Learn how to build an ecommerce website and sell more.

2 mins 46 s

Lesson 1: Quick Tour

Get a quick tour of the Bigcommerce Control Panel.
1 mins 17 s

Lesson 2: Plan Your Store

Let's make a plan for how your store will be set up.
2 mins 16 s

Lesson 3: Design Basics

Designing the look of your store is fun and super easy!
7 mins 9 s

Do It Yourself Carousel

Learn how to craft a compelling carousel that WOWs shoppers into buyers.
2 mins 4 s

Lesson 4: Store Profile

These basic store settings are a vital part how your store will function.
2 mins 54 s

Lesson 5: Store Settings - Miscellaneous Settings

Lets look at some of the most commonly utilized settings.
2 mins 53 s

Lesson 6: Product Categories

Before you add products, you'll want to set up your categories.
2 mins 15 s

Lesson 7: Adding a Product - The Details Tab

Finally! It's time to add products to your store.
3 mins 20 s

Lesson 8: Adding a Product - Images and Other Settings

Now, let's add some great images to your product listings.
2 mins 58 s

Lesson 9: Options vs. Option Sets

Product options can get confusing. Don't worry, we've got your back.
4 mins 17 s

Lesson 10: Building Product Options

Product options can get confusing. Don't worry, we've got your back.
3 mins 36 s

Lesson 11: Product SKUs

SKUs play a vital role in tracking inventory, and are super easy to set up.
3 mins 30 s

Lesson 12: Product Rules - Product Level Rules

Rules allow you to do all sorts of cool things with your products!
2 mins 6 s

Lesson 13: Product Rules - Option Set Rules

Option set rules are especially handy if you want some really tricky things to happen.
5 mins 55 s

Lesson 14: Tax Settings

Everyone's gotta collect taxes. Let's get this part out of the way.
2 mins 44 s

Lesson 15: Payment Gateways

Now let's talk about money. More specifically, how to collect it!
3 mins 39 s

Lesson 16: Shipping Zones

The first step in setting up your shipping settings is to define your shipping zones.
3 mins 43 s

Lesson 17: Shipping Methods - Real Time Shipping Quotes

Yes, you can pull real time quotes from your favorite shipper! Find out how!
4 mins 35 s

Lesson 18: Shipping Methods - Fixed Rate Shipping

Fixed rate shipping is a wildly popular approach in e-commerce. Let's set it up!
4 mins 1 s

Lesson 19: Picking a Domain Name

Learn how to set up your shiny new domain name!
1 mins

Lesson 20: Going Live

Congrats on building your new store. Now, let's bring home the bacon!
6 mins

Running Your Bigcommerce Store

Once your store is setup, managing it is simple with the easy-to-use Bigcommerce control panel.
1 mins 49 s

Intro to Attract Shoppers

In the Attract Shoppers section of Bigcommerce University, we are going to teach you the essentials of marketing your business online.
2 mins 14 s

Defining Your Target Market

Make sure you don't end up wasting time and money on improperly targeted advertising by doing some prep work on what your target market(s) should be.
3 mins 25 s

How SEO Works

Let us take some of the guess work out of optimizing your site for search engines, which is critical to owning a successful online business.
2 mins 49 s

Keyword Fundementals

Learn how to use keywords effectively to increase your chances of being ranked highly in search engine results.
4 mins 15 s

Conducting Keyword Research

Get some time-saving tips on how to conduct research on what kind of keywords your potential customers are using to try and find the products you sell.
5 mins 29 s

Using Keyword Research Tools

Learn our recommended keyword research tools and how to use them to uncover long-tail keywords for your online business.
3 mins 33 s

Title Tags and Meta Descriptions

Learn how to give your pages excellent titles & descriptions to maximize your performance on search engines.
3 mins 28 s

Image Descriptions

Image names and descriptions are key for being found on an image search.
3 mins 23 s

Content is King

Creating valuable content throughout your store is going to help you rank well with search engines.
3 mins 46 s


Blogging is one of the best things you can do to help drive your online presence.
2 mins 42 s

Mobile Commerce

Making purchases via mobile devices is more popular than ever and we've got your back with our mobile-friendly storefronts.
3 mins 16 s

Getting Your Local Business Found

We'll show you how to make sure shoppers can find you anytime anywhere with Google Places for Business.
4 mins 12 s

How to Use Video to Market Your Business

Learn how to post your business's videos on YouTube.
3 mins 41 s

Email Marketing

Learn the ins and outs of setting up an email marketing platform.
5 mins 35 s

Making a Video For Your Business

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. If that is indeed the case, then video might be worth a million words. When it comes to marketing your business, creating a video describing your products and services can help you to illustrate how awesome yo
3 mins 56 s

Creating a Facebook Page for Your Business

Creating a Facebook page for your business is one of the most effective means of online marketing.
2 mins 50 s

Selling on Facebook with Social Shop

Learn how to use our SocialShop app to sell your products directly on Facebook.
2 mins 36 s

Getting Started on Twitter

Learn how to setup a profile for your business on Twitter and start to build a following.
3 mins 40 s

Marketing Your Business with Twitter

Learn how to market your business on Twitter and harness it's marketing power!
3 mins 37 s

Submitting Your Sitemap to Google

Learn how to get some search engine love on your site by submitting your sitemap to Google.
2 mins 8 s

What Are Google Adwords

Discover how Google AdWords can help you quickly drive relevant traffic to your store.
4 mins 7 s

Creating and Maintaining Google Adwords

Now that you know what Google AdWords can do for you, let's learn how to create and maintain some AdWords campaigns.
2 mins 40 s

Setting Up Google Analytics

Learn how to integrate your store with Google Analytics so that you can better understand your customers' behavior.
3 mins 28 s

Using Your Google Analytics Dashboard - Part I

Now that you've setup your Google Analytics, let's learn how to use it!
4 mins 50 s

Using Your Google Analytics Dashboard - Part II

There is so much goodness in Google Analytics that we decided to make a second video on how to use it!
2 mins 6 s

Maintaining Your Marketing Mojo

Katey and James will show you tactics to continue to attract shoppers to your online business.
55 mins 22 s

Turning Shoppers Into Buyers Workshop

Learn how to turn shoppers into buyers in this great workshop from the experts.
Coming soon

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