Predictive Email Marketing by

Client Reviews (1) helps you send beautiful, relevant, responsive emails with high value features like personalized recommendations and custom coupon codes.

  • Create, automate and deliver event-driven email complete with personal recommendations for each customer.
  • Send beautiful, responsive mailouts that display perfectly everywhere with our drag-and-drop email designer.
  • Target customer segments based on data like 'coupon usage', 'quality' or 'location' when you need to deliver specialized offers and messaging.
  • Run A/B tests to see how customers respond to different messaging and subject lines.
  • See up to 11x the click rate and up to 44% more orders than traditional email.

Right message. Right time.

Creating automated emails that is timed to the customer has never been easier.

Deliver an incentive before a customer churns, or send a loyalty reward to a VIP seven days after their last purchase. Rare was designed to keep active customers in the buying cycle, wake up idle ones, and respond to customer events that will keep them engaged.

Email that looks good everywhere.

To be engaging and generate maximum revenue your message has to look perfect on screens both big and small. Our visual mailout designer makes creating beautiful, responsive email effortless. Imagine — your look, your brand, and your products in email that displays perfectly anywhere.

Targeting made easy.

Our intuitive, visual segment builder lets you find the perfect audience for any of your targeted messages. It's easy — just click to start mining your customers — no complex rule building required.

Client Reviews (1)

Rare is the platform we've been waiting for 5 months ago by
We just started on-boarding with Rare just a few weeks ago. So far, we couldn't be happier. Their on-boarding support has been excellent, and the software has all the features we've been looking for, at a great price. Customer purchase history, Lifetime Customer Value, customer behavior, segmentation, etc. Can't wait until they release their new update in a few weeks!