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Add Q&A to your product pages to answer your customers' questions, increase sales conversions and attract new search engine traffic to your online store.

Integrates into your BigCommerce store in minutes

Add an Answerbase Q&A widget right on your product page in just a couple minutes, allowing your customers to ask questions they'd like answers to before they purchase. Answerbase answers previously asked questions immediately, while new questions are answered by sales-support staff and product evangelists as you continue growing your Q&A knowledge base. This saves you time and increases your sales conversion rates.

Increases search engine traffic to your store

Answerbase also indexes all of your product questions so they can draw new search engine traffic to your store. Shoppers asking similar questions on search engines about products that you sell are led to your Q&A content, allowing them to see the answers and purchase the product from you. This provides you with brand new customers and increases sales.

Install Q&A on your product pages in just a few minutes and see what Answerbase can do for you.

$19 / month
Free trial
30 days

Client Reviews (1)

Great App, Fantastic Support 6 months ago by Graeme Olsen
This a great little app that our customers have started to use straight away and, over time, will build into a handy resource on our product pages. And the support from the App developers has been outstanding, following up with us regularly to make sure it's all working just right.