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About the app


  • 1-Click product Import: Filter the Aliexpress products for your business, and Import them to your BigCommerce store in a Single Click.
  • Aliexpress Workbench Program: Join the Aliexpress DropShipping Workbench program and automate your DropShipping business with Aliexpress reliable suppliers.
  • Aliexpress API Compatibility: The app uses Aliexpress APIs to automate the product, logistics, and order processing.
  • Automatic Order Management: Connect your Aliexpress Buyer Account ( ) to the app and let the app handles all the orders automatically with the Aliexpress APIs. The order management process includes Order syncing from BigCommerce to Aliexpress, and Order tracking updates from Aliexpress to back to BigCommerce store.

About Aliexpress DropShipping

A subsidiary of Alibaba,, is an ecommerce website small and medium online sellers use to sell products of their interest to buyers residing mainly in US, Russia, Spain, Brazil and elsewhere. Almost all types of products, manufactured by Chinese businesses, are listed on the Aliexpress, which are hugely popular among the drop shipping and affiliate marketers.

Therefore, Aliexpress Bigcommerce dropshipping by CedCommerce enables those dropship vendors operating Bigcommerce store to run their business source products from this ecommerce website and sell to their targeted customers.

Why Cedcommerce?

CedCommerce has created some of the most value driven apps - enabling online sellers to list their products on leading marketplaces, Walmart, Jet, Amazon, eBay, and more - also it as official channel integration partner of Walmart, Newegg, Sears, Fruugo and more. The benefit of working with CedCommerce includes:

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Howsoever seamless a solution may be, a little human interaction and coaching is always welcomed, we know it better than anyone, because let's just say humans are more fun to work with.

Customer Support:

Well however perfect you build a solution to be, it can bug you anytime, so you have option open to bug us 24*7*365, or you can simply drop by to say hello! We won't mind.

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App Features

Aliexpress product Import

There are multiple easy ways to import Aliexpress products in the app and later on the BigCommerce store. Here are the most used features to dropship Aliexpress niche(s).

1) Import by Category/Keywords: There is a filter in the app by which the products could get filtered based on Aliexpress Category name or Keywords ( For example, Dress, Electronics, toys, and others) and, later can import to BigCommerce store.

2) Shipping Filter like ePacket: Use the filter to find out that the product supports a particular Aliexpress Shipping provider( For example, ePacket, DHL, etc.)

3) Import with Aliexpress product URL/ID: Copy the Aliexpress product URL/ ID from aliexpress and paste in the app to import the associated product to your BigCommerce store.

4) Import niche(s) directly from Aliexpress website: The app is compatible with a Chrome extension, and with the tool, the niche(s) could get imported from the Aliexpress website to app with a click.

Add the Chrome Extension from Chrome Web Store: Aliexpress DropShipping Assistant

Aliexpress Order Management

In the world of e-commerce DropShipping, the order processing part plays an essential role in growing the business. We have automated the app to process the order with advance Aliexpress API. The apps automate the process to fetch the order from your BigCommerce store, and create it in your Aliexpress buyer panel.

1) Order Fetch: Every time, there will be a new order on your BigCommerce store it gets fetch in our app automatically.

2) Select the Shipping provider: To fulfill the order on the Aliexpress, there would be needed to select a Shipping provider ( For example, ePacket, DHL, etc.) by which the order(s) will get completed for your end customer by the Aliexpress or Aliexpress suppliers.

3) Order Fulfillment to Aliexpress: As soon as the Shipping provider gets assigned to line items, the order could get created to your Aliexpress buyer account with Aliexpress APIs.

4) Tracking Updates: As soon as the order gets processed by Aliexpress and the order gets associated with tracking details, those details will get synced with the order on your BigCommerce store.

Pricing Markup

Since the very premise of the dropship business to find a perfect pricing point for a niche, the app enables you to manipulate products pricing from that at aliexpress and offer it at your store.

The product price's markup could get set during product import to BigCommerce processing. The product's price markup could applied on Category Range wise or globally.

Other Useful Features

There are number of other features which available in the BigCommerce store. Some of features are as listed below:

1) Inventory Management

2) Price Management

3) Syncing Management

​Access Top Dropship Supplier

Aliexpress is home to the millions of top dropship suppliers, the app provides you uninterrupted access to all the top suppliers and add quality products to your store.

Case Studies

How ShipDirect2You Boost Their Sales Growth By 5X During The Pandemic

ShipDirect2You, an Australia-based Dropshipping business, is focused on providing a wide assortment of home and garden supplies. The store was seeking an all-in-one integration solution to automate its order fulfilment process with ease. Hence, the owner Caren Sutherland and her team signed-up for CedCommerce's AliExpress Dropshipping Integration. With the help of integration, everything right from bulk upload to selecting best selling products to synchronise orders and sales growth was on point and seamless. And so, 5X overall sales growth and 75% hike in website traffic were the immediate results witnessed by the store after using AliExpress Dropshipping Integration.

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  • Custom Price:
    Free Upto 30 Products with 10 Day trial - Plans start as low as $20/mo*


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