GDPR compliance for ecommerce: BigCommerce is ready

Data privacy regulations require businesses to gain more explicit consent to collect and use data from individuals in the European Union.

What you need to know about GDPR

The EU General Data Protection Regulation, or GDPR, places the responsibility on businesses to give individuals more control over their personal data. And it's not limited to European businesses. You should consult a lawyer if you have any questions about how GDPR applies to your business, but, in general, any company offering goods or services to individuals in the EU must comply.

GDPR is premised on the belief that all users have the right to:

  • Know how their data is being used
  • Correct inaccurate or incomplete personal data
  • Erase or remove their personal data
  • Restrict data processing
  • Obtain and reuse their own personal data
  • Decide if data may be processed

BigCommerce has your ecommerce platform GDPR compliance covered

BigCommerce merchants achieve GDPR compliance withfeatures and capabilities that allow them to:

  • Correct data: Customers can correct or update their data when theylog in to their account.
  • Erase data: Customer data deleted from the BigCommerce ControlPanel will remove Personal Data associated with that customer within14 days.
  • Make data portable: Customer data can be exported into the CSVformat by the Bulk Import/Export tool.
  • Require consent to use data: You can easily adda checkbox to give your users the ability to view and agree to yourprivacy policy before registering for an account.
  • Protect data: The BigCommerce security team ensures data thattransits to our platform is protected at every stage.
  • Report breaches: In the event that any data breach involvesBigCommerce, we will report the event to you without undue delay.
  • Respond to data requests: BigCommerce will action all Data SubjectAccess Requests submitted to, within therequired 30 days.

Tips for ecommerce GDPR compliance

Make sure your vendors are GDPR compliant

If you transfer an individual's personal data to vendors — such as integrations or third-party apps — verify that they are GDPR compliant.

Protect personal data and report breaches

Take steps to make sure your customers' data is secure, and if there's a breach, disclose it to the Supervisory Authority within 72 hours.

Update your data privacy notice

Explicitly ask for consent before collecting personal data, and be transparent and specific about the way it's being collected and used.

More GDPR peace of mind for your ecommerce platform

BigCommerce meets and exceeds the privacy standards required by the GDPR. While all our servers are located in the US, we are participants in the EU-US Privacy Shield Framework.

Managing vendor GDPR compliance

We're committed to providing ways to integrate securely with third-party apps to manage your BigCommerce store and help you make informed decisions.

Protecting personal data

As a component of our ongoing commitment to data security, we are actively planning for our ISO 27001 certification, the highest level of information security.

Updated cookie policy

Our cookie policy allows merchants to explain what cookies BigCommerce places on their buyers' web browsers (this does not include third-party integration cookies). We give merchants the ability to block cookies used to provide insights and analytics, and we're building new solutions to provide analytics without cookies.

How BigCommerce complies with GDPR

We've worked hard to stay ahead of GDPR and go above and beyond to maintain compliance. Here's how you can count on BigCommerce to comply with these new data privacy rules:

Data protection leader

BigCommerce has appointed data protection leader ChristopherBeckett to ensure compliance with regulatory requirements andprovide clarity moving forward.

Data processing inventory

We continue to catalog data processing activities to ensure thatcollection, processing, and dissemination stays GDPR compliant.

Vendor assessment

We have assessed vendors for our core platform with whomBigCommerce shares personal data.

Privacy protocols

BigCommerce has implemented GDPR-compliant protocols, like data breach response policies and an updated privacy policy.

Have more questions about BigCommerce and GDPR compliance?

Get GDPR peace of mind from your ecommerce platform

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