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The Most Popular Recent Orders App for Increasing Conversions. ★★★★★

March 2018

Grow your traffic with Fomo Publishers, our new advertising network. Read the announcement.

February 2018

Enable "Window Shopping" to let visitors add items to their cart, directly from a Fomo notification (no redirects!). View a demo.

December 2017

Connect your Slack channel to share Fomo ROI with the team. Support for custom webhooks and instant search for integrations in our brand new directory

Huge Update - November 2017

We rebuilt Fomo from scratch -- this brand new version has more features and tools to help increase conversions than any competing app on the marketplace.

How it Works

You know how seeing a packed restaurant makes you want to eat there? Fomo creates the same dynamic on your store.

Fomo displays recent orders and product reviews on your storefront in real-time, creating the online equivalent of a busy store.

When prospective customers see that other people are buying your products, on-page sales conversion can increase dramatically.

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$29 / month
Free trial
7 days

Client Reviews (16)

Great App! about 12 days ago by
This is a great app and leads to lots of additional sales by giving new customers confidence to purchase!
Perfect solution about 13 days ago by
Fomo is a great app! So glad we added it. Our store front location has such an upbeat excited atmosphere and Fomo's popup notifications make it possible to provide that atmosphere online as well.
Works great! 7 months ago by
Great app and would recommend you give this one a try!
Great app about 1 year ago by Marian
We had this app for a while and never had any problems, I believe it helps to improve conversion, if you think it will annoy your potential buyers, just set up longer delays between notifications. Just about couple of weeks ago, we noticed that app is not working, because we switched to site wide https and script was commented off. Contacted support and Arnold was very helpful and navigated step by step what we need to do to make it run again. In overall, app is great, customer support excellent, I recommend this app.
Shady billing about 1 year ago by Chris Michael
We installed FOMO a while back before the 7-day trial existed and kind of forgot about it honestly because it wasn't helping our conversions at all. In fact is was probably annoying anyone who came to our site with the incessant popups. Anyway, all of a sudden 4 months later we see a charge on our account and had no way of viewing our billing details or subscriptions we had signed up for from the app dashboard inside BigCommerce. I gave them the benefit of the doubt and contacted their sales support chat to see what the misunderstanding ways, but it turns out that there actually isn't a way to access that info and because we made the account through BC and not through their site, we never had a login to their site. That means we were going to be continuously charged for an app we didn't explicitly opt into and had no way of actually seeing our invoices or subscription details to make any changes. What a shady way to run a Saas business. I never leave reviews, but this was something I could not let go unheard out of respect for everyone else signing up for new apps.
Great item. So simple to install about 1 year ago by Peter Duddy
This a great little app. It worked straight off the bat after adding the bit of code . It has many features and we are getting many click-throughs and sales from the products shown.
Simply Fantastic about 1 year ago by
Very easy to install and took about 15 minutes from start to finish. We also enabled the Yotpo link so that Notify can also display our reviews as well as recent purchases on the screen. I love Notify. Our conversion rate has jumped as has the average order value. There is no downside as far as I can tell. Stop reading and install this app!
Works well about 1 year ago by
Easy install and is working well.
Great App. Simple Install about 1 year ago by
We have seen great results since turning on Notify. We would highly recommend.
Needs improvements about 1 year ago by
The concept is great ! it is too early to see real results but it seems to work well. it isn´t perfect and there are points to improve. a very willing and helpful stuff that wants and helps quickly ! recommended !
Great App! about 1 year ago by
This is a great app. It gives energy to the site and offers customers quick insight into what trends may be happening at the time. Instant gratification. Looking forward to the evolution of this app.
A great addition! about 1 year ago by
Gives some nice "live action" to the website without being intrusive.
Excellent App! about 1 year ago by zing.australia
Definitely useful and we love this app!
Very happy! about 1 year ago by
I've been waiting to get something like this for my site! It gives me the chance to upsell and creates trust with new buyers! The app is easy to install and get going and the customer service is great! A must have!
Finally! We've been wanting this app for a long time about 1 year ago by sales | vapecentric
We've waited for an app like this for a long time. We stock over 1000 products, so it's easy for something new and fantastic to get lost in the shuffle with our customers. To me, Notify almost acts as a vehicle for customers to make recommendations to other customers, beyond just the social proof aspect of the app. Customer service has been top notch so far. We are satisfied with the app and the customer service, and will be sticking with Notify. If your shop, like ours, has a huge number of products, or could use some social proof/cred, definitely give Notify a shot!
Waited forever for this app over 2 years ago by Ryan Kulp

I've been waiting for this app to be integrated with BigCommerce forever. Love the social proof this creates for my customers!