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About the app

The Elfsight Team is happy to present BigCommerce users with a fully customizable and amazingly functional Google Maps app. The only thing it takes to display a map with your location on your BigCommerce site with the amazing Elfsight Google Maps module, is to paste your address into the address field. You don't believe how easy it is?

Display unlimited number of locations.

You can set up as many markers as you need. Due to the rich choice of predefined location markers, you're sure to find the one for you. And if you need to display your company's logo on the marker, you can do that, too! The app has a very simple way to add a custom marker to the list!

Display your company's information on the info card.

You can set up the map's info card to display the most relevant information about your company – address, email, phone number, working hours, etc. This way your visitors can find the information you need presented in a convenient way. They're sure to appreciate this!

Display directions to your markers from any location.

With Elfsight Google Maps app your visitors can set the directions to your place from any location. And they will only have to press one button to do it!

How to add Google Maps to BigCommerce website

  1. Press «GET THIS APP» button and Install the map to your website;
  2. Add your locations and customize the look of the map;
  3. Copy your installation code;
  4. Insert the map code into the required place on the website;
  5. Apply the changes.

Experiencing any issues with installation or adjusting Store Locator for BigCommerce? Get in touch with our Support team, we will be happy to help with any requests!

Free installation service

Our Support Team will be happy to install the Widget for you, or to answer any questions that might come up. Contact us at, and we'll be happy to help!

App Features

Diverse location markers

Shape your map so that it will be not only easy and clear to navigate, but also interactive. We have multiple location markers embedded to allow you to show your visitors any place you wish or mark the most important ones.

Handy and encouraging info card

Make it easier for your real-life visitors to contact you - Elfsight Google Maps app info card can show address, phone number, email, working hours, and a picture. A bright information card is one more way to attract people.

Navigation made easy

Your website visitors don't have to leave the site to calculate the rout - our app will do it right there! It will define the current position and show the direction to any required place marked on your map.

Layers and controls

All the handy options of Google Maps are available to you right there on your website. Find your best size, display the most suitable map layer, set the map center, use zoom when necessary, and choose your best color - you can customize the map your own way!

Location Panel

If you have multiple offices or departments, you can not only show them on the map, but display a handy and informative location list. It shows the list of your addresses on the side panel and includes all the necessary info, which is very convenient for your clients.

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  • Upfront Fee: Free
  • Recurring Fee: None


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