Trade Runner

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Trade Runner is the official BigCommerce app for Trade Me – use it to list and sell your BigCommerce products on Trade Me, New Zealand's largest marketplace.

Save yourself time, products are listed and updated automatically in almost real time across BigCommerce and Trade Me, orders come back to BigCommerce for easy fulfillment.

How it works

INSTALL - Install the Trade Runner app

IMPORT - Trade Runner imports all active products from BigCommerce

CREATE - Trade Runner creates and updates listings on Trade Me

FULFIL - Orders from Trade Me are sent back to BigCommerce for fulfilment

Make selling on Trade Me easier with these Trade Runner features:

Choose which products you want to sell on Trade Me; and block products that you don't want listed

Use Trade Runner to optimise your products for Trade Me – change the price or a product title in Trade Runner without impacting the products in your BigCommerce store

Keep inventory synced across BigCommerce and Trade Me – Trade Runner will do this automatically in almost real time as inventory and products change.

List your products in the right category on Trade Me using category mapping

Improve search rankings with custom product titles

How to get set up

Install the Trade Runner App and follow the prompts to sign up.

You will need your Trade Me login details handy so we can connect your store. If you don't have one please email

Note: The Trade Runner app is able to be installed for free. However, you are required to pay Trade Me fees on successful sales and an integration fee may be charged for sales made via this extension. To find out more please contact us on

Client Reviews (5)

Teething Problems but Happy Now 2 months ago by
We've been using Trade Runner for around 5 months. Our Bigcommerce store business model is based on selling multiple small value items in a single cart and we initially experienced quite a lot of frustration with the lack of flexibility on shipping options. The support team helped us arrive at a solution that works reasonably well, however there is still significant room for improvement in this area. We had problems early on where stock levels were out of sync between Trade Me and our BC store which caused problems with order fulfillment however, once again, we've had excellent help from the support team and it looks like the issues have been resolved. The app does allow for a stock buffer for anyone with concerns in this area. The user interface is functional but probably needs a fresh approach to make it easier for first time user set-up & allow a simpler work flow. It's been worth persisting through the teething issues as we are now seeing regular orders come through (enough to make a noticeable bump in our sales volume). Overall I would rate the app in its current form 3.5 stars but pushed up to 4 stars due to the fact that it is definitely effective in generating sales and has strong support behind it.
Trade runner works well 2 months ago by
Overall I've found the trade runner app to work really well in integrating my Big Commerce store with Trade Me. I've had a couple of issues and the support has been fantastic at both responding to my query promptly and being able to resolve. I'm really glad I installed Trade runner.
Very Happy with Trade Runner 2 months ago by Andrew Lang
We have been using Bigcommerce for nearly 9 years and jumped onto Trade Runner when we opened into NZ. We have been using a sister app - eBaylink for our Australian eBay store so we knew the company and how to get around the app. The app works well, setup was easy and we were off and running quickly. I have also enjoyed the continual improvements and additions to the app from the team over time - keeps getting better. The support has been fabulous - always quick to acknowledge and help out (most of the time its a training question, not a bug). The end result is a continual flow of orders from Trade Me and little effort.
Traderunner Does work well 4 months ago by Phil Grant
I have been running eCommerce for 4 years and Trade Me separately mainly with norsewear socks. I run this software for eBay link as well and jumped at the chance to get rid of the chores of trade me for the ease of Traderunner. The install and support from both Trade me and Tradrerunner was awesome, and still is, months down the track. Sales have doubled!
it does not work 7 months ago by