Client Reviews (12) is an addon for the Product Reviews by BigCommerce.

. allows you to automatically send emails to your customers requesting for reviews of their recent purchase with you.


SEO Rich Snippets is now supported for BigCommerce! Have your reviews ratings indexed by Google.

  • Customers sends review directly from their email, convenience!
  • Reduce the amount of time you spend requesting reviews via emails!
  • Collect and showcase reviews with pictures!

Collect and Utilize User-Generated Content to increase your sales conversions! helps your store collect user content with ease.

User content such as Product Reviews, Photos, Net Promoter Score, Social Shares, has been proven to increase time-on-site, and even sales conversions!

Customers writes their review directly in the email

The emails which will be sent to your customers includes a review form, allowing your customers to leave their reviews directly in the email without having to go to a external website, hence, making it convenient for your customers. This convenience increases the chance of getting more reviews. Our users has experienced 300% more conversions in reviews received! And has seen an increase of 30% in Sales conversions

Auto-publish to BigCommerce's Reviews App

The submitted review will appear directly inside the BigCommerce's Product Reviews App automatically. You do not have to export or import them manually.

How to install?

Just install this app and you're done! Do check out the settings page to ensure that it fits your review gathering strategy. No scripts to copy and paste.

Client Reviews (12)

Seriously, amazing - stop wasting money with the big names about 17 days ago by
After meeting with Yotpo and Power Reviews and being disappointed by their high prices and limited offerings, I stumbled upon this app. It was brand new at the time and it really looked too good to be true. I reached out and my first question was: Why are you so affordable? Tommy was quick to respond that they offer a great platform at a great value, and that was the beginning of many more emails about what this system could really do for me. Tommy was fast to respond, incredibly patience, and offered assistance with a smile. Fast forward to this week and now that I've finally migrated to a new customized stencil template, I was finally ready to make the transition to It's everything I ever wanted and more. In fact, I'm kicking myself I waited this long to get going. Tommy and his team were super fast to integrate and accommodated every request. I feel like I have a real partner, which never happens with most of these apps. I can't recommend enough.
Great app about 24 days ago by cur...ike
We love using We tried a competitor's free trial, but when we found out the monthly fees would be crazy high we dropped it and went with Totally reasonable prices and an app that does everything we need. Check out our site if you want to see a bunch of customer reviews in the real world using
Poor Integration about 24 days ago by
We really liked the concept and upon success we were going to upgrade... However, the integration process appeared to have issues. I tried to contact support who, although friendly, came up with a poor and incomplete solution. I like the platform, but they need to work out the bugs before we can continue using this app.
Excellent App - Highly Recommend about 25 days ago by
I was looking at several different apps for generating reviews for my Bigcommerce site and decided to try I'm really glad I did. They helped me out with integration and adding my previous reviews. We get high quality reviews with pictures and can send them out through our social media channels. Best app I've used on Bigcommerce. Give it a try - you won't be sorry. One bit of advice to you - try to fight the urge to send out review requests to too many of your previous customers. I sent them out to the last 3-4 months and upset a few of my repeat customers. They got hit with multiple requests all at once from the past orders. Oops. We learned the hard way - but whatcha gunna do!
Powerful App - Exceptional Support about 25 days ago by Springboard Marketing
We've been very impressed by! The app is very easy to use, and the level of customer support we have received has been fantastic. We emailed support with numerous questions that came up as we were working on getting everything setup, and every email was answered within an hour or two. Very responsive and knowledgeable customer service team! We decided to sign up for the Enterprise level plan and had import all of our existing BigCommerce reviews into their app for us, all included in our monthly price! They imported well over 1,100 reviews from BigCommerce into for us in under 24 hours with no issue. Highly recommend this app.
Great App - Great Support 2 months ago by Neil
Our store is supplementary to our main business and so we won't pay extra for apps (especially as some cost more than our monthly BC subscription) unless we think they're worth it, and so far we think Stamped is definitely worth it. We Love the way customers can leave reviews straight from the email because most won't bother if they've got to log in on your store. Also love that we can group products. We sell school uniforms and use the same garments for a lot of different schools. These are listed as separate products but now when a parent leaves a review for say a school polo shirt, the review will be on all school polo shirts that have the same garment but with a different school emblem. Customer support have been amazing. They even helped me migrate the reviews I had in the generic BC review system. They've also responded very quickly to any other questions I have had.
Explosion of reviews! 4 months ago by
PRODUCT: We are receiving 10X the reviews we were getting before. Not only that, the QUALITY of the reviews are amazing! Nobody wants to be directed to a website off of their email to leave a review. This app lets your customers review the specific product(s) in the email . We have also received a lot of customer photos of the products in use. AMAZING. SERVICE: The customer service I have received (and continue to receive) is 5/5 stars. Quick responses, friendly, helpful, and most importantly, they actually care! I could not recommend this product enough. Thanks!
Highly Recommend it - Great App 6 months ago by
Amazing Application - I wish I knew about this app earlier. Amazing people, great customer service, they take care of the installation for us in no time, so far they are # 1 on my list. I highly recommend Reviews
Awesome so far! Loving it! 7 months ago by
Amazing service. Decided I wanted to switch from another app this morning, (Saturday) contacted them via FB and by the afternoon they had installed it and migrated all the reviews, and adjusted my theme. It looks fantastic, and I can't wait to start getting more reviews. The back end is beautiful too. Have experienced 3 other review apps, and so far this is the best. Reasonably priced too. Thumbs up!
Feature Packed App That Will Help Grow Your Business! 7 months ago by
After 10 years with PowerReviews, we switched to and have never looked back. We did a lot of research before making the big move and was the clear winner for price, support, and features. We’ve had an excellent experience with Tommy and the transition team. Their support has been quick, reliable and beyond expectations.
We Love It & Highly Recommend it 7 months ago by Radovan Draca
I wish I knew about them earlier. If you are just starting up and can spend too much money or if you are rocking it and are looking to take it to the next lever with your reviews this app is the way to go. They offer love cost plans which will get you started with collecting reviews and once you are making money and are looking to take it to the next lever and show off your reviews in search engine they have a plan for that as well that is much better priced then some other once I have used. staff will install the app for you and maki it look they way you like in your store. The staff responded to email promptly and resolve issues faster than anyone I have dealt with. A+++ I highly recommend you give it a go.
Great App! Excellent Customer service! 8 months ago by
After searching, getting quotes from other reviews company I finally found what I was looking for. Apparently, most of the products reviews apps or software are meant to the Big Companies that can afford hundreds and hundreds of monthly fee for their premium plans. In the other hand got my attention and my business because they offer more for less. When I found about this company, their Bigcommerce app wasn`t approved yet, regardless I contacted them and they reply almost immediately and told me that their Bigcommerce app was approved that day that I contacted them and it was going to be available within 1-2 business days and they will contact me back when it was ready. In the meantime I started investigating and checking companies that were using the app on other shopping cart platforms and I loved it. 2 days after contact them I received an email that the app was now available for Bigcommerce and without hesitating I cancelled my "Yotpo Starter Registration". Once I selected my Premium Plan with they started migrating my existing reviews and installed the widget where needed to be installed. I was very surprised with their fast service. I got it setup the way I wanted really quick! The Dashboard is very user friendly, on the plan I chose (Enterprise) I got the option to re-send the review invitation email (Now with the option to include a photo in the review) to the past orders I`ve had the last 6 months, I was able to customize the email template before emails were sent. As I told them, "I`m going be your first Bigcommerce customer " I don`t regret leaving Yotpo! I highly recommend this app!