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About the app

Website analytics don't have to be hard. If you want a tool that's as powerful as Google Analytics yet simple to use, look no further than Lucky Orange. With a 1 click install you can increase your online sales today. More than 400,000 websites have trusted us to prevent shopping cart abandonment and increase conversion rates on BigCommerce stores.

Whether you're a seasoned merchant using top apps like JustUno, Yotpo and MailChimp or just getting started, Lucky Orange can help you better understand your visitors so you can gain more sales.

Increase your sales

Watch a visitor navigate your site to see what's stopping them from buying. See where people clicked, scrolled and tapped on your site. Use optimizable segments to watch sessions of frustrated or confused visitors & more.

Learn more about your visitors

See which parts of pages drive conversions & which get ignored with Heatmaps. Learn if people are scrolling far enough to see your CTAs.

Gain insights into what visitors want

Use Lucky Orange surveys, to ask them what products they wish you sold or what information they were looking for on the site. Use announcements tool to provide a special offer or important updates such as shipping policies.

App Features

Dynamic Heatmaps

See which parts of a page drive people to convert and which parts get in their way. Watch as clicks, moves and scrolls are immediately populated on every element, drop-down, pop-up and hover-over menu. Isolate certain devices, traffic sources and visitors to identify potential pain points and problem areas.

Session Recordings & Conversion Funnels

Watch everything a visitor does on your site to see their journey to conversion. You can also set up conversion funnels to quickly see where people abandon their path to conversion on your website.

Live Chat & Live View

Deliver real-time customer support and use collaboration tools to provide the best response every time. Build lasting relationships by helping people exactly when they need it with event- and time-based triggers. Live view allows you to see exactly what your customer sees — in real time. Watch live as customers navigate your website for better insight into what's working and what's not.

Surveys & Announcements

Ask key questions to the right people and the right time with surveys. Use announcements to provide a discount code or product update to all visitors. Choose how they display on your site as a sticker or full-screen mode.

Form Analytics

Find out why people are abandoning your forms and fix these issues to reduce abandonment and increase your sales. Spot the fields visitors are working on before they abandon the form and identify fields visitors complete more than once to spot signs of trouble. Track how long a visitor is on a page before they start filling out the form.

Case Studies

TaylorMade Scores A Hole-In-One With Lucky Orange’s Dynamic Heatmaps

TaylorMade's customers expect both world-class golf products and a superior web experience. Lucky Orange Dynamic Heatmaps gave TaylorMade the insight needed to meet these high demands and continue to impress its customers on and off the green.

Valero Alamo Bowl Scores Touchdown With Lucky Orange Chat

The Valero Alamo Bowl attracts 60,000+ spirited college fans to its annual college football game, and Lucky Orange chat lets the small staff meet its fans high expectations without breaking the budget.

Niche BigCommerce website, Spy Associates, turns to dynamic heatmaps to help grow sales

BigCommerce website Spy Associates was needing to identify ways to increase conversions. This episode of Website Analysis shows how Lucky Orange dynamic heatmaps can help evaluate a customer's first impression and ultimately improve sales.

Dynamic heatmaps help BigCommerce website, Milk & Love, grow customer engagement

Milk & Love, a BigCommerce website, wanted to find ways to increase its customer engagement. In this episode of Website Analysis, we used Lucky Orange dynamic heatmaps to analyze navigation and triggers for a reward program. We introduced polls as another way to engage customers.

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  • Upfront Fee: Free
  • Recurring Fee: None

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