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How many times have you had a customer come to your store only to find out that the product they are looking for is out of stock?

Once a customer leaves your site, it's highly unlikely that they will return. Unless you give them a reason to.

With InStockAlerts, your customers can opt in to receive an email when an out of stock product is in stock again. You get two things in one shot: a returning customer, as well as an email address you can use for future communication.

InStockAlerts is incredibly easy to use. When a product is out of stock, the Add To Cart button will be replaced by a "Notify me when this item is back" button.

The customer clicks on the button, enters their email address, and when you update your inventory, InStockAlerts will send an automated email informing them.

They open the email, come to your site, and you get a sale. Cha-ching!

Customize however you want it

InStockAlerts lets you customize the email template and the button - so you have full control over everything.

Keep track of popular products

In your dashboard, you can see which products are receiving requests for notifications. Over time, this will help you gauge which products have more demand. It's like supercharged analytics!

Export to your email service with a single click

In your dashboard, you can see all the email address that InStockAlerts has collected. When you want to add those to your existing mailing list on MailChimp or Aweber, simply export all the subscribers to a CSV and upload to your mail provider.

World class service

If you ever need any help, just shoot us a message through the "Help" button in the app and we'll take care of any issues you may have.

$15 / month
Free trial
15 days

Client Reviews (9)

awesome customer service 2 months ago by
I had a few minor questions here and there and I messed something up. Shabbir has now helped me with 3 issues and every time has answered my emails with in 24 hours. Sometimes you find a small business owner and you just get a great vibe off of them. I think he's one of those guys that really cares.
Great Customer Service over 2 years ago by

App wasn't working for us at first, but they performed some troubleshooting and got it working.  I can't say enough about their fantastic customer service!!  I highly recommend this program!

Great over 3 years ago by

Its easy to use and works perfectly, great value and support. Cannot fault it, if you need a quick and easy solution use this app!

Worth every penny over 3 years ago by Tressa Ray

This let's me determine which of my out of stock items are wanted most so I can decide which I should restock first.   

They helped me get all setup and running and have great followup!

Thank you!

Works Perfectly over 3 years ago by

This app's interface is easy to use, clean and simple. Additionally, you can customize the look of the button and the notification email the customer receives. The customer service provided by Shabbir was top notch. He went above and beyond, even into our code, to help us get the look of the button right. The person with the bad review is not telling the full story. All the users, including trial users, were notified that they were switching servers and might have technical issues temporarily. They did but it was resolved.

Don't waste your time. over 3 years ago by

Started off okay and now nothing works.  I can't review my information, I can't contact them (email bounces back) and their website is gone.  Don't waste your time or money!  I never got past the free trial....

I'm loving it! over 3 years ago by Laurie W


Great app! Even though we normally have relatively few out-of-stock items at any one time, I was surprised to see how many customers have already (in less than a week since installation) asked to be notified when those items come back in stock. This app should quickly pay for itself!

And the customer service has been great too! I had a minor installation issue and Shabbir was immediately on top of it.

Thank you for this app. Quite a few customers have asked BigCommerce for it this functionality. They've ignored us so I'm grateful that Shabbir has filled the void left by BigCommerce!


Holy cow!  If the world and post office had customer service like InStock Alerts, it would be a better place!  Shabbir is totally amazing, he has helped me immensely with setting this up on my website and going so far as to get a bit creative to see if he can create my little vision.  The app is wonderfully simple and I love looking at the stats that they offer.

Way to go, InStock!  Thank you, Big Commerce for bringing this app to the eCommerce world!

Great App, worth the money you spend. over 3 years ago by Robert

This App is helping us tremendously because we do have many items out of stock along the year. In first place it helps us to understand what people are in demand of through the number of notifications scheduled by product and second it increases our revenues because as soon as the item is back in stock the buyers are immediately notified. It also works very well with BigCommerce options in case you've got items in different colors, sizes, etc. Highly recommended!