Client Reviews (48) allows you to automatically send emails to your customers requesting for reviews of their recent purchase with you.

SEO Rich Snippets is now supported for BigCommerce! Have your reviews ratings indexed by Google.

  • Customers sends review directly in email, convenience!
  • Reduce the amount of time you spend requesting reviews via emails!
  • Collect and showcase reviews with Photos and Videos!

Collect and Utilize User-Generated Content to increase your sales conversions! helps your store collect user content with ease.

User content includes Product Reviews, Photos, Videos, Q&A, Net Promoter Score, has been proven to increase sales conversions.

Customers writes their review directly in the email

The emails which will be sent to your customers includes a review form, allowing your customers to leave their reviews directly in the email without having to go to a external website, hence, making it convenient for your customers. This convenience increases the chance of getting more reviews. Our users has experienced 300% more conversions in reviews received! And has seen an increase of 30% in Sales conversions

Auto-publish to BigCommerce's Reviews App

The submitted review will appear directly inside the BigCommerce's Product Reviews App automatically. You do not have to export or import them manually.

How to install?

Just install this app and you're done! Do check out the settings page to ensure that it fits your review gathering strategy. No scripts to copy and paste.

Client Reviews (48)

Number 1 Marketplace App about 10 hours ago by
We have been using Stamped for just over a year now, what's not to like? Review rates increased, in turn increasing conversion and repeat custom as well... Support is amazing and they go above and beyond to help. Look forward to seeing what the come up with next.
Great about 8 days ago by
Really please so far with We moved from one of the well-known competitors and have noticed the difference. The customer service is excellent and nothing seems to much trouble. Integrates much better with BigCommerce stores so glad we switched. We signed up for the Enterprise plan so looking forward to making use of some of those advanced features including syncing reviews across a couple of our stores.
As good as the hugely expensive competitors about 8 days ago by Sarahjayne Matthew
Fantastic app that does everything I wanted it to and more - automated review request emails, photo and video uploads, vouchers for reviewers, push to social, push to ads and more. Plus the interface is very easy to use. Pricing is affordable unlike the direct competitors who charge an unaffordable amount for the same functionality. Exceptional support too.
Great customer service about 20 days ago by Preston
The list of options available are outstanding. I was working on switching to shopify before finding this app. The customer service is very helpful and even installed the widget for me. Thanks again!
Great Customer Service about 1 month ago by
Best service I have had from any company in a while. I asked a question about installation and they basically did it for me. I was completely setup and reviews imported in an hour. It would have taken less time if i didn't mess around with it for a while. Very excited to see what this can do!
Great App and Awesome service about 1 month ago by Customer Service
I was using another app that does something similar. But there prices kept going up and up. So, I switched to and it was the best decision. The app is full featured, probably more than the other one. But, their service is what makes them stand out. They fix issues quickly (mostly just me not knowing how yet). They even do the work for me, saving me a lot of time. I recommend them highly, and I rarely leave reviews.
Super App. Service was Excellent about 1 month ago by
We tried this app out - I had a developer install it, although you may be able to do it yourself. The app works great, the display looks great, and the dashboard works as it should. I initially had some difficulty exporting my old reviews out of Big Commerce. There is a free app for that (note: The export feature indicates that you will be exporting to Yotpo, however, it simply creates an export file that you can use for anything). Stamped was nice enough to take the raw file, format it, and upload it for me (in about 8 minutes time). 3000+ reviews uploaded that quick. Really amazing service. So far, this app has really been a win all the way around.
Great app Great Service about 1 month ago by
I had installed this app a few months back .Initially they even help install the widget for me and when I changed themes again set it up for me .Tommy has given me excellent support and service .emails get replied within an hour or even less at times Saving thousands of dollars as compared to the other similar apps on the market as well
Fantastic app, but better service about 1 month ago by
I'm not sure how much the app has improved my ranking, but I think it has boosted my conversion rate. When you're buying SAAS (software as a service), as important as the app itself is the service. I was a bit nervous about because they are way less expensive than their competitors, don't have the sales team the competitors have, and their service is strictly by chat/email. I have often found you get what you pay for when choosing software as a service. I thought their price was too low to really be competitive with the others I looked at. But, I decided to give them a try. There are a couple of things I'd like to see that it doesn't do, but I think they are getting there. Their support however is OUTSTANDING. They have always gotten back to me quickly, usually in a few minutes. They have made suggestions as to how I can use the app better. They have even installed widgets for me. I'm really glad that I gave them a try. No regrets. And, I'm saving hundreds of dollars a month over the first app I considered.
Fantastic App and Service 2 months ago by
The reviews app that they provide is wonderful. It has many more features than the native BigCommerce app and has helped us share our customers' story a lot more. The ability to capture & share customer photos is huge for us, as well as the customer being able to leave the review right from the email. Above and beyond that is the fantastic support that we have received from Tommy and his team. They have responded very quickly each time I needed anything or had any questions. Others have commented about the negative impact on SEO, that is not something that we've seen with our site. This has greatly improved our site by allowing us to better share our customer's story, which is very beneficial. Great app, even better customer service. Highly recommend.
Awesome app and improved my ranking! 2 months ago by
I've only had the app for a day but I'm almost positive it will increase conversions. It was exactly what I was looking for and very similar to Amazon's review system. Their implementation for SEO purposes is incredible. I requested for Google to index a certain page on my site before I installed the app and my site came up 4th for a certain key word. After adding the app, I requested for Google to recrawl and reindex it and my site shot up to 2nd for the same keyword, because the reviews and stars were shown on the google results page! Just to make sure I wasn't seeing things, I uninstalled the widget and reindexed on Google and I went back down to 4th! Highly recommend this app and the customer support is also amazing. I have been going back and forth with them since last night and their response time is on average 8 minutes. They always come back with knowledgable information. HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS APP.
Great App but with Some Issues 3 months ago by
We first loved this app, and still think the design of it all and customization is awesome. I have nothing bad to say about functionality, design and user experience. That said, we found a huge factor that impacts our SEO which I'm sure many companies using this app don't even know about. Everything that's created through this app (all customer product reviews, pictures, etc.) are all hosted on a third party site, so search engines like google will never give you credit for the unique content your generating, meaning it will not help with organic ranking at all. Pretty disappointed since I liked this app so much. UPDATE: We had a slight issue with our reviews working on our website and they very quickly fixed it for us. So the staff was of great help on this and we really appreciate all their help!
Was skeptical, now SOLD! 3 months ago by
I have to say when I first switched over to after hearing about them on the "my wife quit he job" podcast I was pretty skeptical. The pricing seemed to good compared to the competition and after installing the software apparently something went odd and the system was just kind of limping along. It was working but not fully functional. I continued as I didn't have the time being a one-man show to really deal with it. I also dred the whole email support, wait 48 hours for a response and then get a cryptic reply blaming me or someone else for the problem. Much to my surprise after send a reluctant email to support they responded literally seconds later. I spent the next 30 minutes or so in an almost chat like conversation over email resolving the problem and now the system is 100% functional. I can't praise this form of customer service in any higher way. They have flat out won me over. I will not be moving to the competition any time soon. That's for sure.
Fantastic 4 months ago by
Only just started to use this app, fantastic service. Does everything yopto does and more, but considerably cheaper. Customer service has been fantastic. Couldn't fault this app or this company.
Fantastic Product! 4 months ago by
The other popular review platform is way over-priced for the same benefits. is easy, effective and affordable. If you like wasting money, go with another solution. If you want a product that works, support that is superior then give a try. What's the worst that can happen, you save a few bucks?
Excellent 4 months ago by
These folks have been 2nd to none to work with. I tend to need more help than others on website related stuff and each time I've reached out to them, they respond very quickly and fix my problem. I've tried other review apps before going to stamped but since we started with them our reviews have more than doubled. I'm impressed with the results of the app and even more impressed with the customer service that I've received. Thanks again!
Great service 4 months ago by
So far support for installing the aspects of this that I want has been great. They have helped me with little tweaks here and there to perfect everything. SO far it's been about 2 months and it's running smoothly. I've gotten a couple reviews with images and that is awesome. I just hate that just a small percentage of customers actually leave reviews, but I've gotten more through stamped in 2 months than my request emails. I LOVE the carousel on the home page that shows social proof. But like i said I love the most how helpful they have been. And I can ask a lot of questions!
Had High hopes for this 5 months ago by
As another review said, the support for the free version is limited. But what I find a little ridiculous is that if you are on the free version or basic version, you cannot get your reviews. This is because their program cannot push your reviews to Big Commerce with captcha enabled. So they want you to disable captcha on your site. I need to disable spam protection on my site for their program to work? I don't think so. If you choose their premium or enterprise versions, they give you a widget that bypasses the captcha limitation. But what if you don't need the premium or enterprise version? You'll just have to disable captcha and deal with spam. Not something I want to do.
Excellent all around 6 months ago by
Priced affordably, it does what I hoped and the support has been outstanding!
Great to work with 7 months ago by
Great at helping me get it integrated. Much cheaper than YOTPO. Very happy.
Better than Yotpo and WAY cheaper 8 months ago by
If you are considering Yotpo but have store revenue of less than $200k and/or have more than 50 orders a month, I highly recommend Stamped over Yotpo. I was originally planning to go with Yotpo's free account, which lets you request 50 reviews a month. The biggest drawback for me with using Yotpo is that I almost always exceed 50 review requests a month. That is a very serious issue and here's why: if I have 70 orders in June, Yotpo sends out 50 requests for the June orders. That's fine. However, if I then have 80 orders in July, Yotpo sends out 20 requests for the backlogged June orders and 30 for the newer July orders, leaving 50 new July backlogged. In August, if I again have 80 orders, only the 50 backlogged July requests will be sent and 80 August requests will be backlogged. So after a year, it is very possible that review requests will be sent 4-6 MONTHS after the orders are placed. Another major issue is that Yotpo's most basic paid account is still around $4,000 a year, which is very very high. Yotpo also does not remove their branding from the reviews widget until you get to Enterprise paid account level, which is the highest paid account level. So if you look at website, even they have the little Yotpo logo in their review widget and they might be paying $20,000 or more a year for Yotpo! So why it is there for a company as big as Staples I don't really know. The primary benefits of Stamped are two things: pricing and customer service. The base premium account for Stamped is currently $14.99/month vs $400+/month at Yotpo. I chose to go with the $29.99/month account right off the bat simply because it offers some widgets that I think are easily worth an extra $15/month. The only thing I can see about the $99/month account that you might want to consider is the community Q&A functionality (a Q&A section on the product page similar to what Amazon has). As for customer service, even before I committed to a paid account, I sent and received 8 emails, asking about 15 questions, and all of my emails were answered within 8 hours but usually within 2 hours. Their customer service is PHENOMENAL. All in all, this app is outstanding.
An Amazing App and a Great Customer Support Team 8 months ago by
We decided to go with after reading all the reviews and prices on other Review apps. The price is very reasonable compared to other review apps. Also, their customer support team is amazing. They integrated the app on my BC site within a few hours and then after two weeks I contacted them again for a technical issue with the app and they fixed it within a few hours as well for no extra charge. I Highly recommend this app.
Updated Review 8 months ago by
So the first time I tried this app I wasn't thrilled about it. There wasn't any support on the free version. That being said if you are a paid member their support is much different. So if you plan on using this app be prepared to pay. But being a paid subscriber has a lot of benefits. First being that they will completely install the app files for you so there is no need to worry about anything. Also all you have to do is provide them a file of past reviews and they will upload all of them for you. I'm actually really thrilled with the service I received because it was a matter of hours and they had everything up and running and all the reviews uploaded. The app seems to work real good so far and I see that they are constantly updating the program. So very good and I would recommend it to everyone as long as you plan on paying. If you don't plan on being a paid subscriber than this probably won't be the best fit for you.
Love it!! 8 months ago by
Exactly what I needed and so much cheaper than the competitors. They installed everything for me and even replied to my questions over the weekend. Excellent customer service, great product and great price!
Great Product, Great Price 9 months ago by David Bryant
We were about to sign up with another app that costs about 8 times as much as this, and then we decided to shop around a little bit. I'm so glad we did. We've been with them for about 4 months and they have been great! The customer support is great and we have generated a ton of reviews. We love this app.
Great App and Awesome Service! 9 months ago by
App installed easily with the BC integration. Setup was straight forward and's support was very helpful with helping me import my old reviews and answering any questions that I had. Very prompt and knowledgable. Everything works perfectly and at a great price point for the features included. Highly recommended!!
AWESOME 10 months ago by
I just started with them today on the enterprise plan. they customer service is fast, efficient, and support is excellent. is WAY more affordable than many competitors...whom some even want a huge bulk payment up front. This is the way to go.
Awesome app 10 months ago by Jimmy Nguyen
Couldn't ask for a better review system. Works as advertised with ZERO issues. This app comes highly-recommended for e-commerce sellers.
Great app 11 months ago by
I've been looking for a Q&A app for a while, but didn't realise that Stamped did this as well as reviews. Highly recommend this for both reviews and Q&A - the functionality is great, it's easy to use (for both us and our customers) and the support is excellent. Installation was simple (even on my old version of BC which I haven't got around to updating!) and it's looking really good on the website. Stamped helped me to import 5 years worth of BC reviews into the app, so the whole transition has been super smooth. Love the social media integrations, too! Highly recommended :)
Very helpful 11 months ago by
Very easy to install. Had one technical issue which they helped me with within hours. great people to deal with!
They really are as great as reviews say 11 months ago by
If you read all the reviews on this app you'll here a couple of themes (fantastic customers service, and great feature set for the price). I can totally back up both those claims. I run this app on 2 stores now (one shopify, one bigcommerce), both at the enterprise level. It's by far the best reviews app I've found for the price. Every time I have an issue or need help with the app (installing or otherwise), I get a very prompt reply and fix. Can't recommend this app and the team at enough.
Brilliant Customer Service 5***** 11 months ago by Darren Heaysman
I had a trial account with a well know brand for 30 days they never replied to my technical questions i sent them six emails without a reply. My 30 days expired and i had a phone call from them wanting £100 per month for the review system. I found Stamped through the App store and god i wish i would have found it to start with. I sent a email after installing it and within five minutes Tommy replied to me and after an hour the system was up and running I wish every company was like this great service great review system I shall be upgrading to there paid version 5******
Great service and a great app 12 months ago by
Whenever you drop an existing app and take on a new one, you're always unsure about whether you're going to get as good an experience as the reviews suggest. I have to say, exceeded my expectations. We were previously using Yotpo and whilst I appreciated the slick interface I was less than impressed by the high price and lack of features. So I decided to try and I'm so glad I did. The integration with social is there, an API, multiple widget options, plenty of configuration - totally impressed. As for service, I have been very impressed with the helpfulness and speed with which requests are dealt with. The app is under continual development and new features are added regularly. I cannot recommend highly enough!
Great customer service 12 months ago by
So far I've been really impressed with their customer service. Setup wasn't super intuitive and there were some things I couldn't figure out, so I asked for help and they have been eager to help with anything I need. Excellent experience so far. My review emails are queued up to start sending this week. Fingers crossed it goes as well as it has so far!
So much better than a similar app 12 months ago by
I had a different reviews app and suddenly instead of $30/mo they wanted $4700/yr!! I found the reviews app and it is fantastic! The after sale emails are better and the whole review system works so much easier and smoother. Tommy helped me with some setup issues but their support was quick and effective. Back to paying only $30/mo and loving the new reviews coming in. Highly recommend!
Worth every Penny-and reasonable at that! about 1 year ago by
I had to finally let go of Yotpo as the features I wanted started running ridiculous amounts of money, offers the same (or better) for a great price. Have not been disappointed one bit! Customer Service is absolutely excellent, they have responded and helped with the tiniest of requests. Helpful, pleasant, professional team. Don't hesitate to get this integrated onto your site!
Seriously, amazing - stop wasting money with the big names about 1 year ago by
After meeting with Yotpo and Power Reviews and being disappointed by their high prices and limited offerings, I stumbled upon this app. It was brand new at the time and it really looked too good to be true. I reached out and my first question was: Why are you so affordable? Tommy was quick to respond that they offer a great platform at a great value, and that was the beginning of many more emails about what this system could really do for me. Tommy was fast to respond, incredibly patience, and offered assistance with a smile. Fast forward to this week and now that I've finally migrated to a new customized stencil template, I was finally ready to make the transition to It's everything I ever wanted and more. In fact, I'm kicking myself I waited this long to get going. Tommy and his team were super fast to integrate and accommodated every request. I feel like I have a real partner, which never happens with most of these apps. I can't recommend enough.
Great app about 1 year ago by cur...ike
We love using We tried a competitor's free trial, but when we found out the monthly fees would be crazy high we dropped it and went with Totally reasonable prices and an app that does everything we need. Check out our site if you want to see a bunch of customer reviews in the real world using
Poor Integration about 1 year ago by
We really liked the concept and upon success we were going to upgrade... However, the integration process appeared to have issues. I tried to contact support who, although friendly, came up with a poor and incomplete solution. I like the platform, but they need to work out the bugs before we can continue using this app.
Excellent App - Highly Recommend about 1 year ago by
I was looking at several different apps for generating reviews for my Bigcommerce site and decided to try I'm really glad I did. They helped me out with integration and adding my previous reviews. We get high quality reviews with pictures and can send them out through our social media channels. Best app I've used on Bigcommerce. Give it a try - you won't be sorry. One bit of advice to you - try to fight the urge to send out review requests to too many of your previous customers. I sent them out to the last 3-4 months and upset a few of my repeat customers. They got hit with multiple requests all at once from the past orders. Oops. We learned the hard way - but whatcha gunna do!
Powerful App - Exceptional Support about 1 year ago by Springboard Marketing
We've been very impressed by! The app is very easy to use, and the level of customer support we have received has been fantastic. We emailed support with numerous questions that came up as we were working on getting everything setup, and every email was answered within an hour or two. Very responsive and knowledgeable customer service team! We decided to sign up for the Enterprise level plan and had import all of our existing BigCommerce reviews into their app for us, all included in our monthly price! They imported well over 1,100 reviews from BigCommerce into for us in under 24 hours with no issue. Highly recommend this app.
Great App - Great Support about 1 year ago by Neil
Our store is supplementary to our main business and so we won't pay extra for apps (especially as some cost more than our monthly BC subscription) unless we think they're worth it, and so far we think Stamped is definitely worth it. We Love the way customers can leave reviews straight from the email because most won't bother if they've got to log in on your store. Also love that we can group products. We sell school uniforms and use the same garments for a lot of different schools. These are listed as separate products but now when a parent leaves a review for say a school polo shirt, the review will be on all school polo shirts that have the same garment but with a different school emblem. Customer support have been amazing. They even helped me migrate the reviews I had in the generic BC review system. They've also responded very quickly to any other questions I have had.
Explosion of reviews! about 1 year ago by
PRODUCT: We are receiving 10X the reviews we were getting before. Not only that, the QUALITY of the reviews are amazing! Nobody wants to be directed to a website off of their email to leave a review. This app lets your customers review the specific product(s) in the email . We have also received a lot of customer photos of the products in use. AMAZING. SERVICE: The customer service I have received (and continue to receive) is 5/5 stars. Quick responses, friendly, helpful, and most importantly, they actually care! I could not recommend this product enough. Thanks!
Highly Recommend it - Great App about 1 year ago by
Amazing Application - I wish I knew about this app earlier. Amazing people, great customer service, they take care of the installation for us in no time, so far they are # 1 on my list. I highly recommend Reviews
Awesome so far! Loving it! about 1 year ago by
Amazing service. Decided I wanted to switch from another app this morning, (Saturday) contacted them via FB and by the afternoon they had installed it and migrated all the reviews, and adjusted my theme. It looks fantastic, and I can't wait to start getting more reviews. The back end is beautiful too. Have experienced 3 other review apps, and so far this is the best. Reasonably priced too. Thumbs up!
Feature Packed App That Will Help Grow Your Business! about 1 year ago by
After 10 years with PowerReviews, we switched to and have never looked back. We did a lot of research before making the big move and was the clear winner for price, support, and features. We’ve had an excellent experience with Tommy and the transition team. Their support has been quick, reliable and beyond expectations.
We Love It & Highly Recommend it about 1 year ago by Radovan Draca
I wish I knew about them earlier. If you are just starting up and can spend too much money or if you are rocking it and are looking to take it to the next lever with your reviews this app is the way to go. They offer love cost plans which will get you started with collecting reviews and once you are making money and are looking to take it to the next lever and show off your reviews in search engine they have a plan for that as well that is much better priced then some other once I have used. staff will install the app for you and maki it look they way you like in your store. The staff responded to email promptly and resolve issues faster than anyone I have dealt with. A+++ I highly recommend you give it a go.
Great App! Excellent Customer service! about 1 year ago by
After searching, getting quotes from other reviews company I finally found what I was looking for. Apparently, most of the products reviews apps or software are meant to the Big Companies that can afford hundreds and hundreds of monthly fee for their premium plans. In the other hand got my attention and my business because they offer more for less. When I found about this company, their Bigcommerce app wasn`t approved yet, regardless I contacted them and they reply almost immediately and told me that their Bigcommerce app was approved that day that I contacted them and it was going to be available within 1-2 business days and they will contact me back when it was ready. In the meantime I started investigating and checking companies that were using the app on other shopping cart platforms and I loved it. 2 days after contact them I received an email that the app was now available for Bigcommerce and without hesitating I cancelled my "Yotpo Starter Registration". Once I selected my Premium Plan with they started migrating my existing reviews and installed the widget where needed to be installed. I was very surprised with their fast service. I got it setup the way I wanted really quick! The Dashboard is very user friendly, on the plan I chose (Enterprise) I got the option to re-send the review invitation email (Now with the option to include a photo in the review) to the past orders I`ve had the last 6 months, I was able to customize the email template before emails were sent. As I told them, "I`m going be your first Bigcommerce customer " I don`t regret leaving Yotpo! I highly recommend this app!