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* We updated our pricing plans on May 1, 2014. Please visit our pricing page for our current options. 

One of the things we’ve really worked hard to improve on over the last few months is 1) collecting and 2) acting on feedback from clients around more than just features or functionality. After all, they’re just one part of the puzzle.

One of the biggest feedback indicators we’ve received recently is that you don’t want bandwidth limits on any plans (no surprise, right?). Well, the good news is that we’ve done something about it.

Starting last week, all plans for new and existing clients now include unlimited bandwidth, so no matter how much bandwidth your store uses you won’t be charged for it. Happy days!

Please note that we’re currently in the process of rolling out the changes, so you may still see a bandwidth limit imposed in your store (especially under the Statistics -> Storage & Transfer report) but that should go away some time in the next few days and of course you won’t be charged for any overages in the interim.

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  • Bob

    So nice to see things are moving forward with BC

  • Hi Dale,

    I want to kindly introduce you to S Loyalty, a loyalty program app designed for Bigcommerce. With S Loyalty, you can run an automatic loyalty program where customers earn points from purchases and redeem rewards of store credits or one-time discount codes. We’ve already had hundreds of stores install our app. We’re offering a 14-day free trial now!

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  • HI Folks,

    The storage limits on the plans are really too low particularly when the image management process in the new CDN facilities replicates images needlessly even when the customer tries to optimise their usage. I fully endorse the CDN approach but I cannot see why that necessitates replication of images (other than to eat up the plan storage space??).

    As an example we sell car parts and we wish to use a manufacturer logo where we do not have an actual product image. Storing ONE copy of, say, the Ford Blue Oval logo in the import file and referencing that COMMON IMAGE leads to BC making as many copies of this image ss your number of products wishing to use it. In our case that’s 300Mb of our 1Gb lost before any otehr real data.
    There is a rumour that BC will give unlimited storage soon …… we don’t need that …. just something more sensible for LARGE stores like ours….. how about 5-10Gb at the Platiunum plan level for starters?

    BC will get their own natural reward from this as store proprietors and consultants make their E-Com host pick to allow for “growth without unreasonable penalties”. I firmly believe that BC techies are amongst the best in the world and that CDN is the right way to go. Come on BC …. help out your most loyal followers and relax some of these limits ….

    Reg Aldridge

  • Charles

    Storage needs to be upped for all plans. For example, 500 MB of storage is not enough for a 1,000 product store.. We should also have the ability to host all of our content on our BC hosting package. Currently most stores have to host downloads, blogs, and other content elsewhere.

  • This is a great step forwards. Nice job.

  • Hi Bri,

    Thanks for getting back to me so quickly. I did look at these but they are not ideal to be honest.

    We need a loyalty point system integrated into Big Commerce. That way, customers can log-in and see how many points they have earned and then spend them if they wish in the store. Hope that makes sense.

    It is all about adding value for the customer :-)

    Best Wishes,

  • Brianne Brewer


    We have a couple of integrations for loyalty programs. Check out ReferralCandy and Mineful can work like a loyalty program

    Hope these help you out!


  • How about upping the limits on the Platinum plan?

  • We could really do with a loyalty point system in Big Commerce where when cutomers buy a product(s) they are given points, which they can use towards their next purchase.

    For me, that would be a total game changer for business.

  • I also wondered if there is a blogging system coming as we really need one. The built in news pages are not very good to be honest.

  • Hi Bri – good for diamond but i agree with Charles – storage is too low on other plans – i think this is something BC should really look at – Shopify’s professional plan is 5GB and unlimited bandwidth

  • Brianne Brewer


    I am excited to announce that we have increased storage on our Diamond Plan to 10 GB :) You can see our pricing plans here.


  • Charles

    What about storage? The amount of storage offered is way too low…

  • Ken

    When is the vital upgrade available to allow stores to use the “Google Trusted Store” application. This is really critical.

  • With this change I have a hard time suggesting any other cart. Two updates and I won’t be able to suggest any other cart. Once you get subscriptions going and MAP pricing work around, Big Commerce will be perfect!

  • Frankie

    I’m so glad I pushed for BigCommerce when discussing options with my boss. Keep up the good work BC!

  • Thank you so much. This is great!

  • Thank you!

  • How’s the built-in blogging system coming along?

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