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SKULabs is the ultimate multi-channel inventory, barcode, and shipping solution. We allow you to manage all of your orders, shipments, and inventory in one place. Get started today at

Pick, pack, and ship your orders

  • Scan product barcodes to eliminate order picking errors. Save thousands of dollars per year by eliminating picking and shipping errors, and reduce the time spent on order returns and refunds.
  • Process shipments and print shipping labels from any carrier. Bring your own shipping accounts and compare rates between a shipment's available carriers and methods.
  • Pick and ship similar orders in automatically sorted batches. If several orders include a SKU, you can pick that SKU once for all them, saving you from a return trip to that picking location.

Track inventory across warehouses

  • See stock levels for all of your products at a glance. Search or scan to get the count for a SKU, set low stock alerts, and see how many units have been sold.
  • Sync inventory changes to all of your sales channels. Once your store and marketplace listings are linked up with your catalog, inventory changes can be synchronized automatically.
  • Create and send purchase orders to all of your distributors. Scan paper drafts to quickly edit them, or generate POs in bulk with the items needed for open orders.

Manage products, kits, and listings in one place

  • Connect products from your sales channels to your inventory. If you sell certain products through many sales channels, link those listings to a single item in the SKULabs catalog.
  • Group items into bundles and kits for accurate tracking. Track inventory for multi-quantity listings, multi-product kits, and more without any complicated configurations.

Connect to every part of your business

SKULabs integrates with over a dozen sales channels, including Shopify, Amazon, eBay, Etsy, and more. We also support dozens of shipping couriers from around the world, like UPS, FedEx, DHL, and regional postal services.

Customer Support 7 Days a Week

Need help? Give us a call toll-free at 1-800-243-2986, open a ticket in the app, or check out our self-help documentation:

Client Reviews (7)

Excellent Software about 1 year ago by Jean-Pierre
We are a small company reselling French products in the US. We are selling through multiple sales channels, Ebay, Amazon, BigCommerce Store and multiples WooCommerce plugins from resellers. So far, the software is outstanding and fits perfectly our needs. The technical support team with Josh and Alex is top notch, they really know the in and out of their products and were able to customize some POs templates specifically to our needs. Each products have their limits and there will always be some features that are not there yet, because this software is an introduction to ERP. But for channels inventory synchronization, barcoding products verification to avoid packing issues and reporting, this tool gets everything that you might need. I strongly recommend considering this software. Jean-Pierre Brunet, CEO Le Panier Francais.
Terrible Customer Support/ Small Company, Not ready For Big Leagues about 1 year ago by
I was very unhappy with the level of customer support that I received while using this program. Here I am ready to drop $1000.00 per month on this program and I cant get any good customer support. I have tried calling in a number of times and I receive different answers from different people about my questions. I feel like most of the people answering the phone have no idea what they are talking about and have never worked a customer service job in their life. Must of the responses I would get from SKU Labs is, "we recommend you open an email support ticket so we can further assist you". REALLY!!! Whats the point of answering the phone if you can't answer simple questions such as how to setup a carrier account or how to create shipping labels. Im so frustrated, I don't consider myself to be an unreasonable person. I have asked if they have support documentation that I can read, nothing helpful exist. I have given up on this company. Its a shame because I really liked the look and feel of this program but when you are spending this kind of money on a reassuring basis you want to make sure that they software and the company responsible for 99% of our process of inventory and shipping is reliable. This company is not reliable, sorry guys but your getting a 1 star for this reason. Customer Service is very important, without webinars, help articles, or basic training you can have the best program in the world but if nobody understands how to use it and you can answer questions about it, the program is useless.
Poor Service/Small Time Business about 1 year ago by
I had problems at first trying to get someone to help me until I posted a bad review. Then these guys were busting down my door to try and help me so that I would remove my bad review. I decided to give Skulabs a second chance becuase I really wanted the system to work. I spent 2 days setting up products and kits until I could not get all of my products to sync with Skulabs. I found out that this system can't handle big stores with lots of product variations. They know that their system can't handle a large amount of items but they won't tell you this. Ironic since their training videos are in a warehouse. This system can only handle small stores with few variations. This was something the Skulabs team did not tell me. I had a problem syncing my products over from Bigcommerce and they did not tell me even then that their system can not handle a lot of product variations. After I waisted 2 days of work and posted a negative review again I got an email from Josh at Skulabs that stated, "To have you continue to slander our company through updated reviews is not how we or anyone else would like to be treated." There was no apology for with holding the information their system can not handle a lot of variations or any attempt to compensate me for the 2 days that I wasted trying to get their system to work. It was just them complaining again that I wrote a bad review. I'm very big on customer service and their is none here.
Excellent Design & Support over 2 years ago by

Our small, specialty clothing shop has been growing fast enough to drive home the idea that volume can soon overwhelm a small operation with repetitive, time-consuming, non-revenue generating tasks (you know the kind that make you daydream of robots until their cold heartless steel pulls your heart strings to find like a lost love and beg it for your life back). I was under the impression that a technology like SKULabs was available only to large companies, and moreover would be very difficult to implement. BigCommerce allows our customers to view and select real-time carrier rates which were important for us to achieve in a new website, as this means less time dealing with emails requesting priority and specialty shipping after an order is made, and less time invoicing for upgraded shipping; however, BigCommerce has shortcomings as far as ability to bulk print USPS labels with real-time shipping rates according to customer selection. SKULabs solves this, it sync's with BigCommerce orders seamlessly and reads the customer selection and prints USPS labels in bulk, attaching barcodes to orders which even for our small shop means never manually typing Order#'s. The app has a very modern feel with fast search functions, sorting, and an intuitive layout. But most impressively SKULabs support is something uncommon, even if most companies really wanted to offer this kind of support they would not have the ability to do so. Highly Recommend

A Perfect Solution over 2 years ago by Patti Fabrick

For years we've pieced together different programs and spent thousands on in-house servers, training, yearly maintenance fees, etc.  SKULabs is a one-stop cloud solution.  We have over 10,000 items, with multiple BigCommerce stores as well as Amazon & eBay and SKULabs handles it all.  Their tech support is also super fast when you have a question.  Highly recommend!!

Excellent! over 2 years ago by
Batch picking changed our lives over 3 years ago by

if you print your orders out, you are wasting time. skulabs showed us a better way. we connected our printers with google cloud print and now we do the orders off the ipod!!! we scan the barcodes as we go, and we ship from all three carriers with one tap. we are customers for life!!!!!! don't hesitate to try this out!