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Increase revenue and customer retention with a fully customizable loyalty rewards program

Looking to increase customer loyalty, social activity, and friend referrals? Beautiful Loyalty Programs is a must have App!

✔️ Easily customizable - Design a beautifully branded loyalty program widget and customize your display text.

✔️ Automate customer loyalty emails - Keep members in the loop with customizable points notifications, reward emails and more.

✔️ Reward points automatically - Choose the activity you want to reward for:

✨ Making an order

✨ Creating a store account

✨ Giving you their details, including gender and birthday.

✨ Following you on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter

✨ Sharing your store on Facebook or Twitter

✨ Successful friend referrals

✨ Leaving product reviews

✨ Members' birthdays

✨ Manually add or remove points

✨ Custom actions through our API

✔️ Create motivating rewards - Choose from 10 types of rewards:

✨ % off storewide

✨ $ off storewide

✨ Free shipping

✨ Free product

✨ % off orders over $X

✨ $ off orders over $X

✨ % off specific product

✨ $ off specific product

✨ % off product collection

✨ $ off product collection

✔️ VIP tiers - Keep your most loyal customers shopping with a tiered program that rewards them even faster.

✔️ Reporting and analytics - Measure the health of your customer loyalty with detailed insights and weekly progress emails.

✔️ And more… - Tabless program options, exclude products and customer groups, helpful and friendly support, and more.

Get your store's new loyalty program started in just a few easy steps on the free plan.

Client Reviews (5)

Great rewards program to use! 5 months ago by
So far this has been a great rewards program to use, with great rewards offers and the program is very simple to set up and use. I recommend this app for anyone!
Wonderful app 5 months ago by Heirloom Traditions Paint
We love this app, it works great for our cart and customers and the support we receive is TOP NOTCH! Thanks so much to Jase and the whole Loyalty team for their hard work making us a success, and making our customers feel like a success too!
Great App For Any Store 5 months ago by
This app has been a fantastic additional to my BigCommerce site. My customers really appreciate the loyalty program and it really does work. There are a lot of competitors and a loyalty program really helps to keep them doing business with you and not leaving. The application is easy to set up, customization is a breeze, and support has been fantastic with any assistance my company has needed. I highly recommend this app!
Best loyalty platform available for BigCommerce 5 months ago by
We are so happy with Beautiful Loyalty! From our first contact, they were really responsive, even though they are located outside of the US. They answered all of our questions and even set up a call to go over a demo with us. As we discussed our needs, they actually listened, instead of trying to sell us on something we didn't need. They were friendly and helpful, and made the transition off of our old platform (good riddance so easy. They even worked over a weekend for us to meet our deadlines for the switchover. Their popup is a better experience for our customers and their reports provide real data we can use. Looking forward to a long-lasting partnership.
Wonderful App!!! 5 months ago by
Let me start by saying I'm a little embarrassed to say, if you check out this app in my store, please know at the time of this posting, I haven't had time to take advantage of all the bells and whistles. I started with Beautiful Loyalty's first app and it was simple and what I needed but a little plain, as most new programs are. I have to say I am blown away with the new iteration of this program/app. It's beautiful, easy to use, with lots of useful information right at a click of a button and very professional looking. It's also very easy for my customers to use and they love it! Now, for the most important part - their customer support is so great! They are always there, quick with an answer to any questions or concerns I have and are very patient too. You can ask any question and they listen to what you are asking! I highly recommend this app to you if you are wanting a rewards program. My customers love it and it keeps them coming back, knowing they are saving up points for something they want or for those that just want a quick reward. Trish