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Wish Standards Raises the Bar to Reward Merchants

Reed Hartman / 1 min read

Wish Standards Raises the Bar to Reward Merchants

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    A new genre of YouTube video took the Internet by storm in the late twenty-teens: the Wish unboxing. 

    Through a variety of prompts and user suggestions, creators would purchase a number of products off of the Wish online marketplace and perform an unboxing on their channels. The end result was about what you’d expect: a few laughs at a few funny products.

    Of course, anyone could buy things online and make a video out of it, but these videos gave consumers and merchants a less-than-favorable perception of the marketplace.

    In November 2021, Wish looked to change that perception with a brand new program: Wish Standards

    What is Wish Standards? 

    Wish Standards is a new program from the online marketplace Wish that rewards merchants who provide excellent service and products to their customers. 

    Merchants that work to improve the platform can receive a variety of rewards from the Wish team, like increased visibility, commission discounts and profile badges that indicate participation in the program.

    How does Wish Standards work?

    In order to enroll in Wish Standards, Wish merchants need to reach an order minimum. Once the minimum is met, they will be automatically enrolled into Wish Standards. Wish will then begin evaluating merchant performance based on several criteria. 

    1. Product Quality: Customers are consistently receiving a high-quality product after purchase.

    2. Delivery Times: Products are routinely delivered quickly and on time. 

    3. Reliability: Providing valid tracking information to customers. 

    4. Compliance: Not in violation of any Wish terms of service.

    Merchant performance across these criteria will earn them a spot in one of four categories: Platinum, Gold, Silver or Bronze. For each tier, merchants receive more benefits to help with visibility, payments and more. 

    How do I sell on Wish? 

    With BigCommerce, integrating your ecommerce store is a snap. Access our Feedonomics integration in your BigCommerce dashboard to manage your ecommerce store across multiple channels.

    Gain access to Wish’s global marketplace:

    • Gain visibility in Wish’s Facebook and Google ads as a preferred merchant.
    • Engrain yourself in Wish users’ personalized algorithm to ensure long-term sales.
    • Utilize Wish’s cross-border logistics to grow your business globally.

    Ready to get started selling on Wish? BigCommerce works with industry-leading omnichannel management solutions to make managing cross-channel selling a breeze.

    Learn more about our omnichannel solutions like Feedonomics. 

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