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About the app

The Original Social Proof App for Increasing Conversions. ★★★★★

Fomo displays recent orders and product reviews on your storefront in real-time, creating the online equivalent of a busy store.

When prospective customers see that other people are buying your products, on-page sales conversion can increase dramatically.

Over 11,000 active websites and counting

Fomo is used by thousands of websites to deliver social proof and increase sales. Case studies on 10 e-commerce clients across the health, beauty & wellness, style & fashion, business, furniture, and beverage categories (two of which are subscription-based) illustrate the power of Fomo's Social Proof Marketing Solution. Looking at just one month of data, these clients had astonishing results:

  • 25x - 125x ROI
  • Ave. 3-14% conversion rates
  • Increase in total cart volume across categories (e.g. 11% higher for style & fashion sites)
  • Business-related store with $36K in sales through Fomo (and average cart purchase of $1,285)
  • Wellness (yoga products) store generated $15K in sales, increasing total number of items in cart

See a Happy Fomo customer - (wait a few seconds)

Fomo now allows click-callbacks to trigger Events in Google Analytics when notifications are clicked. You can also now set custom UTM parameters on click-through URLs to track goal attribution.

Additionally, our new template image gallery provides optional default images notifications and you can now filter for order value before showing notifications -- hide the cheap stuff.

Notable features

Enable "Window Shopping" to let visitors add items to their cart, directly from a Fomo notification (no redirects).

Enable "guaranteed by Fomo" stamp to be led to a page with detailed data to show your visitors real-time evidence behind the notification.

Beyond the Fomo notification we now offer "Fomo Inline", which lets you insert social proof messages as text. For example, you can add messages like "38 people just bought this in the last 24 hours" next to a product's "buy now" button.

App Features

Highly customizable

Display every order, only some orders, or even just orders from a certain time period. Even if your business doesn't yet have many orders, this level of control means Fomo will work for you.

Track ROI

By connecting with Google Analytics (optional) within the Fomo app, you can track goal completions and revenue earned through Fomo notification clicks. Alternatively, fire Events for Google Analytics or track by appending custom UTM parameters to Fomo URLs.

Designed for your brand

With our library of built in notification themes or your own custom CSS (easily controlled right inside of Fomo's theme builder) it's simple to make Fomo match perfectly with your brand. Control fonts, colors, spacing, sizes, and more.

So much control

With advanced language options, geotargeting, device control, page rules, and more, Fomo is easily optimized for your user experience.

Launch in minutes

Fomo installation takes only minutes. With a simple line of code, add Fomo to your site and get started. After connecting your preferred integrations (BigCommerce, Yotpo, Typeform, and over 50 more), craft your message and go.

Case Studies

How Fomo and Jackie's Chocolates Are Sweetening Up The World

Learn How Fomo and Jackie;s Chocolates are shipping more boxes of chocolate around the world.

How Fomo And Taylor Street Favors Are Working Together

Learn how Fomo is helping Taylor Street Favors fill a niche successfully.

How Fomo Accounts For 15% Of Sales For A Home Surveillance Company

Learn how Fomo accounts for an extra 15% in sales for a home surveillance company.

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  • Free Trial: 14 days
  • Upfront Fee: Free
  • Recurring Fee: $19.00/mo.


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