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Built by and for small business owners, ShopKeep provides an intuitive, secure, iPad point of sale system with software that empowers merchants to run smarter businesses by optimizing staffing, managing inventory, and accessing sales reports and customer information on one seamless, cloud-based platform. Plus, ShopKeep's award-winning customer care team is available to help 24/7 and provide a robust support network for more than 23,000 customers with growing businesses.


  • Uploads inventory items from ShopKeep to BigCommerce
  • Keeps inventory item details in sync between ShopKeep and BigCommerce
  • Automatic and seamless stock level syncing between ShopKeep and BigCommerce
Price varies based on subscription

Client Reviews (3)

Sad app 4 months ago by
It's really unfortunate that the inventory stock count does not sync correctly. Shopkeep has been giving me the runaround on it for at least 6 months. Constantly saying it'll be fixed on the next update or they have dedicated a big team to fixing it and will have it fixed soon. I know things take time to fix, however 6 months of the same issue really is unacceptable. It's even more unacceptable that I signed a contract with Shopkeep who claimed that their inventory sync worked at the time of the contract, but from day one it didn't work. Guess they should have put that in the contract. It seems that the number of people using this is so low they'd rather just milk the customer until the end of the contract and move on. Lame.
The integration doesn't work. 5 months ago by
It is a constant battle to have the inventory right on my website.. Uninstalling and reinstalling over and over everyday. No one will take responceability for it. They just keep sending me back and forth. It not big commerce and it's not shopkeep. And I'm the one stuck with a website that doesn't work. And an inaccurate stock count. They all say how I can do this or that to fix it. Meaning bandage that will take hours every day. Terrible. If you use shopkeep find a new way to make a website because what they promise is a lie.
Additional Costs! 5 months ago by Matt Burch
The integration with BigCommerce is $30/month. In addition to the monthly $69 fee. Unless you pay upfront for the year which brings the monthly down to $49. UPDATE 1/27/18 Was finally contacted from their marketing department because of my review. After being given the runaround about the integration price, the actual price for Big Commerce Integration is $15 per month. Customer service is not prompt, every time you contact is a different person. The trial was a waste of time because of the sync integration, you can't truly get a feel for what your site will feel like with this POS. I've been using Square for years, and I do have my reservations with Square but it works, no monthly fees, no merchant contracts, and I have yet to have a problem. And Square integrates with Big Commerce for FREE. DO NOT SIGN CONTRACTS WITH THESE POS COMPANIES WITHOUT GETTING THE FINE PRINT!