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21 Sessions, Presentations and Workshops You Can’t Miss at IRCE 2018

Tracey Wallace / 18 min read

IRCE is arguably the ecommerce industry’s biggest and most influential annual event.

My first year attending, I rode the bus from hotel to expo center along with representatives from Nordstrom, Walmart, Macy’s and more.

The chatter was a mix of ecommerce technicalities, marketing strategies and a bunch of “I haven’t seen you in forever!”

IRCE is the who’s who of ecommerce – and it doesn’t discriminate.

Marketing, IT and development teams all block hotel rooms near one another, jetting off to hear what’s new and what’s next in their channel before heading out for drinks and dinner that night.

This year, more than 10,000 ecommerce employees are expected to attend.

From workshops and boot camps to hearing from industry leaders you often read about in the news, these are the IRCE 2018 moments that aren’t to be missed.

What Is IRCE?

IRCE – the Internet Retailer Conference & Exhibition – is an annual event held in June in Chicago, Illinois.

It draws more than 10,000 ecommerce professionals to the shores of Lake Michigan with more than 130 speaking sessions, 16 tracks and 300+ vendor exhibitions.

When is IRCE?

IRCE 2018 is June 5-8, in Chicago at McCormick Place West.

Why Should I Attend IRCE?

IRCE is a who’s who of ecommerce professionals.

It is the industry’s most trafficked annual conference combining high-profile brand executive tracks down to workshops to train junior employees.

How to Get the Most Out of IRCE

To get the most out of IRCE, you need to plan.

The conferences and tracks are a great way to get the education and thought leadership you need, but the happy hours and pre-IRCE events are a great way to network and meet the folks you’ll be working with throughout your ecommerce career.

Here are IRCE 2018’s top events.

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Must-Attend IRCE 2018 Sessions + Pre and Post Events

1. The Ecommerce Growth Summit.

This half-day event on June 5 is limited to only 250 attendees and includes speaking tracks from Jennifer Fleiss, Co-founder of Rent the Runway, Ken Natori, President of The Natori Company, Jenny Buchar, Senior Manager, Digital Operations at Skullcandy and others.

Here’s what you can expect to hear there.

Rent the Runway: From Startup to $100M Brand

  • Jenny Fleiss, CEO and Co-Founder, Code Eight & Co-Founder, Rent the Runway

Jenny Fleiss founded what is the world’s most effective dry cleaning business – or at least, that’s how she describes it.

For consumers, Rent the Runway is a luxury clothing rental company that allows regular folks to rent and wear expensive goods they’d otherwise never have access to.

In recent years, Rent the Runway has expanded into subscription plans, pregnancy goods and more. They’ve also spurred hundreds of competitors.

Hear from Jenny herself on how she build one of the world’s most disruptive apparel brands, and how they stay competitive in the growing market.

What to Know Before You Go

New business models are taking the traditional retail world by storm.

And you don’t have to reinvent the wheel to get a piece of the profit.

Start with a subscription model, and take it from there.

Innovation in Intimates: Leveraging AI and Social Commerce to Fuel Digital Growth

  • Ken Natori, President, The Natori Company

The Natori Company has been a wholesaling for more than 40 years. A few years ago, the team decided to launch a direct-to-consumer channel.

But launching a new after 40 years of highly profitable success through tried and trusted partners is not easy task.

But that’s where ecommerce AI and social commerce could help.

By embracing SaaS technology and emerging trends, Natori is on pace to earn a new generation of consumers – ones who buy from their site, not just in department stores.

What to Know Before You Go

Traditionally B2B retailers are going direct to consumer.

On the flip side, brands that have excelled at direct to consumer are looking at the wholesale model to see where they can increase revenue.

Learn more about the nuances of B2B online selling.

Turning up the volume: How Skullcandy harnesses SaaS for fast GTM & international expansion

  • Jenny Buchar, Senior Manager, Digital Operations
  • Kinsey Butler, Manager, Ecommerce Operations & Analytics

Skullcandy is no novice to SaaS solutions. But in 2018, Skullcandy made the move from Demandware to BigCommerce, drastically cutting operational costs and speeding up GTM on innovative marketing campaigns.

Now, with the extra cash in hand, Skullcandy is rapidly expanding internationally and using speed plus cash flow to continue to 10x their brand growth.

Hear from executives behind the data-driven strategy on why they chose BigCommerce, what the platform is enabling them to do within only a few months, and where they are headed next.

What to Know Before You Go:

Skullcandy is a true omnichannel business. They sell wholesale as well as direct to consumer and on marketplaces like Amazon. And they do that in a variety of different countries and languages.

To make this work, they use a PIM developed by Jasper Studios as their single source of truth, pulling in BigCommerce as Commerce-as-a-Service, serving up their hosted sites and online experiences as well as taking PCI Compliance mitigation off their plates.

This session will be an interesting one for brands that feel “stuck” in the middle of not small, but no big. Leveraging a modern SaaS technology stack is how Skullcandy saves time, money and innovatives quickly.

UX Case Study: Modern Ecommerce Design with Exxel Outdoors

  • Cory Barnes, Digital Marketing Manager, Kelty

The Kelty brand lives in a world of stiff competition. Selling sports and outdoors goods online isn’t easy – especially with a small team competing against the likes of the goliaths in the vertical.

But Kelty has a few tricks up their sleeve – and unparalleled UX is one of them.

From product pages that rank highly for both text and voice search, to enviable mobile conversion rates (and an even better checkout workflow), Kelty is winning consumer hearts and minds from their much larger competitors.

What to Know Before You Go:

Cory doesn’t just grow sales for Kelty – he works for Exxel Outdoors, which own 10 sites, and Cory works on each of them.

“Mobile conversion rate is up 272% and mobile revenue is up 193% since this time last year!”

Read how he hit those numbers.

2. The Executive Track.

This year’s executive track is impressive. In it, high-profile brand executives will be speaking on top industry trends including going international, leading with innovation, and examining if the buzzy tech trends (AT, VR, AI) are really worth taking seriously yet.

Sample sessions:

Break Point: The reality of US ecommerce today

  • Don Davis, Editor at Large, Internet Retailer

Looked at from a distance, the Top 1000 online retailers in North America had a terrific year in 2017. Their online sales collectively increased 18.5% and ecommerce accounted for 49% of retail industry growth.

It would be easy to conclude from this data that online retailers are prospering and everyone else, particularly merchants that operate bricks-and-mortar stores, are in trouble. But the reality is more complex.

In this session, Don Davis, Internet Retailer editor at large, will drill into the increasingly top-heavy nature of the retailers in online commerce in the US, and the reckoning many merchants, including those that sell primarily online, are facing as they must move beyond growth to prove their worth as sustainable, profitable retail enterprises.

What to Know Before You Go:

One big topic likely to be top of mind here is ecommerce technology. Currently, there is mass confusion in market around cloud commerce – and what that is.

There are also new platform models emerging like CaaS and Headless Commerce. The API economy is growing faster, too.

Smaller and newer brands are taking full advantage of cloud services, but legacy systems are more glacial in adopting the new technology.

Get a full recap of what is happening in the industry right now.

Is it More than Buzz? What Can AI Really Do for My Business?

After years on the fringe, artificial intelligence and machine learning processes are moving into the mainstream of technologies and services available to online retailers.

This session will take a pragmatic look at how these technologies can be applied to solve real, everyday business issues and give business leaders insight into where AI is going and how it can elevate their business long term.

It will include current AI business applications and customer-serving AI applications, and provide a forward-looking spin on AI’s long-term implications for online retail businesses.

What to Know Before You Go:

You don’t need to go to this session to know that AI is working.

If you want proof of that, just read how AI has increased B2C revenue for Natori in the first months of 2018 alone.

Instead, keep an hear out here for the technologies that are working the best – or that work with your already existing tech stack.

Global Opportunities: Where to Go and How to Do It, Now

  • Jon Azrielant, Director of Marketing, Richline Digital/
  • Lily Varon, Research Analyst, Forrester Research

The decision to ‘go global’ is not one to take lightly. But selling internationally online, when done well, can be lucrative.

In this session, experts will provide a SWOT-based (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats) assessment to North American e-retailers according to the opportunity different markets present, looking at the size of the market, its e-retail interest, existing competitors in the market and the barriers to entry.

The session will provide a basis for e-retailers to evaluate their global options, identify what they want to get out of selling internationally — true brand expansion or simply moving volume — and advise on methods to address the market, such as through market-specific ecommerce sites or through participation in established online marketplaces.

What to Know Before You Go:

The keyword to listen out for here is localization.

To keep pace with customer expectations across the globe, a localized warehouse for quick delivery and a localized site that speaks to your new location’s specific audience are both must-haves.

Download the full Cross-Border Commerce guide here to learn how to know if you’re brand is ready to go international, and then get the exact steps to launch right the first time.

Evgeniya Rashbam, Director of Events, Yotpo

Evgeniya Rashbam

IRCE is all about connections and networking. IRCE is massive and brings together thousands of people of different roles, backgrounds and demographics.

It has always been an excellent opportunity for us to catch up with so many partners, customers, prospects and just old industry friends.

2018 won’t be an exclusion.

Plus, not only do brands and vendors know their stuff, they also know how to party!

Some of my best convos were made at the numerous parties exhibitors are throwing after show hours. Work hard, party harder.

3. The Fashion Track.

There’s a whole fashion track this year, where speakers will be talking about selling on Amazon, fashion-specific trends like See Now Buy Now, and mobile.

See Now Buy Now – Shoppable Content

Long before “shoppable content” entered the vernacular, Rue La La was already doing it, not only via desktop but mobile, too.

See a flirty dress or smashing shoes on Dancing with the Stars? Get it via your mobile device.

In this session, our speaker will detail how bolstering functionality of the app, with exclusive features not immediately available via desktop, heightens engagement, loyalty and sales.

Hear how exclusive, custom content matters more now than ever and how you can source, develop and incorporate it into your own brand’s story.

What to Know Before You Go:

Shopping on Instagram has made this concept free and near-instantly available for online merchants.

Launch a post, tag a product from your catalog and allow your fans to See Now, Buy Now.

Get a full guide of 80 Shopping on Instagram examples to see what brands are doing to drive revenue from trending events.

How to Launch a New Brand on Amazon in 6 Months

It’s pretty well-established that consumers begin their search on Amazon, so it’s no surprise that’s where new brands start, too.

In this session, you’ll hear insights from two fashion brand startups that got momentum going not with deep pockets but with thoughtful strategies to leverage the Amazon platform. Attendees will come away with tactics to combine the power of Alibaba, Amazon and the sharing economy to launch new brands with unprecedented pace and minimum investment.

Attendees will hear best ways to harmonize both the marketplace platform and your own standalone website so consumers can shop your brand wherever they want.

What to Know Before You Go:

With more than 50% of U.S. consumers beginning their product search on Amazon, most online brands have come to accept their need to sell on the marketplace.

Indeed, Amazon is the commodity market, which means your website needs to be the spot where to communicate value and build community.

For those of you not yet up to speed on Amazon – including if you should sell there, the success others are having and how to do it – this book is for you.

Visual Search and Discovery – Transforming the Shopping Experience

  • Amy Vener, Lead, Retail Vertical Strategy, Pinterest

Consumers move quickly from the mentality of “just browsing” to “I need it” when relevant visual inspiration hits.

Learn how Trunk Club leverages image-enabled visual search to help consumers build their best wardrobes and discover new possibilities.

Our speaker from Pinterest will cover how data collected via visual search yields new insights to shopper preferences.

What to Know Before You Go:

Visual search isn’t only impactful for the fashion industry.

In fact, The Knobs Co, a mixed B2B and B2C online seller, won a 2016 Innovation Award for their building out of a visual search tool on site.

“Our search-by-image feature has brought on-site search time down 100 fold,” says David Mason, CEO at The Knobs Company. “What used to be done manually can now be done automatically.”

Read exactly how they did it.

Ryan Kulp, Founder, Fomo

Ryan Kulp

We’re attending and exhibiting at IRCE to meet digital marketers and developers from large-scale ecommerce businesses.

We’re looking forward to learning from them how they approach marketing attribution and conversion rate optimization at the enterprise level, so we can tailor aspects of our own platform to meet their needs.

Last year our friends at PriceWaiter attended, and they said it was a no-brainer for retail-tech companies like ourselves.

We’re thrilled to have a dedicated booth, in addition to attendee passes, which should allow us the space to build real relationships with potential integration partners or clients.

4. Post-IRCE Workshops.

Stay a day later than the crowds and join in on a workshop to help you boost specific areas of your business. Here are our favorites.

The B2B Workshop.

Covering topics including wholesale strategy, what’s in the future for B2B and how to mix self-service and sales reps to build a strong pipeline, this workshop will get you hands on building a scalable B2B channel before you leave Chicago.

To add to this, if you can, hit up the pre-IRCE Ecommerce Technology workshop to get prepped for this B2B version.

There you can hear from Todd Morris, Founder and CEO of BrickHouse Security on how he launched a complex and crazy successful B2B channel on top of his B2C site:

Selling direct to consumers is the core of ecommerce but selling to businesses can open up new paths to grow your businesses.

B2B customers have a significantly higher average order value (AOV) and lifetime value (LTV), but they require a very different user experience.

BrickHouse Security CEO Todd Morris will share best practices for serving B2C and B2B with one brand and one website including an overview of the technologies and tools, as well as the critical integrations with their enterprise systems that helped support and grow both sides of the business.

What to Know Before You Go:

B2B online sales excluding automatic EDI initiated orders is set to hit $7.7T by 2021. If you’re business isn’t preparing to capture part of that revenue, well – you should be.

Here are the industry biggest trends. See where you can fit in.

The Search Workshop.

Retailers rank search engine optimization and search engine marketing as a top online marketing method. But every seasoned retail marketer knows that when it comes to acquiring customers, yesterday’s SEO and SEM approaches don’t necessarily work as well today.

This workshop will cover the most effective search practices to turn browsers into buyers.

What to Know Before You Go:

Google is gearing up to compete more readily against Amazon, and putting additional investment in their shopping tool (which many consider a sort of marketplace).

Google thinks it can win here for a pretty impactful reason: It won’t compete against retailers like Amazon does.

It’s a show worth watching, and for which making sure you’re optimized is smart.

Design & Usability Workshop.

Fundamental to a website’s success is the ability for shoppers to understand quickly how to find what they want and to navigate to the product, put it in a cart and check out fast.

This workshop provides guidance on designing sites for desktop and mobile and making sure they’re easy to use.

What to Know Before You Go:

If Amazon is the commodity market, then your site has to provide the unparalleled experience some shoppers want from a non-marketplace shop.


Because that conveys value – and allows you to charge non-commodity prices for your items.

This starts with on-site merchandising and a crazy good theme.

Stewart Wesley, Partnerships Lead, Swell

Stewart Wesley

I am looking forward to hearing directly from merchants about current pain points and goals so I can help them problem solve even when Swell isn’t part of the final solution.

In situations where a merchant might benefit from working with one of our partners, I really enjoy getting conversations started to solve complex issues that Swell’s offerings might not be able to address.

I am also looking forward to connecting with new and existing technology and agency partners to find new and meaningful ways of collaborating to create value for merchants.

5. Fulfillment, Operations & Customer Service Track.

Unlike the technology industry, after a conversion, retailers have a whole other set of operations they need to take to make sure their product gets in the hands of their customers.

And this is often the trickiest part of retail.

Marketing you can learn – or hire well for. But operations and fulfillment needs hands on experience and understanding.

This track gets the experts on stage to talk about the most important aspect of retail: getting the goods to the door.

Too Fast? Too Slow? Industry Standards and Customer Expectations for Delivery

  • Ken Cassar, Principal Analyst, Slice Intelligence
  • Lauren Freedman, Senior Vice President, Digital Strategy, Chief Merchant, Astound Commerce

Getting online orders to consumers in a timely manner requires careful calculations of costs versus reward.

When it comes to delivery, how fast is fast enough? Do consumers really need or expect their orders the next day?

In this session, experts will benchmark ecommerce delivery speeds and reveal fresh research into what consumers say they want balanced against what they are willing to accept.

  • For instance, does shaving a day off delivery actually improve repeat customer metrics?
  • How critical is in-store pickup and how are store associates meeting online shoppers’ expectations?

Our speakers will address these key delivery issues and provide insights retailers can take home to benchmark their own performance.

What to Know Before You Go:

Amazon has upped the shipping speed game forever. But does that mean that consumers always expect immediate delivery?

What are your options as a retailer? After all, margins are at stake.

This session will get you the info you need, and this guide can give you a head start on ideas.

Ensuring Security in a Less-Than-Secure Environment

Online retailers can’t be lackadaisical about the risk of data breaches that expose shoppers’ personal information.

Consumer data bought and sold by criminals on the dark web can be used to infiltrate e-retailers’ businesses in many ways, such as account takeovers that use stolen usernames and passwords to get into stored accounts, and payment fraud.

With the amount of compromised data at risk, standard security protocols may not be enough.

This session will bring e-retailers up to date on the threats, what new protocols or security measures can be applied to deal with them, and, in the unfortunate event of a direct breach or exposure, provide an emergency response plan to help retailers react.

What to Know Before You Go:

Buttoning up your security plan is always a good ideas. For many brands on open-source platforms, the basics of credit card data security must be handled by them: PCI Compliance.

SaaS solutions mitigate that for brands on their platforms, ensuring PCI Compliance through them and their payment providers.

That’s a pretty big deal – and time saver.

See what it could mean for your business.

Want 2 Return, Can U Help? Text Message Customer Service

The convenience of text messaging has made it a go-to way to communicate with friends — who talks on the phone anymore, really?

Now online retailers are beginning to find the preference for texting extending into customer service interactions.

In this session, online retailers that enable customer service representatives to respond to inquiries sent via SMS text and instant message (such as Facebook Messenger and Apple Business Chat) will share how they integrated the capabilities into their existing customer service platforms, what they had to implement with their customer service staff to make this distinctive form of communication effective, and what texting is teaching them about what consumers expect from e-retailers today.

What to Know Before You Go:

Are we in the age of customer service omnipresence? Seems like it now that customer service reps can text message and Facebook messenger with customers just like they would friends.

But, the data shows this quick response and transparency works. And it works fast.

How to Stay on Top of Operations when Selling Everywhere

Scott PalmerDerek O'CarrollE-retailers today manage sales coming from a multitude of channels—such as their own sites, online marketplaces and drop ship partners.

Keeping key operations like inventory and fulfillment in sync is critical and requires real-time visibility. Enlisting the right systems to scale efficiencies, expand to new channels and avoid stockouts empowers retailers to punch well above their weight class, while staying lean.

In this session, a sporting goods manufacturer will share how it managed explosive growth across an array of sales channels by applying an operations hub technology that integrated ecommerce, inventory and fulfillment so the company could keep up with sales and fulfill all orders within 24 hours.

Our second speaker will detail the unique management challenges different sales and operational systems present in being united.

What to Know Before You Go:

Brightpearl is a true best-in-class, modern ERP.

No kidding, quickly scaling retailers fawn over them. And even legacy brands looking to move to a more agile ERP are finding the complexity they need in this cloud-hosted solution.

If for no other reason, this session is worth attending to see how the Brightpearl CEO is thinking about omnichannel, the future and how their solution is the pain killer for so many retail headaches.

Test out their solution before you go.

Leo, Chief Operations Officer, Eye4Fraud

Leo Dresdner

IRCE is a great opportunity for us to meet face to face with many of our existing customers from across the globe, so I’m looking forward to that. And of course to meet new ones as well!

It always surprises me how many ecommerce business owners are struggling with fraud without knowing the kind of solutions that are out there.

Some are suffering high losses not knowing how to handle it, and some are losing a significant amount of sales by declining too many orders. So, discussing solutions and being able to provide some help and tips about this issue has always been a great experience.

6. The Future of Ecommerce Track

OK – this isn’t the actual name of the track, but all the sessions point in this direction.

From Cassandra to machine learning and everything in between, these sessions will show you where the future is already seeping in.

Listening to Cassandra: Getting the Future Right

  • Thornton May, Futurist, Executive Director, Dean, IT Leadership Academy

Thornton MayThe future is knowable – if you collaborate with the right people in the right way. Every three years, a major paradigm shift regarding dominant design for foundational technology (chips, servers, networks, storage, software).

  • Every year, a major new application category (mobility, business intelligence, social media, artificial intelligence, machine learning, blockchain) appears.
  • Every quarter, a new technology advance makes something that was once impossible/too expensive possible/affordable.
  • Every minute a customer has an expanded expectation.

Thornton May, CIO-whisperer, best-selling author, educator and anthropologist-in-futurist-clothing will – in a provocative and highly interactive session – launch the audience on a voyage of discovery focusing on the mental models associated with:

  • How to avoid and how to create strategic surprise
  • How to tap the “wisdom of the crowd” and simultaneously avoid “group think”
  • Understanding the realpolitik of information and data
What to Know Before You Go:

Read up on 2017’s Innovation Award winners to see what is already being done to surprise and delight – and how you can build off of their ideas.

Avoiding Pitfalls of Machine Learning with (Un)Common Sense

Forest BronzanMichael KaselitzIn the age of big data, cross-channel marketing and hyper-targeted customer experiences, there is no doubt that Machine Learning is going to play a larger role for e-retailers.

Machine Learning uses artificial intelligence to enable systems to learn and improve without human intervention. The tough question is how to balance machine learning with common sense to ensure your systems are running to their full potential.

Attendees will learn how to:

  • Configure external systems to ensure they work in harmony
  • Resist the urge to set it and forget it
  • Avoid over-automating all your systems
What to Know Before You Go:

Before you can get your hands dirty with machine learning, make sure your analytics are properly setup and functionality as is.

Start with your ecommerce platform provided analytics and then expand into Google Analytics.

Once everything is reporting correctly, go crazy with AI.

Think Like a Tech Startup: Tech Growth with Retail Efficiency

Jonathan WuMany ecommerce companies heralded as pioneers and case studies for success ultimately flounder when the burdens of growth overwhelm.

Building a successful ecommerce company requires mastering the discipline of retail merchandising while also managing a complex technology infrastructure to control the increasing costs of logistics.

In this talk, our speaker will analyze the importance of tailoring your merchandise and marketing for driving revenue growth, while constantly innovating and adapting your technology and operations infrastructure to scale efficiently, sustaining profit margins against downward pressures.

What to Know Before You Go:

Forecasting and testing cultures lead to fast tech growth. To do that, you need a sales funnel.

Here’s how to build one for your ecommerce channel.

Ethan Giffin, CEO, Groove

Ethan Giffin

It’s like a family reunion that you want to attend – get to see so many users and partners all in one place.

To me, IRCE is all about innovation. I love the opportunity to walk the show floor and see what products and services are innovating.

I also love seeing what the big brands are doing and developing a strategy to pull down to the mid-market.

In all, it’s all about the stories. I love meeting e-tailers that are selling unique and niche products and hearing their amazing stories probing into what’s working and what’s not.

I met a gentleman who randomly started selling clothing tags in his basement and turned it into a 5 million dollar business!

7. New to ecommerce? These sessions are for you.

IRCE isn’t just for the big brands – though there are plenty of them there.

From the New Recruit Workshop to new merchandising strategy talks to get you out on the right foot, new hires ne to the industry and new entrepreneurs can gain valuable insight and actionable steps for building or launching the next big brand.

Here are the sessions not to be missed.

Getting the Package to Customers: When – And If — to Outsource Fulfillment

Krish Iyer austin graffOnce online retailers reach a certain scale, outsourcing fulfillment becomes a key consideration if they are to stay competitive.

Are the time and energy expended on do-it-yourself fulfillment saving resources or limiting growth?

What about drop-shipping options, and how do you negotiate the best shipping arrangements with carriers?

Using the real-life experience of an online retailer, our speakers will examine the costs and charges that make up fulfillment, at what point in a e-retailer’s growth it should consider outsourcing fulfillment and tips on evaluating and negotiating with fulfillment services providers and carriers.

What to Know Before You Go:

There’s tons of advice and insight out there on how to get people to your site and converting, but the #1 most important part of running a successful ecommerce business is how you get that product to that customer.

And customer expectations in delivery are high. From free shipping to next day delivery, here’s a good shipping for profit piece to get you caught up on your options before you go.

Bye-bye, Buy Box: A Merchandising Strategy Gets a Boost by Going Private-label

Jason BoyceWhen it comes to selling on marketplaces – now representing close to half of all online sales globally – having the same UPC code as 20 other sellers doesn’t work.

One way to stand out is to promote what other sellers don’t have – products that are exclusive to your site.

In this session, learn what one retailer did to reboot its merchandising strategy to emphasize the private-label exclusive goods sold only on its own site, and how refocusing merchandising improved results and reduced its reliance on marketplaces such as Amazon.

What to Know Before You Go:

Jason has spoken at events far and wide, and he always draws a crowd.

Sure, his expertise is impressive, but his humble attitude and dedication to learning (even if it costs him $1M in revenue) is why conference rooms fill up.

You don’t want to miss seeing this rising star in ecommerce give one of his biggest talks yet.

The Design Rules You Need to Know

p>Kevin Richards

Learn general design rules and answers to your burning questions: Should you rotate images on the home page? Should you prioritize the display of sales and discounts or your killer product images?

Hear the most-asked-for design FAQs get answered — and make sure your store is on the right track.

What to Know Before You Go:

An early Internet entrepreneur, Kevin Richards founded Ventura Web Design & Marketing, a full-service agency that has helped clients generate more than $1 billion in revenue, in 1997.

In other words: he knows his stuff.

In his 24 years of experience, Kevin has worked with more than 1,000 companies to help them achieve their online goals.

Executive Summary

IRCE is the ecommerce industry Who’s Who event. These 21 sessions are only a handful of talks being given, parties being thrown and so much more.

Plus, Chicago is a fantastic spot to be in June.

Be sure to bring your running shoes along with your business suit. The trail along Lake Michigan is full of early risers and joggers you’ll be bond to see again in the seats next to you at The Expo Center.

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