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Bigcommerce and Intuit Introduce Automated Bookkeeping for Merchants

Bigcommerce and Intuit have partnered together to remove the hassle of manual bookkeeping for online SMBs once and for all. Time management is one of the biggest pain points for scaling businesses and as your business grows, so do the complexities. Inventory now needs automated syncing in order for your multichannel strategy to successfully function. Competitive pricing must now be algorithmically updated in order to properly compete with competitors without risking too much via your margins.

Indeed, there is quite a bit to think through as your business scales –– but a lack of integrations and automation shouldn’t be one of them. Manual updating of entries is a time consuming task –– and costly if you outsource. This is especially true with accounting, the one area of your business that determines the potential spend for all else.

The Bigcommerce App for Intuit QuickBooks Online is an automated bookkeeping tool.

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This is why today we’re excited to announce the Bigcommerce App for Intuit QuickBooks Online, an automated bookkeeping tool built right into the Bigcommerce backend. Thanks to our partnership with Intuit, we’ve long offered an integration with QuickBooks Payments solution, an integration that allows for secure credit and debit card processing. Yet, we’ve heard from merchants that something was missing –– a seamless and automated integration that saved time while providing customer security.

Our latest integration with QuickBooks Online does just that. It is a seamless application, allowing merchants to save time, effort and eliminate the errors of manual bookkeeping. Here are the biggest benefits for SMBs:
  1. Spend more time growing your business: The app is easy to set up with just a few clicks. Specify what you want to happen when updates occur to both Bigcommerce and QuickBooks Online. Once it is set up, your orders in Bigcommerce will be automatically created as Sales Receipts in QuickBooks Online

  2. Comprehensive, rule-based syncing: Automatically sync your orders, products, customers, taxes, discounts, refunds and shipping charges from your Bigcommerce store to QuickBooks Online.

  3. Data accuracy, all the time: Eliminate manual accounting and human error associated with manual bookkeeping. This integration automatically and accurately records sales income, tax, refunds, discounts and shipping

  4. Payments reconciliation: If you use Quickbooks Online with QuickBooks Payments (payment gateway), you’ll benefit from automatic reconciliation of transactions

Intuit QuickBooks Online is a directly integrated accounting and tax preparation software within Bigcommerce, making this partnership the first of its kind. Merchants no longer have to go through third-parties to connect their financial data, minimizing the possibility of errors. In addition, Bigcommerce and Intuit are working together through an open partnership focused on providing the most convenient and secure payment and accounting tools for merchants.

This is running seamlessly with Quickbooks and saving me so much time.

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“I have never used Quickbooks [Online] prior to this app being available,” said Bigcommerce client Craig Stafford. “Setup was quite easy, even though I’ve only started using accounting software this month. This is running seamlessly with Quickbooks [Online] and saving me so much time now that I don’t need to enter every sale into other software manually. This has taken away the stress of bookkeeping for me. [I’m] Very happy.”

The app is free to all existing and new Bigcommerce U.S. customers through your Bigcommerce Control Panel. To install, go to Settings > Accounting and install the app. You can also find the app in the Bigcommerce App Marketplace. Support for merchants in Canada, the United Kingdom and Australia will be made available in the coming months.

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