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Social media marketing has undergone several big changes in 2014. While Facebook is starting to limit organic reach for brand pages, Twitter has embraced e-commerce and SMBs. If you don’t have a dedicated Twitter strategy, now is the time to start.

Bigcommerce teamed up with Twitter to surface data-driven best practices that will help you earn your social wings. Earlier this year, Twitter and DB5 Research conducted a survey of 1,000 consumers who live in the US, use the network monthly and follow a SMB. We tapped into trends and data from the BC 100, a sampling of successful Bigcommerce stores who have over 1,000 Twitter followers. The results provide unique insights into how e-commerce merchants can attract and convert loyal shoppers.

Here are a couple key takeaways from our analysis:

  • Of those surveyed, 60% of respondents said they had purchased from an SMB because of Twitter
  • 73% off all respondents feel better about an SMB after following and reading their Tweets
  • 90% of followers who got a reply from an SMB had positive brand sentiment
  • 39% follow their favorite SMBs so they can show their support
  • Jewelry and accessories retailers get 53 times the average value per follower than retailers from other categories

There are also a few case studies that showcase successful strategies executed by Bigcommerce clients. Check out the infographic, below, for more data and insights.



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  • Sean Dawes

    Think it is important to not only look at the last touch attribution of twitter when looking at sales in analytics but the assisted conversions as twitter is a great way to get people over to your site to get the initial contact with a product/service to which they will come back later to learn more or buy. It could be days later and even cross device where you will lose some attribution.

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