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About the app

BigCommerce's B2B Edition, with its multi-storefront capabilities, new buyer portal, and headless support (beta), is the ultimate B2B ecommerce solution that takes the BigCommerce Enterprise Plan to the next level. This cutting-edge edition offers advanced B2B functionality that optimizes online B2B operations for both merchants and customers, ensuring seamless and streamlined transactions.

B2B Edition is the ideal solution for businesses seeking to elevate their online customer experience, with a comprehensive suite of essential B2B features that enhance the self-service experience for both customers and store owners, such as corporate account management, sales rep masquerade, quoting, shared shopping lists, customer account order history, payment method visibility control, buy again, quick order pad, invoice portal, and company address book management. In addition, the wholesale customer approval process and trade professional application help to ensure that B2B operations run smoothly.

With core capabilities that make it easy to manage front-end and back-end B2B processes, the B2B Edition can be customized to fit the needs of any growing ecommerce business. Schedule a demo consultation with the BigCommerce team and discover how the B2B Edition, with its industry-leading ecommerce technology stack, can transform your business and take your B2B operations on the BigCommerce platform to the next level.

App Features

Sales Representative Masquerade and Quoting
  • Sales representatives can log in on behalf of a company, access shopping lists created by buyers in the company, add products to the cart, and complete placement of the order.
  • Sales representatives can create a quote for a customer they are assigned to. They can provide additional discounts to customers on top of pre-arranged pricing. An open key reference number field is available for tracking purposes.
Shared Shopping Lists
  • Buyers can manage and save multiple shopping lists within the app, allowing them to retrieve these for future use and seamlessly purchase previously saved products.
  • All users can create a shopping list; a Junior Buyer is the only user who will have to submit an approval for purchase as Junior Buyers do not have user permissions to make purchases.
  • Shopping lists may be approved by Senior Buyers or Company Administrators.
Corporate Account Management
  • Manage the corporate account and set up multiple tiers of buyers who have specific roles and permissions.
  • Company Administrator: Manage all aspects of the company, addresses, and users, approve shopping lists, make purchases, and view company order history.
  • Senior Buyer: Approve shopping lists, make purchases, and view company order history.
  • Junior Buyer: Create shopping lists and view company order history.
Invoice Portal
  • Allow customers to view, track, and pay for their B2B invoices online.
  • Support credit card, ACH transfer, purchase order, and other forms of payment.
  • View the entire invoice history, filter by status, date, and other criteria, and make B2B invoice payments from one central location.
  • Easily make payments on more than one invoice at a time, pay in full, or make partial invoice payments.
Company Address Book Management
  • Set up pre-approved Billing and Shipping addresses.
  • Reduce risk of mistakes in open-keying addresses.
  • Both Company Administrators and Sales Reps can modify addresses if permissions are provided.

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  • Custom Price:
    From $500/month for Enterprise Plans Only

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