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Wed, 12/20/17, 07:00:00 AM

BigCommerce and Visa Partner to Help Merchants Speed Up Checkout

55,000+ BigCommerce stores now able to offer Visa Checkout to more than 28 million enrolled accounts

AUSTIN — December 20, 2017 — Today, BigCommerce and Visa announced a new partnership to provide Visa Checkout to BigCommerce merchants, enabling 55,000+ small and mid-market retailers to easily set up and accept the payment method on their branded websites. This integration allows the more than 28 million accounts already enrolled in Visa Checkout to use pre-stored payment details and address information to complete a purchase on BigCommerce stores on desktop, tablet and mobile devices. More than 200 BigCommerce merchants received early access to Visa Checkout, and have added the payment option to their checkout pages.

According to a recent study from the Baymard Institute, 68% of all online shopping carts are abandoned before purchase and an estimated 27% of shoppers believe the checkout process to be too long and complicated1. Visa Checkout reduces the number of form fields a shopper must fill out along with reducing login friction through the use of biometric authentication and stay signed-in capabilities, which can help lead to fewer abandoned carts, higher conversions and increased sales for merchants. This year, Visa Checkout integrated leading digital wallets Android Pay and Samsung Pay providing shoppers the convenience of using their device’s authentication method at checkout.

“Visa is thrilled to partner with BigCommerce to bring Visa Checkout to its network of retailers to make digital payments more streamlined than ever before,” said Sam Shrauger, Senior Vice President of Digital Products at Visa. “We are constantly looking for partners who also work towards our goal of convenient and secure payments, and BigCommerce’s commitment to empowering merchants to accept payments more rapidly is in lockstep with Visa’s vision for the future of ecommerce.” 

By adding Visa Checkout as a payment method, BigCommerce merchants benefit from unique features, such as:

  • Fast and reliable checkout, regardless of device - With broad compatibility across all desktop, tablet and mobile devices, as well as all major browsers, merchants can deliver a fast, convenient checkout experience regardless of shoppers’ preferences. According to data from Visa, 82% of enrolled Visa Checkout customers completed transactions from the shopping cart in 20172.  

  • Advanced fraud management capabilities - Visa’s enhanced security capabilities reduce fraudulent transactions by as much as 81% as compared to non-Visa Checkout payment methods3.

Upon enrollment in Visa Checkout, consumers can add any major credit card, and payment details are encrypted and saved. After being enrolled, returning customers can complete a purchase on more than 350,000 ecommerce websites without the need to manually enter billing and shipping information. Built with the latest security technology and backed by one of the global payments industry leaders, Visa Checkout’s advanced fraud detection capabilities give consumers and merchants alike increased confidence throughout the checkout process.

“BigCommerce is focused on equipping our merchants with the tools they need to deliver fantastic shopping experiences,” said Jimmy Duvall, Chief Product Officer for BigCommerce. “Visa is one of the most reputable payments brands worldwide, and adding Visa Checkout to our robust selection of market-leading payment solutions further demonstrates our commitment to helping our customers stay at the forefront of the industry.”

Eligible BigCommerce merchants in the U.S. can now activate Visa Checkout through their control panel. To learn more about Visa Checkout, visit:

1 Baymard Institute, “E-Commerce Usability: Checkout.” September, 2016.

2 Based on internal Visa product data derived from over 21+ million Visa Checkout accounts in 26 markets across desktop, tablet, and mobile web (native mobile app/SDK data not included) measuring purchases from over 300,000+ Visa Checkout merchants around the world for a six-month period from Dec 2016-May 2017. 

3 Based on Visa Checkout and VisaNet data from Oct. 1, 2016 and Sept. 30, 2017. Visa analysis of Visa Checkout US Top 30 merchants’ ecommerce (ECI) payment and transaction volume. Merchants included in the fraud analysis make up approximately 95% of total Visa Checkout payment volume.