Selling technology is hard. It’s an industry that lives in the margins of both B2B and B2C. Everyone needs it –– but at different times and for very different reasons.

Some folks need enough for an entire office. Others just want a single piece to finalize their at home getup.

This means that technology sellers online must carry a wide swath of items at various price points, and be able to negotiate for the bigger deals. From super heavy items down to the details, large catalogs are common and high AOV the name of the game.

Here is how 4 various technology sites optimize for price, products and profitability.

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1.Bob Johnson’s Computer Stuff

As told to BigCommerce by Ed Lasher, Marketing Director at Bob Johnson’s Computer Stuff.

After launching our Stencil-based theme in January 2017, we’ve seen a 32% increase in online sales revenue and our average order value is up 27% over the first quarter of 2016.

The Bob Johnson’s Computer Stuff website is based on Cornerstone, the default Stencil theme, but it is heavily customized at the template level to meet our particular needs.

When selling refurbished equipment, closing the trust gap is paramount. For that purpose, we believe that good design is one of the most powerful tools at our disposal.

Our design emphasizes cleanliness, consistency, professionalism and transparency. We achieve this with aesthetics, social proof, easy access to our customer service, honest product photography. Every refurbished computer pictured on our site comes from our actual inventory; no manufacturer images.

We’ve turbocharged our customer service with Infusionsoft automation, which you’ll find working behind the scenes in features like our selection assistance form and “Watch Product” button on every product page.

We’re happy to say our efforts have paid off, and are excited to see our growth in 2017 as BigCommerce continues to expand our capabilities with new features like Accelerated Mobile Pages and Optimized Checkout customization.

2. Wilson Amplifiers

As told to BigCommerce by Andrew Hansen, CMO at Wilson Amplifiers.

We are a 2x Inc 5000 member. Our revenue is up 30% year over year. We’ve gone from 0-10 million in sales in 5 years. And, of course, we have an awesome site, custom checkout and buyers guide sections as well.

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3. Satellite Radio Superstore

As told to BigCommerce by Brian Pekarek, Satellite Radio Superstore.

XM-Radio is a Satellite Radio Superstore for radios. It provides diversified options for enjoying music, entertainment, sports or any specialty channel in the Car, Truck/RV, Motorcycle, UTV, Home or office. It covers your all needs to make your journey entertaining.

To this exciting business of Radio, PSDCenter gave an entirely new look to their online presence. The whole re-design process including theme development to implementation took around nine weeks. Some of the noticeable features which worked as an indirect boost up in sales are;

  • Live Chat – It has increased customer interaction with customer service representatives which eventually reduced the number of calls. Now our customers come to a final buying decision clearing their mind of all of their questions before making the final purchase, which resulted in low return ratio.
  • Kudobuzz reviews – The new website was integrated with Kudobuzz review software to generate more reliable reviews an opinion about the products. We also implemented the Rich Snippet feature of Kudobuzz for increase Search Engine Optimization.
  • Sticky Header – This allowed the customers to navigate the website easily and quickly jump to another product or accessory with just one click.
  • Mega Menu – It eases the quick and simplistic way to see all the subcategories of products. Less wasted clicks mean more sales for Satellite Radio Superstore.
  • Advanced Search – This facility of advanced search gives the users a focused shopping experience. Customers can feed in their requirement by choosing their choice of brand, receiver, special features, connection type and a lot more to filter out their preference to choose the product on QuickBase. This saves their time in finding the right product.

4. AvertX

As told to BigCommerce by Nathan Shafer, AvertX. 

With a new product launch and a shift toward cloud-based services, we needed to update our tired website. The old site was not mobile-ready and featured out-of-date product and features pages.

The goals of the new site were:

  • Communicate value proposition of new AvertX technology platform
  • More prominently display and promote the AvertX Connect Portal and its features
  • Product more compelling solutions pitches to entice customers
  • Make FAQ material more accessible and easier to search/locate
  • Allow users to more easily navigate the website using a mobile device
  • Give a more modern and “current” look to the AvertX Website

And BigCommerce got us there.

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