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Making Pictures Jealous Since 2005: What e-commerce product videos can do for your store

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Online shoppers are on a mission. We’ve all been there, glued to the computer, doing product research and trying to make a purchase decision. Whether they are comparison shopping or checking customer reviews, consumers want to educate themselves before ordering online. But they want to do so swiftly and effortlessly, and maybe even have some fun in the process.

So how can merchants help? Meet the product video, a medium that effectively attracts and informs potential buyers. Not only is video enjoyable for consumers, it also yields high return on investment. With video, customers remember your brand, stay longer on your site and most importantly they buy more products.

If you were on the fence about buying a Criquet polo shirt, we bet this video would seal the deal.

Bring your product to life

When YouTube came on the scene in 2005, creating a democratized platform for publishing video, the entire product promotion landscape began to shift. A picture may be worth a thousand words, but according to Forrester Research one minute of video is worth 1.8 million words.

Research suggests that today’s consumers watch videos because they are the best way to see a product in action. According to a recent Invodo report, more than half of online shoppers regularly watch product videos before purchasing. And 69 percent will watch videos two or more times if they are full of good information.

Cinetics leverages video to demonstrate what their product can do as well as what it looks like. 

Increase sales and decrease returns

These product video trends translate into higher sales — for those who have made the leap. According to the Invodo study, almost half of consumers said that they purchase more from websites with product videos. Ariat, an equestrian apparel retailer, achieved a whopping 160 percent higher conversion rate by placing videos on product pages.

The majority of respondents also said they are more confident in their purchases and less likely to make returns after watching product videos. And let’s face it, returning items is no fun for the customer or the merchant. Even though they have one of best return policies in the business, Zappos has first-hand experience with this benefit and a slew of others. “Since Zappos started producing information videos in 2008, we have seen an increase in conversion, decrease in returns, increased organic traffic through SEO and an enhanced social presence,” said Laurie Williams, Senior Manager of Website Operations at Zappos.

This product video for Lupine‘s step-in harness shows customers exactly what they are buying and how to properly use it. 

Help your products get discovered

Google algorithms look at countless factors when assessing a website’s credibility and relevance. Video can have a positive effect on SEO, making product pages with video rank higher than those without video. Here are three reasons videos impact your search results:

  • Social sharing: Social sharing is important for SEO, and guess what, videos are more likely to get shared than text or images. In Invodo’s survey, 52 percent of consumers said they shared a product video within the last three months, and over 20 percent had shared 5 or more times.

Hosting your videos on YouTube has the added benefit of getting you placement on the world’s second largest search engine. With over 3 billion searches conducted every month, it is likely someone is looking for your product. Several search experts have also noticed a new trend of YouTube videos showing up in Google search results.

Cricket Store Online has built a dedicate community on YouTube with his helpful product reviews.

You probably get the picture by now — video can deliver great results for online retailers. Beyond the numbers, it is clear this medium creates an amazing experience for shoppers. “Video gives us the opportunity to wow our customers and this in turn delivers results,” notes Matt Lawson, Head of Conversion at So whether you want to tackle it on your own or cost-effectively add video with a service like SoMedia, it’s time to make your move. Just jump in, get started and tap into the power of video.

Want to learn more about creating high-quality ecommerce videos? See these 17 examples of online stores who have used video to drastically increase conversion.

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    Video is a very strong instrument in the e commerce nowadays! But what about the its duration? Here was said that the duration of the time users spend watching video on the Internet continues to go up… But how to chose the ridht duration? Not long but not too short

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