Add promotions, discounts, and coupons with ease.

BigCommerce has more than 70 native discount options offering advanced features with no developer or third party app required.

Simplify promotions

Auto-apply hundreds of cart-level discounting rules per the parameters you define.

Simplify complex rules.

Easily combine rules across product prices, cart-level discounts and customer groups.

Experiment at will

Run flash and BOGO sales, bundle discounts, test targeting, set thresholds, and more.

Reduce shopper complexity

Promotions auto-apply your offers at checkout with our industry leading, cart-level discounts tool.

Customize targeted offers.

Promote using banners on your homepage, product pages, and at checkout. Add prompts to encourage shoppers to qualify for discounts, let them know when they've unlocked a promotion, offer BOGO opportunities, and more.

Manage unique group rules.

BigCommerce makes it simpler to offer any promotion or discount to your user groups, in any combination. Give unique mix-and-match, discount tiers, and shipping options. Set multi-layered tiers for wholesale groups, or reward loyal customers with a standing percentage off.

Unlock a wealth of promotion features.

Product discounts

BOGO, quantity discounts, and more. We simplify unique rule building for automatic application at checkout based on cart contents.

Order discounts

Apply discounts to carts based on predefined facets like dollar, percentage, or bulk/tier pricing — like percentage off when order meets minum dollar amount.

Customer discounts

Offer registered accounts dollar or percentage-based rewards for loyalty. Mix and match offers for certain products, plus any group percentage off.

Category discounts

Run sales based on large portions of your catalog and even category-locked BOGO deals. Easily create complex scenarios like “buy 5, get 2 (of equal or lesser value) free.”

Brand discounts

Build promotional offers to push specific brands in your catalog. Offer dollar or percentage off select brand(s), exclude categories if you wish—and have it all applied at checkout.

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