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About the app is built for commerce.

We help you make more money by sending hyper-personalized emails at the right time, with the right products.

You don't need to be an email expert or spend tons of time setting While we're obsessed with email, we know you've got other things to do - so leave that part to us.

We've taken the best strategies and tactics that work for massive stores and made it dead-simple for you to put the same strategies to work for you. No setup or coding required! Grow your business and increase your sales with market proven strategies!

App Features

✓ Easy & Smart Emails That Sell

Increase your sales by +30% with Smarter Campaigns, +20% with Cart Recovery and Automated Series like Welcome, Order Follow-up, Abandoned Cart & more. Level up your email marketing.

✓ Smart Products & Delivery

Create email campaigns up to 10x faster with our Smart Product Recommendations tailored to each customer. Get more opens, clicks and sales by automatically sending at the exact moment customers are most likely to buy!

✓ Simple Setup & 5-Star Support

Get started with one-click install and grab a Free Support call with an email optimization specialist to quickly increase your results and maximize sales.

✓ Make Sales 24/7 With Automated Emails

Abandoned Cart, Welcome emails, Order Follow-up, and more!

✓ Email Validation & Sender Reputation

We're obsessed with email. Specifically email that makes YOU money. So we're consistently going the extra mile to ensure that your email lists are performing at peak. This way all your emails are getting right into your customer's inbox when they are most active - not to their spam or promotions tab where it will get lost.

Case Studies

How To Earn $245,000+ In 8 Months With Welcome Emails

In an increasingly complicated and noisy ecommerce landscape, you can't afford to miss this first opportunity to make a customer for life. It's your first impression, and a HUGE opportunity to have that visitor become a loyal customer.

Welcome Emails see more than 4x the open rate & 5x the click through-rate of other email campaigns. So how can you take advantage of this opportunity to get a new customer and make more sales?

To answer that question, we're going to breakdown how one store leverages our Welcome Emails to drive close to $250,000 USD of sales – in just 8 months!

These are the actual emails – the good and the bad – that they've been sending to their brand new subscribers. We'll outline all the tactics they use, the benefits of the copy writing, and what can be improved; so that you can just take these lessons and apply them to your own ecommerce email marketing efforts.

How To Earn $350,000 in 5 Months with Abandoned Cart Email Marketing

The Baymard Institute compared 37 different studies and found that on average nearly 70% of online shoppers abandon cart.

70%. That means only 3 out of 10 visitors on your store who add an item to basket actually complete the checkout process, if you're lucky enough to achieve average results.

Though they may seem pretty simple, abandoned cart emails are extremely effective. So effective that a seasonal party supplies business recouped $350,000 over 5 months with one.

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  • Free Trial: 14 days
  • Upfront Fee: Free
  • Recurring Fee: $25.00/mo.


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