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Facebook Marketplace gets your products in front of the right audience by serving product recommendations to consumers based on their preferences. You’ll also get access to Instagram Shopping tagging and Dynamic ads retargeting to expand your reach.

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Bring your products to life with engaging visual merchandising and an intuitive shopping experience that organically distributes your products in the Facebook Marketplace feed.

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Facebook Marketplace allows merchants to list products for free, serving as an avenue to reach potential new customers.

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With BigCommerce, we're caught up with the latest trends in digital marketing while exceeding our customers' expectations.
Ken Ward, Director of Ecommerce,
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Selling through Facebook represents an additional channel to help new customers discover our brand, drive awareness for our products and increase traffic to our store.
Tanya Keller, Native Union
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There is rarely a product or tool that BigCommerce launches that I don’t test or try in some way. For instance, the integration between BigCommerce and Facebook was super easy.
Shari Lott, Founder & CEO, Spearmint LOVE

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