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At Checkout

Improve your customers' purchasing experience and reduce your costs.

  • Gives Accurate Postage Rate calculation
  • Looks-up addresses and auto-populates fields
  • Enables Delivery option selection i.e. 3 hour, click-+-collect etc
  • Supports Multiple Carriers incl. International and domestic (full list)

During dispatch

Automate every step in the dispatch process and reduce errors, time and cost

  • Supports Multiple Channels (full list)
  • Supports Multiple carriers incl International and Domestic (full list)
  • Imports orders automatically with write-back
  • Generates Labels automatically (with bulk printing)
  • Creates picking slips, manifests & customs documentation automatically
  • Books courier pick up
  • Corrects Addresses automatically
  • Enables Drop shipping, Ship from store, and Multi-location shipping

… all from within the admin section of your eCommerce platform

Serving & engaging customers

Communicate with your customers with customised emails/sms and a branded tracking page!

  • Customisable Text/SMS and email tracking notifications
  • Branded tracking page – your voice, your chance to upsell
  • Optional return courier label generator
$50 / month
Free trial
30 days

Client Reviews (3)

Huge Productivity Gains about 1 year ago by Alex Webster

Shipit delivers on the promise of 'one click, that's it!' and has allowed us to streamline our shipping process and make significant productivity gains.

We run multiple domestic and international (DHL) courier services through the same interface, which, again, saves a great deal of time and helps to eliminate errors and delays.

Set up was extremely straightforward and the support staff were able to help with a few requests and queries that we had during the trial.

This is a great app and an integral part of our e-commerce business.

4 out of 5 about 1 year ago by

We're based in Australia so we were looking for an app to integrate with Austalia post eparcel which we have now moved to from the conventional receipted delivery system that Aust post offers. ShipIt app Imports orders well. However we would have loved a much easier solution to edit accurate weights as each package we do is unique due to the package fillers and recycled boxes we use so weights are inaccurate that are imported from our bigcommerce data. At the moment I need to open up each individual order in ShipIt and wait for the app to load and it’s a time consuming pain as it takes a while to load. I'd like to see an easy edit box on the main unshipped orders screen that you could simply type in edited weight without the need to manually click on each shipment and wait for it to load then save.

Address validation is also a pain as also time consuming, Not sure if anything can be improved here but thats not really a Shipit Fault, as it is caused by customer error but would love to see a quicker way to validate or being able to set rules not to fault an address unless post code / town name don’t match ignoring street address fields etc.As if the customer has 1 incorrect detail in street address field it faults and we get several daily faulting. So a royal pain!

These 2 main reasons are the only issues I have scored a 4 star otherwise I would have given 5 stars.

Love it! Saves me so much time about 1 year ago by

It is so easy to use and saves me so much time. I have been searching for an app like this for a long time and it was worth the wait!

This is by far my favourite app that I use. I have been able to start working on my business, instead in my business with the time I have saved. I have seen a direct result in increased sales already. 

Thank you Shipit. Did I mention the customer service is absolutely outstanding, and I have really high customer service standards.