podcast aims to support this. It’s advertised as a way to attract new customers, introduce handy tech tools, and teach ways to save time in operating an ecommerce store. Podcasts take on an interview format, with prominent people in the industry teaching tools and techniques.

    Who is it for?

    Ecommerce Masterplan is appropriate for all levels, from novice to expert. The advice provided is clear and easy to implement, making it a top choice for those committed to online sales success.

    12. Ecommerce Paradise.

    Ecommerce Paradise is a dedicated resource for high-ticket dropshipping, with resources including online courses, private coaching, turnkey services, and a successful podcast. This podcast is far more niche than others, as the brand serves one specific corner of the market, but for those operating in this space, the advice can be invaluable.

    Who is it for?

    Ecommerce Paradise is most beneficial for those engaged in high-ticket drop-shipping specifically. While some of the content is more general, on topics like SEO, most of it is fairly specific to the purpose of the company.

    13. Ecommerce Lifestyle.

    Ecommerce Lifestyle is, as the name implies, a resource aimed at supporting the entire ecommerce cycle. Operated by Anton Kraly, an entrepreneurial leader, Ecommerce Lifestyle offers courses specific to the different aspects of ecommerce shopping, like dropshipping, and various marketing methods. The podcast covers these topics as well, providing a comprehensive look at success in online stores. Episodes are updated regularly and touch on many current events.

    Who is it for?

    Ecommerce entrepreneurs who are operating primarily in the dropshipping space will gain a lot from the Ecommerce Lifestyle podcast. Those who want to stay up to date on how current events are affecting ecommerce will also appreciate the depth and breadth of content.

    14. Ecommerce Braintrust.

    Ecommerce Braintrust is a podcast that connects with the best, brightest brains in ecommerce to educate those working in the space. Hosted by Kiri Masters of the Amazon agency Bobsled Marketing, this podcast offers listeners the opportunity to learn from those who are already successful in the industry. The information covered is complex and comprehensive, providing amazing insight.

    Who is it for?

    Ecommerce Braintrust content is best for those with an existing foundation of knowledge surrounding ecommerce, but even newcomers can learn some basics from the podcast.

    15. Ecommerce Evolution.

    The Ecommerce Evolution podcast is a product of OMG Ecommerce and is hosted by Brett Curry. In each episode, Curry interviews merchants, vendors, and industry experts to provide listeners with much information about every aspect of the ecommerce market. Topics are vast and address best practices in sales as well as marketing.

    Who is it for?

    Ecommerce Evolution is a great tool for those who like interview-based podcasts and are interested in perspectives beyond retailers. Some information is more advanced, but hearing from so many different viewpoints can make a difference for newbies as well.

    16. Mixergy

    Mixergy is designed to help budding entrepreneurs learn what it takes to succeed through interviews with the heads of highly successful enterprises. The host, Andrew Warner, saw early success starting an online greeting card company in his 20s. He started Mixergy in the early 2000s because he wanted to become the type of mentor who had filled him with a passion for business. Gradually the podcast grew out of interviewing entrepreneurs who share how they got started and grew their businesses. 

    Who is it for? 

    While not exclusively for ecommerce businesses, Mixergy can provide a great resource for listeners looking to build their business acumen or be inspired by the origin stories of successful business leaders. 

    17. The Jason & Scot Show

    The Jason & Scot Show is a weekly ecommerce podcast hosted by self-proclaimed “Retailgeek” Jason Goldberg, the Chief Commerce Strategy Office at Publicis Communications, and Scot Wingo, Founder and Executive Chairman of ChannelAdvisor. The show features interviews with industry leaders, timely news and trends in ecommerce, and deep dives into key topics in online retail.  

    Who is it for? 

    This is a great weekly listen for anyone who wants to really dig into the nuances of ecommerce and what makes certain brands successful. The show touches on everything from technologies to business strategies with interesting and in-depth commentary by the hosts. The dual host structure provides a nice opportunity for discussion between two ecommerce thought leaders. 

    18. Smart Passive Income

    Smart Passive Income is hosted by Pat Flynn and is an offshoot of his successful blog about helping people start their journey of entrepreneurship. The podcast offers weekly coaching and Q&As for people hoping to get businesses up and running or turn side hustles into a full-time income. 

    Who is it for? 

    The podcast is best for newer entrepreneurs or small business owners. It’s not exclusively ecommerce focused, but can definitely provide some coaching for people looking to get their businesses off the ground. 

    19. eCom@One With Richard Hill 

    eCom@One With Richard Hill is a weekly podcast where the CEO of eComOne, Richard Hill, interviews some of the most passionate people in ecommerce. He uncovers their secrets to success, the highs and lows of their journey and how they have scaled their eCommerce site. From PPC advertising to email marketing to mental health, each episode has actionable tips and tricks that will help to improve any ecommerce business.

    Who is it for?

    eCom@One with Richard Hill is perfect for ecommerce professionals, CEOs, marketers and entrepreneurs. Appropriate for beginners and experts, this resource covers the full spectrum of online retailing.


    Podcasts are a fantastic tool, providing information in a convenient and digestible manner that easily accommodates the chaos of modern life. Like a radio show, you can just take it with you via your smartphone and podcast app. While listening to gripping mysteries or fun facts is always enjoyable, podcasts go far beyond entertainment. Ecommerce is a hot topic in the world of podcasts, with countless products offering details on all levels. With access to ecommerce podcasts, beginners and experts alike can set themselves apart from the competition with world-class content available at the push of a button.

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