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The Complete Handbook to Sales Tax, Business Tax and Amazon FBA Tax (+92 Ways to Save)

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Table of Contents

Chapter 1 The Complete Sales Tax Guide for Online Sellers [Nexus by State Included] Chapter 2 Sales Tax Guide for Amazon FBA Sellers
Chapter 3 Your Checklist for a Penalty-Free Tax Season [Important Dates Included] Chapter 4 92 Small Business Tax Deductions to Use Now (+11 You Should Never Try)

Paying your taxes isn’t what any entrepreneur dreams of when starting a business. You don’t think about the spreadsheets and the constant state updates. You don’t think about how to charge sales tax, when, where, why and on which products.

That’s because taxes are just the cost of doing business. Sadly, doing them incorrectly (and definitely not doing them at all) can cost you your business.

So, to make sure you are zipped up on everything you need to know to pay the right amount, charge the right amount and do it all in accordance with state and national laws, we’ve put together a comprehensive resource you can bookmark for future reference.

What’s in This Guide

  • The basics of sales tax, including when you need to collect based on state laws
  • How to register for a sales tax permit (and what could happen if you don’t)
  • The difference between origin and destination-based sale tax sourcing
  • The true definition of sales tax nexus, and what it means for your business
  • How to file regularly and on-time, without taking focus from growing your sales
  • How Amazon FBA sellers need to file sales tax
  • Where Amazon has fulfillment centers (and what that means for sellers)
  • How to collect sales tax on Amazon and set up product tax codes on FBA
  • How to report sales tax collected from Amazon
  • When you need to pay business taxes –– with a calendar you can keep
  • 92 business deductions to look into (and 11 you shouldn’t even try)

Go on –– dive in. Promise it won’t be as painful (or boring) as you think!

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