ClearSale Fraud Protection

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Save time and stay sane, enjoy peace of mind to focus on your core business by empowering your business with world-class, guaranteed Fraud Protection.

  • 100% Chargeback reimbursement. Never pay for fraud again
  • Real-time insights and results
  • Increase approval, rates and retain your customers
  • Maintains world-class fraud protection even during sales peaks
  • Keeps pace with the latest changes in fraud behavior patterns so you don't have to
  • Reduces the number of false declines that can cost you sales and customer relationships

This app is only responsible for connecting your store to the ClearSale Platform, to get the full protection of ClearSale's solution, please get in touch with our team .

Client Reviews (1)

ClearSale Fraud Detection App 7 months ago by
Due to the nature of our products, by far the biggest challenge facing our e-commerce store is credit card fraud: individuals using lost or stolen credit card information to make large value purchases through our store. Our third party payment gateway has consistently, and rightly so, erred on the side of caution, with the unfortunate result that some legitimate customers (and sales dollars) have been blocked and/or declined by our third party payment gateway. To address this problem, our e-commerce store sought to hire a third party team of fraud specialist that can vet through every single transaction that comes through our store. After researching and assessing the number of different anti-fraud companies and Apps available to BigCommerce store owners, we discovered a company called ClearSale. We were able to get in touch with a representative within only a few hours of installing the App, even though we had done so after business hours, in the later hours of the evening. The ClearSale representative was extremely knowledgeable not only about online credit card fraud, but also about credit card fraud as it related to our particular niche. In addition to being very friendly, he was extremely detailed, comprehensive, and offered easy-to-understand, in-depth knowledge about online credit card fraud, and how it related to our industry and store. Since that time, we have been in constant and regular communication to address this critical issue we are experiencing with our store. I must say in all honesty, in all of the years of my existence, I have never come across such excellent customer service. The ClearSale team is truly a team of friendly and knowledgeable team of anti-fraud experts. Their team has already began manually sorting through our e-commerce stores transaction, trying hard to thin-slice between signs and indications of possible fraudulent transaction. ClearSale is truly a hidden gem. I would strongly recommend this company to anyone looking to combat online credit-card fraud.