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Do you know why your visitors don't convert?

Lucky Orange will help you answer the question of why 99% of visitors that visit your site never turn into customers. It's one of those tools that will have you wondering how you ever lived without it:

  • Automatically tags and creates funnels for BigCommerce's multi-step checkout process.
  • Eliminate the guesswork of optimizing your website for more sales.
  • Watch recordings of real visitors to your website and see why they did not convert.
  • Gain insight into all areas of your site's usability with Sales Chat, Recordings, Form Analytics, Heatmaps, Polls, and more.
From $10 / month. Free Trial.

Client Reviews (12)

Fantastic App for Online Stores 3 months ago by
This App provides interesting and helpful insight into customer behaviour on your website via live and recorded video. See where sales are potentially falling through and spot errors that affect customer experience. Also allows you to connect with your customers by activating the live chat feature, answering questions on the spot and potentially clearing obstacles to sales. Good value for the features. Must have App.
An absolute MUST HAVE for all ecommerce sites! about 1 year ago by
I can't even begin to describe how awesome this app is, especially for the low price you pay! Plans start at $10/month and by the time your volume is high enough to reach the next tier in the pricing plan, it'll still be affordable. Plus it more than pays for itself by providing insight into what your customers are doing, what changes you should make, what you're doing well, which helps you convert and retain customers. I was initially just looking for a live chat app, but this is that and SOOO much more. It might seem overwhelming with all the awesome features, but it's super user-friendly and you don't have to use all the features for it to be valuable. You can't afford NOT to have this app!
Great tool! over 2 years ago by

Such a great tool! Answers lots of questions about site browsing and cart/checkout misses. Definitely recommend!

Great over 3 years ago by

Great app worth while for the reporting data you get this has increased my conversion rate by 10%.

Great features over 3 years ago by Dave

This app has some cool features and was worth it just for the insight I gained watching why people didn't complete checkout!

I will admit it needs some work and has a few quirks, but the producer responds and is working on improving it. I would tell anyone, especially those with more than one store, to check it out!

Great app at an affordable price! over 3 years ago by

Absolutely love this app! There are just so many features, all rolled into one app.

Live Recording of what visitors do on your website: The recordings are useful, but could get cumbersome to watch through them all. (I guess that's where heatmaps come in to help). But, the recordings are cool to see what users are doing on your site and what navigation proves most useful.

Polls: I started using the polls and it works just as promised! Like that I can customize the "Thank you" page for each option that the user selects within the poll.

Live Chat: I don't find it as easy as Zopim, since I can't instantly see every single page they've visited from the chat screen. Also, not sure how to input customer information as I'm speaking to them and I cannot tell when the same visitor is visiting again (especially if I've chatted with them before). But, I do like the "live agent available" and flashing green light on the chat as it stands out more than the Zopim option.

There are a few bugs with the app, especially when they were moving over to the new interface, but everything works just as described.

Great app over 3 years ago by

This app is worth the price alone for the online chat feature. It out-performs many dedicated online chat tools, simply because of the flashing green light draws the customers attention to the live chat channel. I get a lot more calls with this than using something like Olark.

The polls are also superb and very useful.

Less so are the heat maps and live recordings. They are certainly interesting but after the initial excitement I found myself not bothering. The recordings are jumpy and slow and the heat maps don't make much sense to me. I think there is a lot of good data here but it needs to be presented better. Hopefully this will all improve but as I said, it's worth the price for the live chat alone.

Page View Limit over 3 years ago by

The whole Page view limit is a joke.  Shows I have only used 35.k page views but says i am over the limit.  Liked the service until that happened.  Can get better service from other chat programs for free.  Ditch the Page view limit!

Excellent Way to track your Analytics! over 3 years ago by Sean Bramlett

This is a real-time analytics app that lets you interact with the consumer while he or she is in your store at that moment.

I've had a few issues here and there, but nothing that wasn't fixed right away.


GREAT just ok over 3 years ago by

Live view had trouble 75% of the time loading up.    Also checkout pages wouldn't allow you to view customers live view.   This software also caused MANY problems with cookies.    I had to restart my browser cookies every 10-25 mins. due to our site not loading correctly or functioning correctly.       I hope lucky orange does something to fix all these issues......I would love to use it again with no issues of coarse.

very informative over 3 years ago by

so far so good

5 - Stars over 3 years ago by STE...COM

Luck Orange has incredible tools & features plus they are adding more! I am looking forward to all the incredible data they are going to provide & their support is fantastic!