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Get More Sales with Personalized & Automated Email Marketing

SmartrMail is the easiest way to send the right products to the right customer. Your customers are different. Send them what they like.

SmartrMail let you send personalized e-commerce emails, to get more sales.

We offer:

  • Automated Product Recommendation Emails - Send personalized, curated product recommendation emails. Automatically.
  • Quicker Email Newsletters - Design beautiful email newsletters in under 30 seconds.
  • Automated Flows - Automate BigCommerce welcome emails, win-back campaigns, cross-sell recommendations and more.
  • Smart Segmentation- Ditch the excel spreadsheets and easily segment your customers with our deep BigCommerce integration.
  • Smart Abandoned Cart Emails - Convert visitors to customers without trying. Send up to 3 follow up emails per abandoned cart.
  • Free BigCommerce Email Pop up - Grow your email lists faster with our Easy Popup. Trigger based on browsing behaviour or exit intent.

How our Automated Product Recommendation Emails Work

Our Automated Product Recommendation Emails are personalized one to one messages with individual recommended products, based on each of your customer's past purchases, browsing behaviour, and email clicks.

We automatically pull in all of your previous customer data from your BigCommerce store. Then we start tracking what your current visitors are clicking on, adding to cart, and buying.

Our emails use this data to make individual product recommendations for each of your customers. More relevant products means more chance they find something they want to buy.

It takes 2 minutes to set up your email template for your store, then the automatic emails are ready to go. Just enable sending and watch the sales come in!

What products get sent in Automated Product Recommendation Emails?

We use a mix of historical sales data, behavioural data, and personalization to find the best products to send. We let you change the mix of products sent so it can be weighted more towards relevant on sale, new, full price or popular products, depending on your customers.

Each Automated Product Recommendation Email sent contains products based on what each of your customers has looked at, added to cart and bought.

BigCommerce Email Marketing focused on E-Commerce

Unlike other email platforms, SmartrMail is focused on getting you more sales for your BigCommerce store. Results are important, which is why SmartrMail reports real-time sales data, clicks and opens. Instantly know how much revenue SmartrMail is driving to your store.

Why do I need this?

Email marketing is the key to commerce. It is a compelling driver of traffic and sales beating out Twitter and Facebook combined. It also has the highest return on investment clocking in at 4,300%!

But bulk newsletters just aren't enough anymore, customer expect relevant marketing. That's why we focus on make personalized product recommendations easy.

I already have a newsletter. Why do I need more email?

Personalized emails have a 26% better open rate, and a 760% better revenue rate, compared to plain newsletters.

In fact, over 75% of email revenue is generated by triggered and automated campaigns, rather than one-size-fits-all newsletters. Customers expect relevant marketing. Newsletters can be good for updates, but aren't relevant for each customer.

Should I keep my current email app?

99% of the stores using SmartrMail use it as their sole email marketing app. We provide all the tools and automation necessary for you to get more sales from email marketing.

However if you only want to use a few features like our automated product recommendation emails or abandoned carts, our affordable pricing allows you to do so.

Who receives the SmartrMail email?

Your BigCommerce customers that have chosen to receive email marketing will receive the emails, and any other subscriber lists you choose to import.

Can I customize the email?

Yes! We have a full drag & drop email editor. The logo, heading, fonts, buttons, and footer style can also be customized on your design template. After logging in to SmartrMail click the menu in the top right corner, then select "design your email".

How much is SmartrMail? We have a free 15 day trial, then we are $19 per month plus half a cent per customer. You can check out how much this is on our pricing page.

How do I start? Just install SmartrMail and you can immediately start sending automatic, personalized product recommendation emails. No coding required.

Are your emails mobile optimized?

Yes! Our emails are fully responsive and look great on mobile devices.

Who are you guys?

We're the team behind Sendicate, the email marketing app for smart business. We send 50 million emails per month on behalf of our customers, so we know and love email!

$29 / month
Free trial
15 days

Client Reviews (7)

Great for busy store owners over 2 years ago by Patti Fabrick

Everyone knows that you "should" spend time personalizing emails to each customer, but as a small venture, we simply do not have the time.  SellOut has done the heavy work here!  Sure, the automated emails are based solely on "hot" products....but we can also create flash sales for slow moving or overstocked merchandise in a couple of minutes!  Super simple email creation and prices are comparable to Mail Chimp/Constant Contact.  If you don't need the fancier features of those programs...SellOut is a perfect replacement. 

Misleading Product over 3 years ago by

The recommendation emails are not personalized or focused as the app just sends an email with the best selling products to customers, and does not even take into account if something is in stock or not, Ultimately not worth paying for over other email marketing apps.

But was easy to setup and get working  just rather pricey for what it is...

Totally misleading stats over 3 years ago by

It was great when they were truly $20... then they changed the game. Was spending about $150 a month but then started looking at the stats in their app. They were taking credit for EVERY SALE! Total garbage. Saying that their system generated sales that had nothing to do with any of the emails. We cancelled immediately.

Not so great over 3 years ago by

Doesnt work.

Great at first over 4 years ago by Matthew Brunk

Great at first then we realized that the more people that signed up for your store emails the higher the price goes up every month. ver misleading considering it was "$20" pricetag

great over 4 years ago by

in one day we made over $600 in sales 

Really easy & simple over 4 years ago by

Quick easy way to keep on top of email marketing without having to spend the time designing the emails, the design works perfect with our branding, easy to set to auto emails every 7 days or manual. Can be paused if you don't need to send them one week