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Paid Search: Using AdWords & PPC to drive search traffic to your store in hours [VIDEO]

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Did you know that PPC, or Pay Per Click, can help your online store see an increase in traffic from search engines and sales within hours? Believe it! And although the word “pay” may make you nervous, investing in PPC doesn’t need to be painful, complicated or cost a fortune. To help convince you of PPC’s magic, I’ve asked Liam Garcia, a certified PPC expert and Enterprise Account Manager for us here at Bigcommerce, to join me for this week’s #SellMore post.

Watch this week’s #SellMore video (and the rest of this blog post) to learn how to:

  • Skip the line and dominate search engine results
  • Better understand your audience for your search engine optimization efforts
  • Decrease your PPC spend overtime
  • Know when it’s “go time” for PPC campaigns.


Paid search is a great way to quickly boost your online store’s traffic. In today’s #SellMore video, Katey and Liam breakdown how to use Adwords and PPC to get results in a few hours.
In today’s #SellMore video, you’ll learn how to:
  • Skip the line and dominate search engine results
  • Better understand your audience for your search engine optimization efforts
  • Decrease your PPC spend overtime
  • Know when it’s “go time” for PPC campaigns.
Check out the full blog post on Pay Per Click to learn more!
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What is PPC?

Don’t be fooled, PPC comes in a variety of forms. To clear up any confusion you might have, the following are classified as PPC: LinkedIn Ads for B2Bs, Facebook Ads, Pinterest Ads (also called Promoted Pins), or really any ad campaign where you pay each time a potential customer clicks your link. To get results with search engines, today we’ll focus specifically on Google AdWords.

Advertising with AdWords ensures you ads appear beside relevant content within a search engine results page, and allows for shoppers to click through directly to your online store. This means highly-targeted placement for your ads and more traffic to your store, which, in turn,  could translate into more sales!



To see just how powerful PPC via Google Adwords can be, here is an actual campaign from a client Liam has been coaching. Over $220 in orders and only $38 spent on Adwords in a week!

PPC Analtyics

PPC and SEO, are they friends or foes?

No doubt about it, PPC and SEO work hand-in-hand. At first, PPC will be the primary driver of traffic. Over time, however, you’ll see organic (FREE) results start to rise while spend on PPC starts to drop. This shift will eventually allow for SEO to be your main traffic source—and because SEO is free, you’ll get more bang for your buck.

As you run PPC campaigns, you’ll also gain insight into your target audience to help you refine your PPC campaigns and spend less for the same or better results. You’ll also want to use this data to strengthen and speed up your SEO  efforts.

For instance, you can discover:

  • Keywords and phrases that lead to conversions for your products
  • Specific shopping behaviors to help you better target and re-target shoppers
  • Regional buying differences within your customer base, like “Soda vs Pop”


When is it time to hit it with PPC?

You need to start PPC ASAP–but before you push “go,” be sure you really mean it! To help you, here are three milestones for when you should start your first PPC campaign.

First week after launching your store

Yep, it’s quick, but if you want your online business to be successful, why wait? Just remember that you don’t want to pay to have traffic sent to your store only to find glitches or errors. Before you start your campaign, be certain you have your domain name locked, products loaded, payment gateway setup and shipping functioning.

After you get a few orders under your belt

If you’re a more cautious individual, you may want to hold off on your first PPC campaign until you know you have a great customer experience set up. Once you have some purchases and customer feedback under your belt, you should feel a little better about being able to handle the influx of orders that may come after spending some money on PPC campaigns.

You’ve already started your SEO efforts

PPC is not a substitute for search engine optimization. Before starting your PPC campaign, make sure you’ve already completed your keyword research, started creating relevant content, submitted a sitemap and have a plan to continue building your SEO.

Should I ever stop PPC?

Never stop your PPC campaigns! As time passes you should work to refine your PPC efforts. Cut out subpar campaigns and run with those that have a solid return on investment. Here’s how you calculate this:

$ spent on AdWords campaign / $ it has brought to your store = ROI of PPC

(Note: Include both direct and assisted conversions associated with your campaign)

Want to learn more?

In next week’s #SellMore video, Liam and I will dive into why Google Shopping Feeds are the best route for driving shoppers to your online business. We’ll share some tips, hacks, and metrics you should watch. Stay tuned!

Have your own PPC or Google Adwords tips? We’d love to hear about them in the comments section below.


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