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Multiple Coupons per Order Available in Enterprise Stores

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Starting in the week of June 24, 2024, the ability to use multiple coupon codes at a time is available for stores on an Enterprise plan. If you have one or more headless storefronts, or are using the BigCommerce Checkout API to customize the checkout page, you can enable shoppers to use up to five coupon codes on a single order. You can also apply multiple coupon discounts to draft and manual orders in your control panel.

Why accept multiple coupons?

By default, BigCommerce allows for the use of one coupon code at a time on orders. However, your business may have certain scenarios where you want to grant shoppers multiple discounts without them automatically applying in the cart, such as:

  • Running multiple promotions concurrently

  • Offering loyalty rewards or cart conversion incentives in conjunction with limited-time promotions

  • Allowing shoppers to apply coupon discounts to different aspects of their order, such as Buy One, Get One deals and free shipping

Enabling the use of multiple coupons allows your shoppers more freedom in how they interact with your available discounts. This in turn can improve your customer experience, increase average order value, and encourage repeat purchases.

Supporting multiple coupons in your storefront

To enable the use of multiple coupons at a time, go to SettingsMiscellaneous and navigate to the Promotion Settings area. In the Number of coupons allowed at checkout on a single order drop-down menu, select your desired maximum number of coupons that can be used at a time. You can accept as many as five coupons on a single order.

Multiple Coupon Setting

Adding multiple coupons to an order from the cart and checkout pages is currently supported in headless or Checkout API-customized native storefronts, and we plan to add support for uncustomized storefronts in a future release. You can apply multiple coupons to draft orders created using the new or old experience in any native storefront, and you can include them while finalizing manual orders.

Coupons made with the standard or legacy promotion editor can be used together on a single order, but legacy coupon codes are not supported. To learn more about the setup instructions and considerations for using multiple coupon codes, see Automatic and Coupon Promotions in the Knowledge Base.

The final word

Coupon discounts are a powerful tool for converting visitors into shoppers as well as rewarding returning customers. Start accepting multiple coupons in your storefront today, and give shoppers full access to your store’s benefits!