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New Features Available in BlueSnap Direct

BigCommerce Payments

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BlueSnap Direct enables you to process payments globally with local payment methods, fraud protection, and stored credit cards. We’ve expanded the payment gateway’s functionality to help you meet your customers’ needs while reducing costs, including support for new payment options, manual order processing, stored direct debit profiles, and much more.

What’s new with BlueSnap Direct?

BlueSnap Direct’s updated functionality serves you and your customers by unlocking more ways to pay online and supporting a variety of business models. We’ve included descriptions for each new feature below.

Meet your customers where they are with local payment methods.

Expanding BlueSnap’s supported alternative payment methods (APMs), you can now enable your customers throughout the European Union to make direct debit transactions with Single Euro Payments Area (SEPA). This payment method was available in previous versions of BlueSnap, and is now supported by BlueSnap Direct.

Additionally, you can now offer secure bank transfer payments to customers in the Netherlands with iDEAL. Supported by all major Dutch consumer banks, iDEAL is a familiar, trusted payment method that can increase shopper confidence and drive conversions.

Streamline your checkout experience with stored direct debit profiles.

Previously, BlueSnap Direct supported stored credit cards, but did not allow customers to save other payment method credentials for future purchases. If you have enabled ACH or SEPA direct debit payments in your store, customers with an account can now store their bank credentials from your storefront. By offering stored direct debit profiles with payment methods that support large transaction values, it’s easier than ever for your customers to make repeat purchases of big-ticket items — all while benefiting from lower processing fees than many credit credit card payments.

Offer white-glove orders by processing payments manually.

Taking manual orders over the phone and in person can be useful when your customers want to purchase complex or custom items. BlueSnap Direct now helps you support customers through the entire process by allowing you to enter their credit card details and make transactions on their behalf. Creating a manual order from start to finish provides an improved customer experience, and can encourage repeat purchases.

Use a single BlueSnap account across multiple storefronts.

Multi-Storefront organizes all of your native and headless storefronts under a single BigCommerce control panel. With BlueSnap Direct, you can now connect a single BlueSnap account to your store to collect transactions from all of your stores. Once connected, it will appear on the checkout page of all storefronts by default  — no additional setup is required.

Manage risk and lower your transaction fees with Level 2 and 3 data.

Many business-to-business and business-to-government merchants rely on secure and cost-efficient payment processing to optimize their business. BlueSnap Direct now helps you meet these business requirements by supporting Level 2 and 3 data collection. By providing rich transaction information to card issuers, you can lower your interchange rates and catch fraudulent charges before they escalate.

Use the Payments API to customize your payment options.

BlueSnap Direct is now compatible with the BigCommerce Payments API. This unlocks the ability to reference stored credit cards via the API and manually process orders. Additionally, you can use subscription/recurring billing apps or a custom-developed solution to create subscription models with stored cards.

Taking advantage of BlueSnap’s expanded functionality

If you are using the previous version of BlueSnap, BlueSnap Payments, upgrade to BlueSnap Direct in order to access the new features. If you are connecting to BlueSnap for the first time, your store will use the Direct integration by default.

In the BlueSnap Payments Settings tab of SettingsPayments, you can enable manual order processing. If you have integrated ACH or SEPA, you will also find settings to allow stored direct debit profiles. BlueSnap automatically appears as an available payment method on all storefronts when connected, while other features, such as local payments and Level 2 and 3 data, must be activated from your BlueSnap Console.

BlueSnap Direct Settings

To offer recurring billing or subscription services, install one of the apps in our App Marketplace. You can also use the Payments API to build a custom subscription model, or request help from a BigCommerce Partner.

The final word

When selecting a payment gateway, it’s important that it can offer the payment options your customers expect, while also including the tools you need to run your business. BlueSnap Direct provides a suite of features to accommodate your payment cycle from checkout to fund settlement.

To learn more about enabling and using BlueSnap’s new functionality, see Connecting with BlueSnap Direct in the Knowledge Base.

Optimize your store’s payment experience by integrating BlueSnap Direct, and try out these features today!