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Why brands chose B2B Edition

Build B2B ecommerce your way.

“Custom development is not something other providers really offered. Just knowing we can do whatever we want with the system was really important to us.”

Joe Fassbender, Business Transformation Manager, United Aqua Group

Migrated from: NuORDER

Adapt and innovate faster, without friction.

“BigCommerce gives us the scalability, flexibility and openness we need to be able to go in, make changes, and implement them right at the moment we need to.”

Jed Simpson, General Manager, TYGRIS

Migrated from: Offline, manual

Add storefronts, regions, and channels from one platform.

“Whether through price lists, customized commercial quotes or tax support, BigCommerce’s native functionality and extensive partner app marketplace delivers the hybrid B2C and B2B capabilities we needed to tailor our site to our diverse audiences.”

Sean Flaherty, Marketing Director, US Cutter

Migrated from: COREsense

Free time. Lower cost and risk. Leave maintenance to us.

“We want to understand our products, understand our customers and focus on them. We don't really want to deal with the minutiae of servers and keeping the lights on, keeping the technology going.”

Richard Hughes, Ecommerce & Marketing Mgr, Industrial Tool Company

Migrated from: Custom .NET solution

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