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We help BigCommerce store owners increase sales by driving referrals from existing customers.

“ReferralCandy has helped us spread the word at a cost and service second to none." - Mike Starks, CEO, Personal Trainer Food

"This app works wonders. It works brilliantly and it's super simple." - Velvet Cloud, online store

How ReferralCandy works:

  •     A customer buys something from your store
  •     We send them a coupon code to share with friends
  •     When their friends buy from you, the customer receives a referral reward

Everybody wins: your original customer gets rewarded, their friends get a discount, you make more sales and get a new customer! Here’s a more detailed example.

ReferralCandy pays for itself

Pricing is based on commissions from successful referrals, so it’s in our best interest to make sure we’re always helping you increase sales. More info on pricing here.

More information

Want to learn more about ReferralCandy? Click here.

  • Pricefrom $25 / month
  • Free trial 30 days

Client Reviews (8)

3 years ago by Oliver

Fees are bit high for a referral system. Either you are a small business and they take a huge profit margin of any sale they bring you or if you only want them to take 1.5% of the sales they bring you, you end up needing to go with the plan that has a minimum charged fee of $65 per month. So with both plans it gets expensive fast...

3 years ago by alex

Not worth the cost I dropped it after the first month.

3 years ago by Amy S

Hi Alex and Oliver,

Sorry to hear that you were having trouble with our pricing tiers.

We also offer fixed monthly pricing (with a usage cap) instead of commission-based pricing for selected retailers. If that's something you're interested in, drop us a note at and we'd be happy to get you started!

3 years ago by Jason

I love this service I have seen great results from them. Zack over at customer service is great he responds so quick with any questions or concerns.

2 years ago by Jeremy

It's generated additional sales for my company and paid for itself. I really like the ability to see how often it's being shared and track the progress. It can be costly for newer start ups but it's worth it if you consider all Referral Candy sales to be incremental. Give it a try for a few months, you've got nothing to lose.

2 years ago by Frankie

I think referral candy is a great app. I do believe it can work, but you have to be patient. I just finished my free 30 day trial, and I'm hoping to test it out for a few more months. I will do another review after. Give it a try!

2 years ago by Jacelyn

I have been using ReferralCandy for awhile now. Though the commission might be high for a small business but I do see that it is the number one referral source for my business. I could actively leverage on it if you know how! I love the new upgraded interface, it is useful to know which participant is bringing you the traffic. Customer service is great and accommodating to the needs of their customers.

1 year ago by Brandon P

We've been trying to figure out a good way to track referrals and do rewards for a while. Doing it manually seems incredibly daunting, but ReferralCandy takes care of all of that. The monthly fees + commission are higher than I would like... but you can buy down points on the commission with a higher monthly rate if it starts to impact the bottom line. If it helps generate more business though, it's probably still quite a bit less expensive than customer acquisition though paid search. We're only a few weeks in, but I suspect ReferralCandy will deliver results and be an integral part of our followup and referral marketing.

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