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Bigcommerce SocialShop is our free Facebook application which is used by more than 10,000 businesses to sell on Facebook. Without ever leaving Facebook, your fans can browse products, fill their cart, purchase, manage orders, redeem gift certificates, write product reviews and more. Integration is easy and SocialShop 2 is free with all Bigcommerce plans.


  • Direct Purchasing
  • Showcase New & Featured Products
  • Customizable Banner Graphic

Client Reviews (10)

4 years ago by Paul

seamless integration and so easy to setup and use.

4 years ago by Tony

I'm thrilled with this app being a part of BigCommerce. Prior to using BC as my e-commerce solution, I tried a few other Facebook store apps. They were either buggy or not very aesthetically pleasing. The BC Social Shop looks great on our Facebook page and is fully integrated so that once it's up I don't need to keep doing anything with it.

Kudos to this great app! Thanks BigCommerce for including it!

4 years ago by Gerald

Easy to follow steps and effective marketing technique, i tried it and it looks great and all i have to do is update the products from bigcommerce then it automatically updates! And sorry for the bad english!

This is a great app! Thanks BigCommerce!

4 years ago by Christine

Works like magic. Love the auto updates! If you sell online with big commerce YOU HAVE TO integrate your store with Facebook. It's free with your store so you can't afford NOT to!

4 years ago by Laura Jean

Hello Big Commerce, can you show us some URL's that have this app in Face book so that we can see the store for ourselves.

4 years ago by Kyle

One of the biggest advantages for having this app is being able to enable this app as the fb landing page. Unfortunately, the new fb timeline took away this advantage. It was good while it lasted.

3 years ago by

With today's social internet culture, Facebook is a must in marketing. This app puts your store on Facebook quickly and easily.

2 years ago by Nicole

If you follow the "step by step" set up guide, you will find that the information there is outdated. I cannot make the store my facebook "landing" page, and for some reason am unable to connect a my customized banner to the facebook page. I would love more capability to make the look and feel of the socialshop page even more customized. All in all though, really cool integration and I am excited to see if I sell more by having it available to Facebook!

2 years ago by Jessica Brown

Was thrilled to get my first sale for my online shoe store though SocialShop recently. It's so handy to have on my Facebook page and the best thing is it's FREE and easy to setup! A lot of other places charge for you social store but not Bigcommerce. Since switching to Bigcommerce from Volusion 6 months ago, I am still constantly surprised with all the added extras they include as standard, that the other web hosts charge a premium for! So glad I made the switch.

2 years ago by Amy

I give UP! Absolutely will not load in chrome and barely worked in IE.

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