2023 BigCommerce Agency Partner Awards, Americas

Agency partners provide merchants with innovative solutions to deliver world class online experiences including SEO services, UX/UI design, migration services and more!

Expertise Categories

B2B Excellence Award

You service merchants in the B2B space. You have a background in B2B problem solving, efficiencies, and utilize B2B-centric product features like: Price lists, Customer groups and Organizing an abundant amount of SKU’s.

Omnichannel Solutions Award

Your business provides omnichannel services to merchants by being well-versed in delivering capabilities and results around social commerce, connecting in-store and online experience, email strategy services, lead generation SEO, marketplace strategy or performance marketing.

User Experience & Design Award

You've created a world class, visually appealing design that enhances the user experience and leads to higher interactivity and conversion. Functional integrity!

Creative Problem Solving Award

You use creative problem solving to provide unique back-end or front-end solutions for your merchants. You win business because your agency is built on creative design and problem solving.

Headless Award

This award showcases a partner who has developed the most compelling headless commerce site using our open APIs to build a content forward BigCommerce store.

BigCommerce Agency Partner Awards

These awards are evaluated by the BigCommerce team and each award is judged on internal metrics. Application not required.

Partner of the Year

Highest MRR from merchant stores January 2023 - December 2023

Highest MRR generated to the partner in respective region


New Partner of the Year

Joined program between January 2023 - December 2023

Highest MRR between January 2023 - December 2023


Excellence in Delivery

You have consistently demonstrated an ability to launch client sites on time, on budget, in a way that delights customers and leads to desired outcomes

New Frontier

You’ve successfully supported BigCommerce expansion into a new country by demonstrating local domain expertise and launching client sites.

Community Award

The Community Award is for that partner that's exhibited a commitment to growing, supporting and contributing to an ecosystem of developers working on and around the BigCommerce platform.