Offers for BigCommerce

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Increase sales with target offer-based promotions.

Drive sales with targeted offer-based promotions or automate with set-and-forget trigger based offers that reach your customers when it counts.

Designed for BigCommerce stores, Collect Offers has everything you need to drive sales:

REACH CUSTOMERS WITH EMAIL OFFERS - Send email promotions to customers to drive traffic to your store

SEND ONE-OFF OFFER CAMPAIGNS - Easily create and send one-off offer campaigns by email. Perfect for moving idle stock, announcing new arrivals or running a sale.

AUTOMATE YOUR MARKETING - Send email offers when it counts using customer data and purchase activity triggers to get customers shopping more. Automate Happy Birthday, Thanks for Shopping, Win-Back offers and more.

UNIQUE OFFER COUPONS - Coupon codes are unique to the customer for hassle free redemption and to prevent coupon misuse.

SEGMENT FOR BETTER RESULTS - Segment your customers using your eCommerce and/or POS data to create targeted offers. The more relevant your offers, the more likely your customers will take you up on them and spend.

CUSTOMIZE - Easily customizable to showcase your store's branding.

REPORTING AND ANALYTICS - View your offers results and find out what works best to increase customer spend.

IN-STORE AND ONLINE - Leading Point-of-Sale and eCommerce integrations help you leverage your customer and purchase data when it counts to trigger your automated offers and for more targeted marketing.

APPLE WALLET BUILT-IN - Customers can add your offers to their mobile, keeping your store front of mind and when they're nearby your store, notifications from Apple Wallet prompt them to come in again.

NO TECH KNOW-HOW REQUIRED - One-click-install, then customize to suit your store.

Try Collect Offers for free with a 14 day free trial

✔ Unlimited customers

✔ Unlimited transactions

✔ Send unlimited offer emails

✔ Unique offer coupon codes

✔ Customizable

✔ POS and eCommerce integrations

✔ Built-in Apple Wallet

✔ Phone, chat and email support

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