Chapter 7 Food & Beverage Ecommerce Site Design

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Selling food and beverages online isn’t the easiest task. Different parts of the world have different restrictions, and even within the U.S., various states have different requirements.

To launch an online store in this vertical requires in depth knowledge of local rules, regulations and how to message those requirements to users long before they even hit checkout.

Add to that the complexity around large catalogs for many food and beverage brands, as well as product variant needs and ecommerce suddenly becomes much more complex than your average launch.

Here’s how 12 food and beverage brands make it work.

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1. Breakaway Matcha

As told to BigCommerce by Eric Gower, Creative Director at Breakaway Matcha.

We go deep inside a hyper-niche: the world of incredibly high quality Japanese matcha.

2. Teatulia

As told to BigCommerce by Matt Rogers, BlueSky.

Teatulia, a premium tea provider, had been successful in leveraging a content strategy that earned top rankings and solid traffic to their site.

Teatulia asked BlueSky to help modernize their online store as they felt it no longer reflected the caliber of their products and as a result, was negatively impacting sales.

With the redesign, the goal was to transition from a content-first mindset to a modern ecommerce site that integrated strong visuals, streamlined shopping and purchase flows, and increased conversion rates from their extensive Tea 101 content area.

To address the growing list of categories, products and content pages within the existing site, our team chose to implement a custom megamenu with an area for promo imagery. We super-sized the search bar and put it in the center of the header, making it convenient for visitors to search from any page on the site. We also overhauled the product detail page by arranging content in an easy-to-read format and added an award & certification ribbon next to the shopper actions to boost shopper confidence at a critical point in the path to purchase.

We incorporated helpful Tea 101 guides at the bottom of every tea category page to enhance the shopping experience and create a more informed and satisfied customer.

The outcome of the redesign was an updated mobile experience, implementation of a desktop megamenu and a clean and modern design reflecting the premium Teatulia brand.

The numbers below illustrate the fantastic results just 4 months after redesign launch:

  • Overall performance
    • Sessions increased 7.9%,
    • Pages per session increased 5%
    • Time on site increased 16%
    • Transactions went up 22%
    • Conversion Rate increased by 13%
  • SEO Performance
    • Organic search sessions increased by 11%
    • Conversion Rate increased 52%
    • Revenue was boosted by 74%
  • Mobile Performance
    • New user sessions increased by 15.5%
    • mobile transactions increased by 11.5%.

3. Taffy Shop

As told to BigCommerce by Jeff Wilson, Taffy Shop.

Taffy makes people happy, period. We have loved making people happy and BigCommerce has helped us spread taffy smiles to the tune of over 25,000 orders via our BigCommerce Store.

We have used BigCommerce on an old theme and averaged about 5% conversion rate. Recently, we did a brand update (which looks rad) and upgraded our theme to the Merchant Classic.

Our conversion rate has jumped to about 9%. That is pretty exciting!

We credit both the vintage yet modern brand refresh along with the integrated tools and design from the Merchant Theme.

All said, we have shipped more than 1 million pieces of taffy from our BigCommerce orders.

With the increased conversion rate, the optimized theme (especially for mobile devices), and the overall look and feel of the new website, our goal is to ship another million pieces of taffy but in half the amount of time that it took to ship the first million.

Our tagline is “Oh what a treat!”. Customers around the world are enjoying our taffy treats by the thousands and we thank BigCommerce for truly partnering with us in our rapid growth and expansion. Thanks for your support!

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4. Newport Jerky Company

As told to BigCommerce by Jason Souza, Newport Jerky Company.

Our site is 10x better than any of our competitors’.

5. Om Foods

As told to BigCommerce by Cobi Delfiner, Manager at Om Foods. 

We base our design off of the feedback of our customers, carefully listening and learning from the user what is helpful for a clean and easy shopping experience. We keep the site simple, with a spotlight on what is important: product.

We use the colors in the images to do the marketing and keep the site clean and simple.

The site has been designed with all users in mind – from the elderly or non-computer literate to fully versed designers.

All this taken into account, we have seen a continual increase in conversion, visitors, and revenue.

6. New Zealand Whey

As told to BigCommerce by Richard Mehta, New Zealand Whey. 

We did a good job with our design. It’s clean and user friendly!

7. Fronks

As told to BigCommerce by Jordan Fronk, Fronks.

The site was carefully created over months with Foda Studio in Austin, Texas. It is designed on Stencil and used a lot of great custom BigCommerce offerings.

Our organic nut milk is certainly the best around but our site gets just as much recognition from our customers.

Leading Food & Beverage Brands Choose BigCommerce

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8. Darn Spice

As told to BigCommerce by Shawn Haddaway, Darn Spice. 

My store was conceived and designed to help a band of enthusiastic chili eaters to acquire a range of top quality British chili products.

9. Simply Snackin’

As told to BigCommerce by Susan Kramlich, Simply Snackin’. 

Our site is beautiful and easy to use.

10. Java Dave’s Coffee

As told to BigCommerce by Mike Tiernan, Java Dave’s Coffee.

Red Head Labs in Tulsa Oklahoma made our site. I think it looks great and I am proud of our site!

11. Raw Forest Foods

As told to BigCommerce by Ryan Wade, Owner and Lead Product Development at Raw Forest Foods.

As an early adopter for the Stencil platform, we abandoned our custom designed and built theme to make use of the new platform–– and I am so glad we did.

We routinely receive compliments and inquires regarding our store, and have even been featured on the Pixel Union blog as a “Shiny New Store.”

I believe that our store truly highlights and exemplifies the full extent of what is possible using a stock (not custom) theme on the new platform. I hope that our store both demonstrates the power of this new platform and can serve as an inspiration for new BigCommerce customers and shop-owners.

12. Cafe Milagro

As told to BigCommerce by Travis Day, Cafe Milagro.

Since 1994 Cafe Milagro has been roasting Costa Rica’s finest coffees and it was not until we discovered BigCommerce that we realized the ease with which we could ship our fine coffees around the globe.

Our clean and fresh website offers our customers a place to review our newest releases and order with ease. Including partner programs like S Loyalty and ShipRush has allowed us to go “all in” with BigCommerce, creating not only a front-end user experience that is refined and easy to use, but also a back-end platform for our staff that is awesome and functional.

Since our time with BigCommerce we have seen consistent growth in sales and hope to continue that trend.

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