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Tue, 10/06/15, 07:00:00 AM

Toyota Selects BigCommerce to Power Online Stores in Australia

_Toyota Expands B2B and Consumer Retail Operations Through Leading Ecommerce Platform _

SYDNEY — 7 October, 2015 — Today, BigCommerce, the commerce platform of choice for established and emerging businesses, announced iconic auto manufacturer Toyota has selected BigCommerce to power its business and consumer merchandise sales in Australia.

The newly launched online store for Toyota comes as an increasing number of large, once offline-only brands expand their offerings to deliver the integrated shopping experience customers demand. Australian ecommerce sales, predicted to exceed $10 billion in 2015 according to eMarketer, continue to outpace the growth rate of brick-and-mortar retail sales, providing retailers new opportunities to rapidly deploy new capabilities and better serve local and international customers.

“We wanted an easy-to-use platform that gave us the reporting and analytics capabilities to dive into and most efficiently operate our merchandise business,” said Kim Foster, niche sponsorship coordinator for Toyota. “The platform’s functionality is robust, and has allowed us to focus on marketing, rather than maintaining the site. BigCommerce has already shown that it has the capabilities to grow with us, no matter how much or how quickly the business scales.”

After spending 30 years exclusively distributing merchandise through two regional locations, Toyota selected BigCommerce Enterprise to expand the distribution of its merchandise across more than 250 dealerships throughout Australia, as well as directly to consumers. The company plans to make ecommerce a strong part of its overall retail strategy, and aims to bring merchandise operations completely online within the coming years.

As growing businesses expand their sales channels to include online, in-store and on the go, retailers are selecting ecommerce platforms that can grow with their business as it scales. BigCommerce offers clients a customised solution designed to support a wide range of business requirements along with enterprise-grade security, stability and reliability.

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