Address Validation (Addrexx)

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Bigcommerce retailers have relied on our address validation solution since 2014. Addrexx quickly integrates with any Bigcommerce checkout page and validates addresses down to the apartments level.

Addrexx autocompletes address to reduce keystrokes by up to 80% and speeds customers through the checkout process.

Addrexx helps your customers place orders faster than any other solution. This increases sales, reduces shipping problems and improves customer satisfaction ratings.

  • Simplify the checkout process by allowing customers to autocomplete names and addresses with 80% fewer keystrokes.
  • Increase sales and reduce abandoned shopping carts
  • Provide real time address validation without using pop-ups that drive customers away.
  • Solve shipping issues and increase customer satisfaction by insuring properly formatted addresses including apartments and suites.
  • Addrexx delivers the highest data quality of any solution available.
  • Restrict shipments to P.O. Box (if needed).
  • Reduce shipping costs caused by eliminating address correction fees and redirect charges.
  • Put an end to undeliverable, returned and lost shipments.
  • Stop misspelling customer names.
  • Addrexx installs in minutes, and includes telephone and email support at no extra charge.
  • Try Addrexx – both you and your customers will love it!
Low Per Checkout Pricing

Client Reviews (3)

Must have App about 1 year ago by
Saves time when entering phone orders. Reduces address errors from customers and makes the front end checkout speedier. We have a 4x ROI on the spend on this app. Their service is fantastic and easy to get a hold of if there is an issue. You are a wasting your money if you don't utilize this product.
Don't launch without Addrexx app! over 2 years ago by

We have been fighting address errors for months and if we only knew about Addrexx sooner!  Their team is very responsive and knowledgeable.   They have solved our address issues and even some other issues that other companies couldn't (issues with shipping options).  Highly recommended!

-Michael Mitchell

Marena Group Brand Manager

Great app, Great Support! over 3 years ago by Smith

Great app.  Great Support!  Anything that makes checkout easier is a good thing.  This will save customers time and reduce potential errors that can cause shipping problems.  The install was easy and I got awesome quick support to make adjustments for my set-up.