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In this video I discuss 3 tools designed to help increase the conversion rate of your website.

First up is HelloBar which allows you to add a toolbar to your website which can encourage visitors to sign up to your email list, Facebook page, etc. You simply choose the color of the bar, type in the text you want to appear and specify the link. Dead simple but super effective.

Next is KissInsights which allows you to include a floating question box on your website to ask visitors questions at certain points during the checkout/browsing process. You can then take these questions and include answers in your FAQ page or use them to improve the flow of your checkout process.

Finally, Visual Website Optimizer allows you to run multi-variate tests on your website. Tests can be created using a simple point-and-click WYSIWYG tool and it’s not uncommon to improve your conversion rate by 10% or more simply by testing different headlines, buttons and banners.

P.S. is now live. It’s a quick shortcut that takes you straight to my YouTube guru channel.

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