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Restaurantware: B2B & B2C in a single dashboard

Why they won

Restaurantware was a finalist for the Innovation Awards.

For using design to solve for B2B and B2C needs with a single source of data truth.

Business stats

Business outcomes of the innovation

  • +35.17% increase in revenue

  • +186.39% increase in traffic

  • +25.74% increase in conversion rate

  • +33.56% increase in orders

What they do started out 7 years ago and is the leading manufacturer and online distributor of wholesale restaurant supplies.

They are a fast growing enterprise with a global online business and have multiple online ecommerce sites and supporting systems.

The challenge behind the innovation

With the brand’s fast pace of growth, the team needed to constantly streamline their business process and improve the online ordering experience of their customers, while advancing their search ranking and inbound marketing actions.

In addition, other factors were causing concern:

  • They specifically wanted to support their B2B customers and improve the bulk ordering process.

  • The existing navigation was unidimensional and they wanted to improve the navigation by having multiple product category hierarchies to cater to the different types of customers visiting their online store.

  • The existing user interface was static and they were struggling to update the site dynamically.

  • Page load times and overall site performance was also a concern with the existing site.

  • They were spending too much time updating multiple systems with the same information, product images were not consistent across sites, and the integration with their enterprise system needed to be updated. management decided it was time to upgrade their existing ecommerce solution and the integration with their enterprise application.

How they make it work

With the evolution of an innovative Stencil-based theme and development frameworks from BigCommerce, the team decided to make the switch and leverage the Stencil Framework to solve the challenges they were facing with innovative UI design and development.

Choosing Arizon Digital as their Agency Partner, they:

  • Redesigned their website, including the product category hierarchy and navigation

  • Introduced an innovative bulk ordering process

  • Implemented a customized central product data management solution to help manage the product and category data centrally. evaluated multiple ecommerce platform options before deciding to stick with BigCommerce and leverage the Stencil Framework to design and develop an innovative and creative user interface.

The team realized the importance of spending time in designing the solution to solve the specific challenges that were identified. They worked closely with the team to define the requirements and establish a migration plan.

The team had deep expertise in the Stencil framework, and with the guidance from team, they were able to deliver innovative solutions which helped solve the challenges.

Now, the user engagement is much better and is seeing great improvement in page load times, higher volume usage of the bulk ordering solution, and increased traffic to some of their newer categories and sub-categories.

The central product data and category management solution developed by has made the image synchronization process, category creation and assignment, and product data maintenance process quite efficient, and improved the productivity of the key employees.

Final word

The upgraded site is quite beautiful. Beyond that, it is engaging, using features both built-in by BigCommerce and built-out by to create a dynamic site experience rich with content.  

The menu design and category navigation allow different types of users to find the products easily and increase the traffic to some of the newer categories and sub-categories that are being launched by Restaurantware.

In addition, the bulk ordering screen is intuitive and allows for fast ordering by larger B2B customers of

Allowing our proprietary database to control all aspects of the BigCommerce site has provided us with a single source of truth for our data.

This provides exponential efficiencies. With all of this in place, we can continue to scale our business at an accelerated pace.

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