Fishbowl Prizes - Email Capture, Prize Giveaways, and Marketing Tool

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Put a Fishbowl On Your Website!

With Fishbowl Prizes, you put a Fishbowl on your website and build your email list big, gain new customers, and increase your sales by running online giveaways. Same as brick and mortar stores have had on their counters for centuries, your website visitors "drop their card" (enter their email address) for a chance to win a great prize you offer. Fishbowl Prizes is FREE with premium plans starting from $0 to $99/month.

Turn Every Visitor into a Customer

  • Offer great Prize Giveaways on Your Site
  • Capture email addresses from your website visitors
  • Turn those visitors into returning and paying customers
  • Easy integration with MailChimp
Start Collecting Email Addresses in 3 Easy Steps

Step 1: Install the Fishbowl Prizes App

  • Click to install the app and start for free!

Step 2: Create a Prize Giveaway

    • Fill out your prize form with the value, details, and upload a picture. Customize your Fishbowl widget.

    Step 3: Make the Giveaway Live

    • Click 'Create Giveaway' and you're on your way.
    • Return to your Big Commerce account. Click the Fishbowl App, copy and paste the code provided onto your website.

    Client Reviews (1)

    Works well about 1 year ago by
    Easy integration and can get a giveaway up pretty quickly. This app is great at collecting emails but it's tricky if you sell in a specialized niche. If you publish the giveaway to the fishbowl site, expect a ton of email sign ups, however, don't expect much from them if you send emails. My first email campaign after collecting emails through fishbowl have pretty much been a bunch of these people unsubscribing and a portion of those people marking the emails as abusive spam (using mailchimp). I've never had one person who signed up to receive emails from us mark us as abusive spam and very, very rarely have unsubs. Basically, if you sell in a niche, don't bother having your giveaway displayed on the fishbowl website as it's unlikely you'll get much of anything from it. Hopefully the winner of the giveaway isn't one of the people who marked it as spam!