Chatra Live Chat + Cart saver

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  • Increase sales assisting your customers in real time.
  • Chat on the go from iOS/Android apps.

Chatra Live Chat allows you to sell more, answering questions and alleviating concerns to help visitors place an order. Use it to collect actionable feedback to improve your store: identify problems, collect contact info and understand your customers better.

Distinctive Features

Cart Saving

Reduce cart abandonment rate, proactively contacting customers stuck on the check out.

Live typing insights

See what customers type before they hit "send".

Group chats

Make few agents talk to a customer in a group chat to solve pressing issues and delight with the level of service.

Visitor information

Know your customers — what page they are on, where are they from and what device and system they use.

Conversation history

We save past conversations for both you and your customers, so once they return the conversation continues in the same thread.

Collects contact info

Even when you are offline or unavailable, so that you can get back to customers even if they left your site.

Targeted chats (triggers)

Initiate conversations when certain criteria are met: target those customers who might be in need of assistance.

Works everywhere

Never lose a customer again. Even if he's on Nintendo 3DS or a Windows Phone.

Looks & feels as a messenger app

Smooth animations, avatars, beautiful design.

Free forever plan

Up to 5 agents can be online at the same time.

Client Reviews (2)

Useful app about 1 year ago by
I'm loving this app so far! I have it installed on both my desktop and mobile (iPad mini/iPhone), and it works great. If I'm not working on my laptop, I can still access the app and answer messages on my phone - which is ideal. I also love that the free plan has a lot of features included (the most important ones at least!), which makes it perfect for small businesses!
app vey bugy and heavy about 1 year ago by
this app have bugs you can't install it on a desk top and when you install it on your phone your phone is stack freez i try to uninstall and reinstall but no luck i email customer support and the replay is we going to work on it in the futcher and regarding your mac we don't know of any issue i told you the issue !!!!!! i have issue now not in the futcher totally unprofessional !!!!! they only care for you to upgrade to the pay plane !!!!!! !!! but not to resolve any issue !!!!