Out-of-the-box features to optimize your site for search engines

Easily elevate your SEO strategy with search-friendly URLs, “rich snippets” to enhance search results, and automated redirects to help search engines understand your most recent updates.

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SEO-friendly URLs out-of-the-box.

BigCommerce auto-populates SEO-friendly URLs for product pages, category pages, and more, so you can spend more time optimizing other areas of your site.

Control your URL settings.

Descriptive URLs support SEO optimization and improve rankings. Default options are primed to be SEO-friendly, but you have full control over settings if you determine there’s a better strategy for your business.

Give every page a unique URL.

BigCommerce ensures that every unique page on your site has only one URL, so you won’t be negatively impacted in search results for duplicate content.

Enhance search result listings.

Built-in microdata, or “rich snippets,” in your product pages will enhance your search result listings with information like ratings, pricing, brand, and stock levels.

Easily track redirects and URL changes.

BigCommerce offers automatic 301 redirects and URL rewrites as you make changes or move pages on your site. If you rename a product, the auto-populated URL will adjust to reflect the name change, and the old URL will be redirected to the new URL.

Increase your site speed — and your ranking.

Site speed impacts search rankings, so making sure your site loads fast is key for SEO. The BigCommerce content delivery network (CDN) works in the background to make sure your site loads quickly for both shoppers and search engines.

Easily edit your Robot.txt file.

Optimize your site for SEO by controlling which pages are crawled by Google. While most other platforms don't give you direct edit access, BigCommerce makes it easy for you to take your search strategy into your own hands.

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